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ArtistTitleLabel Condition (R/C) Price
Abe, Shufu Japanese Poetry Chant Lyrichord LLST 7164 VG++/M- 22.00
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Krsna Meditation Radha-Krsna Productions (S) RKP-1003 VG++/VG+ 20.00
Adams, Stanley and the Chicken Flickers Singing (???) Chanukah Carols Sight and Sound LPM 6404 VG+/VG++ 20.00
Ad Libs Acetate Reeves Soundcraft 1950's? VG++ 27.00
Agnetha & Christian Kom folj med i var karusell WEA 242 186 VG++/VG++ 45.00
Ailster, Harry; Lillian Stitely, et al Yoga (Fo Relaxation & Good Health) Coversaphone CVP 814 Vol. 1 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 25.00
Alcoa Singers An Old-Fashioned Christmas Limited Edition 44-4184 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Alden, Howard & Leslie; C. McKenzie Early Indications Early Indications 104 VG++/VG++ (autographed) 25.00
Alexander Hamilton-Hudson River The Sea At Castle Hill-Newport, R.I. Droll Yankees VG+/VG+ 22.00
Allen, Steve But I Am Somebody (The Voice of the Poor) Records By Pete (S) S1105 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Allen, Steve & The Gentle Players Songs For Gentle People Dunhill DS 50021 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Alley Singers (Phil Stern & Al Brennan) Side By Side RCA Victor (M) LPM-1629 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Alpha Beta Alpha Beta Presents Standing Room Only Ole! (Vol. II) Mark 56 Records 541 VG+/VG++ 16.00
Amar,Jo; George Stratis American Debut Carnegie Hall Fran 105 VG+/VG++ 25.00
American Airlines Season's Greetings From American Airlines Capitol (Limited SL 6687) Sealed 22.00
American Country Songs of Protest Poor Man, Rich Man Rounder Records 1026 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 22.00
American Flyer American Flyer United Artists UA LA650 VG+/VG+ (w/ five 8x10 glossy photos of group) 22.00
Anderson, Herb Oscar What Would I Be Verve V5021 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Anderson, Judith The Turn of the Screw Caedmon TC 2045 Sealed 20.00
Anderson, Kip and the Tides Shango! Night in a Quiet Village Kapp (S) KS-3466 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Andrews, Ernie This Is Ernie Andrews Dot DLP 25778 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Aquarian Age Hair Itco 10001 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Arbors A Symphony For Susan Tem 3003 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Arden, Toni Italian Gold Decca DL 4375 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Arias, Oscar Quartet ( w/ Denny Jeter) From The World-Famous Mexican Village (San Diego) Fanfare Recording FM 72041 VG+/M- (still in shrink) 25.00
Salvation Army Special Christmas Program-1965 Army of Stars (Hosted by Lorne Greene) Salvation Army CPM-12-2522 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Arlington Street Woman's Caucus Honor Thy womanself Rounder Records 4006 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Arthur Gee-Whiz Band City Cowboy Tumbleweed Records 107 (Promo) VG+/VG+ (c/o) 17.00
Atiya, Aziz S. Coptic Music Folkways FR 8960 VG+/VG+ (w/book) 25.00
Atkins, George and Hank Levine Washington is for the Birds (LBJ Comedy) Reprise (M) R 6212 VG+/VG+ 15.00
Auden, W. H. W. H. Auden Reading Caedmon TC 1019 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Avedis, Sirani Tattoos Terrapin Records TP-088 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Bachelors Bachelors' Girls London (M) LL3491 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Bagel O'Fun In The Underground Wonderland Sparrow 108080 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Baker, Art That Sing Thing-Because "You Asked For It" International 5145 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Baker, Robert Pardon Me For Being So Friendly But This Is My First LSD Trip Crescendo GNP-2027 VG+/VG++ (c/o) 35.00
Bakersfield California Brass Rose Garden Capitol ST 784 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Baldwin, Bill U.S.S. Bunkerhill Oct. 9, 11, 12, & 19, 1944 Mark 56 830 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Baldwin, James Black Man In America (An Interview) Credo VG+/VG++ 40.00
Ballance, Bill KGBS Presents Bill Ballance and the Feminine Forum Mark 56 Records (Picture Disc) VG++ 17.00
Baltimore & Ohio Marching Band Plays Music From The Comics Jubilee JGS 8014 VG++/VG++(Sealed) 20.00
Bang Bang Capitol ST 11015 Sealed (bullet hole) 2.00
Banks, Dr. Murray The Drama of Sex Murmil Associates MB 104 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Banks, Robert The Message Verve V/V65016 (The Gospel Sound Series) Sealed (c/o) 20.00
Barbershop Chorus Winners 1966 International Barbershop Chorus Winners Decca DL 4786 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Barker, Nelson & Florence B. Barker Bird Songs of Southeastern Minnesota Tom Jones Recordings 2910 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Barnard, Phylis Here's Joey David Barnard Records PJ 3001 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Barnes, George; Bob Mersey How To Play The Guitar MMO 130 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 25.00
Barney Armstrong's Machine Live At Jordan's Alpine RR Records RRR 2947 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Barney, Carol Singing Up A Storm At The Fabulous Ocean Grill Custom 67/2121 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Baron, Sandy God Save The Queens A & M Records SP-4355 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Barrett, Susan Susan Barrett RCA LPM 3738 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Barry, Leon At The Hub Rink Chicago Replica 2283 Vol #3 VG/VG+ 22.00
Barth, Belle If I Embarrass You, Tell Your Friends After Hours Record LAH 69 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Bartley, Ronnie & Gas House Six This Way To Dixie Ronco 101 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Barton, Joan Low Lights & Laughs Warner Bros. 1481 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Barzman, Alan & Pat McCormick From: Studio B The From Studio B Co. VG+/VG+ 17.00
Bauer, Joe (The Youngloods Present) Moonset Warner Bros. 1901 M-/VG++ (promo strip on cover) 22.00
Baum, Bruce "Baby Man" Born To Be Raised Horn Records HR-4003 (promo) VG+/VG+ (c/o; soc) 17.00 (CM)
Baxter, Les, Kirby Stone Four et al The Sounds of Selling (AC Sparkplugs, General Motors) Reprise R-6036 (Promo) VG+/VG++ 25.00
Bay Bells w/JIm Duerner Heralding Golden State San Francisco MS 1372 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Beacham, Dwight Dwight Beacham Plays The Allen Computer Organ Allen Organ Company AOC-423-1 VG/VG++ 17.00
Bear, Fred; Curt Gowdy Secrets Of Hunting Bear Archery 863-20002 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Beck, Larry Allan Alaska, My Alaska Bard of Alaska 001-4 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Bell System Good Friends Are For Keeps (100th Year Celebration of Bell Telephone) All Disc Records VG++ 17.00
Bells love, luck n' lollipops Polydor (S) PD-5503 (white label dj promo) VG++/VG++ 17.00
Benton, Barbi Something New Playboy Records 411 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Berg, Gertrude How To Be A Jewish Mother Amy 8007 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Bergman, Ingrid The Human Voice Caedmon TC 1118 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Bernie and Red-Princess Patricia Alaska Cruise 1979 Oh What A Beauty Ocean Records VG+/VG+ (w/souvenir sticker) 22.00
Bernstein, Leonard Leonard Bernstein Discusses Humor In Music Columbia MS 6225 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Berry, Ken Ken Berry R.F.D. Barnaby (S) 2-30094 Sealed 22.00
Bethancourt, Joe Live at Funny Fellows, Vol. 1 White Tree Productions 0001 Sealed 25.00
Big Sounds of the Drag Boats Big Sounds of the Drag Boats/Volume 3 Capitol ST 2049 VG++/VG+ (All of back cover autographed by Joseph Olson) 25.00
Bill & Taffy Aces RCA 0605 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Bishop Montgomery High School (Torrance, CA) An Album of Memories RIAA Curve LPS 1260-154 VG++/VG++ 40.00
Bishop, Joey County Western ABC Pramount 656 VG+/VG+ (c/o) 17.00
Black, Geronimo Geronimo Black UNI 73132 VG++/VG++ (sample copy) 25.00
Black American Composers Art Songs by Black American Composers University of Michigan Records BOMC 91-6674 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Black Heart Procession Black Procession #2 Touch and Go 194 VG++/VG++ 30.00
Blakley, Ronee Ronee Blakley Elektrka EKS-75047 M-/M- (white label promo w/sticker) 25.00
Blazers,The More College Drinking Songs ABC Paramount ABC 219 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Bloom, Claire & Claude Raines (with Nancy Wickwire) The Song of Songs and The Letters of Heloise and Abelard Caedmon TC 085 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Bloomfield, Dr. Harold H. M.D. Transcendental Meditation Introductory Lecture Perceptive PC 903 VG++/M- 22.00
Bob And Sylvia Ma and Pa Snort Blaster Spicy Records SP 5002 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Bolden, Jim Counting The Days Till Morning Village Giant VG 1030 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Bolger, Ray The Scarecrow of Oz Disneyland 3930 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Bombeck, Erma The Family That Plays Together...(Gets On Each Other's Nerves) Warner Bros. BSK-3082 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Bonfa, Luiz & Maria Toledo Braziliana Philips PHS 600-199 M-/M- (disc still sealed in plastic) 22.00
Bonham Brothers Boys Band Jules Jacques Bonham Bros. Band #10 VG/VG++ 17.00
Bonyon, Bill (Harry Garfield) Roll and Go (Day Aboard A Yankee Clipper) Heirloom HL 504 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Booer, Paul and Lord Windersphere The Original Crepitatin Contest Beacon LP-308 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Booker, Bob & George Foster The Handwriting On The Wall (The Sounds Of Graffiti) Atlantic SD 8178 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Boom Crash Opera Boom Crash Opera Atim Corp. Manhattan Beach WB 25636 VG+/VG+ (1' cut bottom right corner) 22.00
Border Tones The Border Tones Nuclear Records (El Cajon, CA) VG++/VG++ (w/inserts) 22.00
Borgeas, Serita San Francisco With Serita Seal Records (S) SR 22868 VG+/VG++ 20.00
Bossa Rio Alegria! Blue Thumb BTS 17 VG++/VG++ (bb) 17.00
Boston University 100 Years of Change (1969) Boston University Radio WTBU/WBUR CO 3344 VG++/VG+ 17.00
Bourbon, Mr. Rae You're Stepping On My Eyelashes! UTC UTC-2 VG++/VG++ 50.00
Bowman, Kent Ka'umanua Hula Records H-516 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Bowman, Kent Pidgin English (Children's Stories) Hula Records H-502 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Boyd, Malcolm (w/Charlie Byrd) Happening: Prayers For Now Columbia (M) CL 2657 (Radio Promo) VG+/VG+ 25.00
Bradley, Bonita Relaxation Through Yoga WRS 1072 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Braun, Dick Big Band Live At The Ivanhoe (Poway, CA) Harlequin Records H 5121 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Bread And Circuits Bread And Circuits EBullition No. 42 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Brennan, Walter 'Twas The Night Before Christmas...Back Home Liberty (S) LST-7257 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Brennan, Walter Pet Ice Cream Presents The Presidents Mark 56 Records (S) Sealed 17.00
Breuer Electric Mfg. Co. David Sells Goliath (How To Grip'n Sell Manufacturing Plants) An Adam's Apple Production VG++/VG++ 25.00
Bron's Tones Somethin' Bron's Prestige PP73-113 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Brooks, Albert Comedy Minus One ABC ABCX-800 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Brown University Band (11-1979) Brown University Band B. U. Sealed 22.00
Bruno, Tony An Original By Bruno Capitol (S) ST-2857 Sealed 20.00
Bryant, Anita & Johnny Desmond At Tupperware Jubilee 1964 Tupperware Jubilee 1964 VG++/VG++ (in shrink) 30.00
Bubar, David Psychic Sitting DNB Records VG+/VG++ 20.00
Buccio Bros. (Jorge & Al) Esto Es Acapulco Tono Fiel 72572 V++/VG++ (autographed) 22.00
Budd, Julie Child of Plenty MGM (S) SE-4545 VG++/VG+ 17.00
Bumatai, Andy Hawaii's First Stand-Up Comic Mountain Apple Co. (S) 1004 VG++/VG++ 17.00 (CM)
Burdon, Eric & Jimmy Witherspoon Guilty! MGM SE 4791 VG++/VG++ (dj promo) 25.00
Burgener, Clair W. Burgener Speaks Out On California Problems Broadcast Corp. San Diego 248-64 VG++/VG+ (7" 33 1/3 7" 25.00
Burroughs, Marilyn I Feel Pretty Philips 200-137 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Burton, Richard Richard Burton Narrates The Little Prince PIP 6813 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Burton, Richard; John Neville; Robert Hardy The Rime of The Ancient Mariner Spoken Arts 790 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Buttons, Red Poems For My Daughter and Other Little People Wonderland Golden Records LP 277 Sealed (bb hole) 22.00
Byrd, U.S. Senator Robert Mountain Fiddler County Records 769 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Cal. State-Northridge Jazz Band Welcome To Alfred Country-The Land of Jazz Alfred 111877 VG++/VG++ (soft cover; promo) 25.00
California State Polytechnic College San Luis Obispo Home Concert 1959 V-8862 VG+/VG+ 18.00
Californians The Californians Andyne (St) 1017 VG++/M- 25.00
Camp, Red & Ruth Welcome Camp Inventions Cook 1087 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Canadian Rock Theatre Canadian Rock Theatre Lion LN 1003 VG++/VG++ (DJ) 25.00
Candle Candle Green Bottle GBS 1002 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 22.00
Candy Store Turned On Christmas Decca 75147 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Cantelon, Willard T. The New World Money Systems The New World Money Systems VG++/VG++ 22.00
Captain Kangaroo Marching Song! (March With Captain, Buster Brown and Tige) Brown Shoe Company (Cardboard 78rpm Picture Disc -1956) VG+ 20.00
Captain Stubby & The Buccaneers The Fun Record Halo 50226 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Cardell, Vince Liberace Presents Vince Cardell American Variety AVL-1044 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Cardinal Spellman 50th Anniversary Tribute (Narrated by Merv Griffin) MGM Records E-4387-D VG++/VG++ (c/o) 20.00
Carr, Georgia Rocks In My Bed Vee Jay VJ-1105 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Carroll, Barbara "Live" Her Piano ad Trio Warnr Bros. 1710 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Carroll, Warren H. Ph.D. Universities Against Truth Stellar Records UAT-2002 VG++/VG (woc) 20.00 (P)
Carson, Paul The Hymns of Isaac Watts Christian Faith Recordings C-1934 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Carter, Betty The Audience With Betty Carter (Live @ Bradshaw's 12/79) BET-CAR MK 1003 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Carter, Don Don Carter Presents Music For Happy Bowlers Mark 56 MLP 502 VG+/VG+ 22.0
Carter, Jimmy Into Something Good Hit Wave 4006 VG++/VG++ (autograph) 22.00
Carter, Mr. Lynn She's A He Fiesta FLP 1257 VG++/VG++ 125.00
Cascio, Mike and Justus Live at 327 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA. Justus T-109 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Case, Allen The Deputy Sings Columbia CS 8202 VG+ (Disc sealed) 20.00
Case, Wendy & Marty Case Chorus Thank You Canada Peter Pan 1111 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Casey, George A GI's Germany! Vol. 2 Documentary Recordings 901 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Cash, Johnny The Holy Land Columbia XSM 9726 VG++/VG++ (3-D cover) 25.00
Cashman, Pistilli & West Bound To Happen ABC ABCS 629 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 22.00
Casper, Billy A Tribute To Billy Casper (Century Plaza Hotel January 5th, 1971) Los Angeles Jr. Chamber of Commerce (Bob Hope Emcee) VG++/VG++ 20.00
Castellanos, Rosario Antologia Poetica Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (RCA) VV-ll VG+/VG+ 25.00
Castle, Roy Garry Moore Presents Roy Castle Reprise R 6107 M-/VG+ (White Label Promo) 22.00
Castro Valley High School Laconian VII (1962-63) "Spartans Sound Off" VG+/VG+ 20.00
Catron, Johnny From the Catalina Casino Nortac Records NR 416 VG++/VG++ (casino photo on cover) 25.00
Causey, Hayden Trio (with Josephine) Takes A Trip (Recorded @ Don Jose's in Huntington Beach, CA) Total Records TLP-1 Sealed 20.00
Cavaliers Polkas California Style Joy Records CR 6701 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Celebration Forty Celebration Forty (Allstate Insurance Co.) Celebration Forty CSS 1676 VG++/VG++ 50.00
Chakra Chakra Soundtrax SR 11771 VG++/M- 20.00
Chamber Jazz Sextet Pal Joey Cadence (M) CLP-3015 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Chaney, Robert & Earlyne Faith In Faith Is Not Enough Astara CS 0071 #2 M-/M- 25.00
Chaney, Robert & Earlyne Exploring The Inner Universe Astara CS 0081 #3 VG++/M- 25.00
Charley D. and Milo Charley D. and Milo Epic BN 26533 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Charles River Valley Boys Beatle Country Elektra EKS 74006 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Chassidisco Fever Chassidisco Fever MSI 31132 (Israel) VG+/VG++ 22.00
Chatham College Song Contest Festival November 14, 1961 Image LP 111 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Cher 3614 Jackson Highway Ato SD 33-298 (sample copy; white cover) VG++/VG++ 25.00
Cherry People Cherry People Heritage (S) HTS-35,000 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Chicago Chicago At Carnegie Hall C4X 30865 (4 lp set with all inserts) VG++/VG++ (complete) 50.00
Child, Julia; Chester Schmitz Arthur Fiedler Evening at the Pops Polydor PD 5032 VG++/VG++ (promo) 22.00
Childcraft A Trip To Adventure Land Wing CLP 1210 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Chilliwack Chilliwack A & M SP 3509 VG++/VG++ (white label promo; c/o) 25.00
Chosen Few Moments of The Past Phonograph PRI 609 M- (partially sealed) 40.00
Christensen, Richard & Tartaglia Muve Capitol Records STAO-246 VG+/VG+ (c/o) 17.00
Chuck and the Tigers Chuck and the Tigers World Records WEP 1004 VG++/VG+ (12' 45rpm) 20.00
Chula Vista High School Spartan Choir 1963 (San Diego, CA) Sing and Rejoice Century Records VG+/VG++ 17.00
Chula Vista High School Choral Highlights 1966 Skyline 1207 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Cinquetti, Gigliola Golden Prize Seven Seas GP 11 (Japan) VG++/VG++ 25.00
Clairemont High School (San Diego) The Pro Musica Choir and Classics - 1963 Location Recording Service LRS-1263-980 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Clark, Petula Live At The Royal Albert Hall GNP Crescendo (S) GNPS-2069 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Clayton, John Bsic Fundamentals Of Horsemanship Tack & Tanbark T-101 VG++/VG++ (w/insert) 25.00
Clements, George Love Now West WLP 1001 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Cleveland, James James Cleveland With The Angelic Choir Savoy MG 14096 Sealed 20.00
Cleveland, James & Southern California Community Choir In The Ghetto Savoy (S) 14322 VG+/VG++ 20.00
Cohn, Stephen Stephen Cohn Motown 789 VG+/VG++ 20.00
Colburn, Francis, Esq. Graduation Address Loren LR-1 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Cole, Ike Ike Cole's Tribute to His Brother Nat DeeGee Records (S) 4001 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Cole, Maria Love Is A Special Feeling Capitol (S) ST-2612 VG+/VG+ (c/o) 17.00
College of Emporia The Beatitudes (Salisbury) With Stan Kenton/Clark Terry Audio House 2370 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Collie, Max & Rhythm Aces Battle of Trafalgar (200 Kings Rd.) Reality R 106 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Comparsa Universitaria De La Laguna Donde Esta Mendocino RCA (S) MKS-3007 (Mexico) VG++/M- 20.00
Conception Corporation Conceptionland And Other States of Mind Cotillion SD 9051 VG++/VG+ 20.00
Connolly, Brian-Magic! Live At The Blarney Stone! KM 3284 (San Diego) VG++/VG++ (still in shrink) 25.00
Conrad, Barnaby The Day Manolete Was Killed Audio Fidelity AFLP 1831 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Cooder, Ry The Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band Panini Records PS 1007 VG++/VG++ 35.00
Coquettes Sing Songs Of The 20's Everest 1045 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Corey, Jill I'm Happy Columbia CL 1095 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Cornell, Katharine/Anthony Quayle Sonnets From the Portuguese/The Barretts of Wimpole Street Caedmon TC 1071 VG+/VG+ (toc 2") 22.00
Cory, Troy Please! Hermit-Assur S 1683 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Counterpoints The Fabulous Counterpoints Philips (S) PHS-600-068 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Counting Crows Recovering The Satellites Geffen DGC2-24975 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 35.00
Cousteau, Jacques; Walter Scharf The Legend Of The Living Sea Ocean Records 8339 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Coward, Noel with Dame Edith Sitwell Carnival of the Animals Columbia/Odyssey Y32359 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Coward, Noel & Margaret Leighton The Apple Cart, Interlude & Poem by Noel Coward Caedmon 1094 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Cowboy Reach For The Sky Atco (Capricorn Series) SD-33-351 VG++/VG++ (white label promo) 25.00
Cowman, Mrs. Charles E. (Michael Rye) Streams In The Desert Cowman 1000 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Credibility Gap A Great Gift Idea! Sierra Records SRS-8704 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Crew-Cuts Have A Ball Plus Bowling Tips RCA Custom Records 8985 VG++/VG++ (soc) 25.00
Cringer Perversion's Their Destiny Vinyl Communications VC5 (Chula Vista, CA) VG++/VG++ (7" 33 and 1/3 w/cover) 25.00
Cromarty, George Grassroots Guitar Thistle `973 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Cronkite, Walter Eisenhower In Asia & Khruschev In America CBS News 12/1959 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Cronkite, Walter Man on the Moon CBS Enterprises Sealed 15.00
Cronkite, Walter Man on the Moon (G.E. Special Products w/intro letter) GE Silicones to the Moon Sealed 25.00
Crosby, Chris Meet Chris Crosby MGM SE 4116 VG++/VG+ (c/o) 22.00
Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young Best Of Live In Concert I. C. Records 8 VG++/VG+ 30.00
Cross Country Cross Country Atco SD 7024 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Crossfires Limbo Rock Strand SLS 1083 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Crystal Palace Chorus (With Joan & Mead Metcalf) Glittering Gems From The Crystal Palace Location Recording Service (S) 1267 VG/VG++ 17.00
Cullen, Bill Bill Cullen's Minstrel Spectacular ABC Paramount (S) ABCS-264 VG++/VG++ 15.00
Cunningham, David Grey Scale Piano 001 VG++/VG++ 50.00
Curtiss, Jackie & Bill Tracy Caught Live at the Playboy Shawnee Records (Plain Cover) VG+ 22.00
D'ABO Down At Rachel's Place A & M SP 4346 VG++/VG++ (promo - bb hole) 22.00
Dahlquist, Patricia This Is Patricia Dahlquist Columbia 339371 Sealed 22.00
Dailey, Judy Live At Mr. Mike's Miramichi Records JD 1000 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Dakota Strings The Dakota Strings UA VG++/VG++ 20.00
Damon, Liz Cartan Tours Presents...Liz Damon's Orient Express Cartan Tours (S) CT-10178 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Dan and Dale Dear Heart Diplomat D-2340 Sealed 15.00
Dana, Bill Bill Dana Presents Hoo Ha! Capitol (S) ST-464 VG+/VG+ 15.00
Dana, Bill Jose Jimenez at The Hungry I Kapp (M) KL-1238 VG+/VG+ 15.00
D'Ariano, Ray Are You On Something? Kama Sutra (S) KSBS-2072 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Darlene (The Jingle Woman) Come On Over Epic (M) LN-3465 VG+/VG+ 20.00
David, Russ Where There's Life... RCA LSP 2191 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Davidson, Dianne Backwoods Woman Janus JLS 3043 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Davis, Danny & The Nashville Strings Play The Herman's Hermits Songbook MGM SE 4309 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Dawes, D. B. Now Hear This! Sounds of the Attack Aircraft Carrier Coral Sea (CVA-43) Toshiba Records LRS-6 VG++/VG++ (plain outer cover) 125.00
Dawson, William Negro Folk Symphony (American Symphony Orchestra) Decca 10077 (gold) VG++/VG++ 25.00
Deadly Night Shade Deadly Night Shade Phantom BPL1-0955 VG+/VG+ 20.00
DeBonaire, Dirk DeBeachery Obvious Moose OMEP 2402 Sealed 22.00
Dee, Ann Free Again! Capitol (M) T-2784 VG+/VG+ (c.o) 17.00 (OP)
Deep Six, The The Deep Six Liberty LRP-3475 Sealed (San Diego Band) 25.00
Deeps (Deep River Boys) Midnight Magic Que Records FLS-104 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Dell, Helen At The Historic Mission Playhouse-San Gabriel Alar MAS 2023 VG+/VG+ (autographed) 22.00
Demarco and Day-The Two Jokers Live Performance D.D.T, DD6969 VG+/VG+ 22.00
DiFranco, Ani Little Plastic Remixes Ani DiFranco VG++/VG++ (blue vinyl) 25.00
De Grarzia Superstition Mountains-A Web of Legends A Gallery In the Sun Productions VG++/VG++ 25.00
Del City High School (Oklahoma) Del Aires It's My Day Century S12-418 VG/VG 22.00
Derringer, Glenn & Brenda My Sister & I ABC Paramount (M) ABC 274 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Der Wienerschnitzel (Celebrating 100th Store) Der Wienerschnitzel Presents Tijuana Taxi Mark 56 Records VG+/VG+ 20.00
Der Wienerschnitzel (Celebrating 200th Store) Der Wienerschnitzel Presents Up-Up and Away In My Beautiful Balloon Mark 56 Records 545 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Dilcher, Cheryl Butter Fly AM SP 43894 VG++/VG+ (c/o) 22.00
Dinuba Union HIgh School Bandorama 1956-58-60 Century Record Co. V-11708 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Discount, Jimmy Sunrise Breakdown MAOWN 200 VG++/VG++ (autographed) 22.00
Disney, Walt It's A Small World @ N.Y. World's Fair Official Souvenir Record Disneyland LG-775 (45 rpm with souvenir sleeve) VG+/VG+ 20.00
Disney, Walt The Hall of Presidents Disneyland (S) STER-3806 VG+/VG+ 15.00
Disney, Walt It's A Small World (7" Picture Disc) WD-2 VG+ 22.00
Dobbs Ferry High School The Band Concert And Spring Show 1958 Dobbs Ferry VG/VG 22.00
Dobkins, Carl Jr. Carl Dobkins, Jr. Decca DL 8938 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Dr. Dave Vann, Pick Me A Letter TSR Records TSR-852 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Dodge, Marshall; Bemis; Allen; et al Swearing In The Bushes Galatea 1 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Domino's Pizza Domino's Pizza Presents Season's Greetings AMR/DOM 82 VG/M- 17.00
Donahue, Al Cruising long With Al Donahue (Queen of Beruda; Ocean Monarch) Oleander OLP 106 VG/VG+ (autographed) 25.00
Donaldson, Bo and The Heywoods Farther On Capitol (S) ST-11501 Sealed (c/o) 17.00
Doodle Town Pipers Here Come The Doodle Town Pipers Epic (M) LN-24222 VG++/VG+ (White Label DJ) 17.00
Doodle Town Pipers Sing Along '67 Epic LN 24307 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Doodle Town Pipers Love Themes-Hit Songs For Those In Love Epic BN 16340 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Dooley, Paul & David Panich Booked Solid! Strand SL 1018 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Doud, Earle The Second Coming Kama Sutra KSBS 2038 VG+/VG 20.00
Doud, Earle & Alen Robin Lyndon Johnson's Lonely Hearts Club Band Atco (S) 33-230 VG+/M- 15.00
Doud, Earle and Rich Little The First Family Rides Again Boardwalk Records Sealed 17.00
Dougherty, Franny So Well Remembered (8/25/74 at "On The Rocks") CORI CS 31015 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Douglas, Charlie Me And Dammit Ray Long Time Friends SCR SC11830 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Douglas, William O. The Bible And The Schools CMS 103 VG++/VG++ 40.00
Down Yonder Lay The Money Down Down Yonder VC53708 VG++/VG++ (San Diego) 25.00
Doyle, Lizzi and Her Stereo Stompers Flapper Fads Carlton (S) STLP-12/137 VG+/VG+ 17.00 (OP)
Drake, Debbie How To Keep Your Husband Happy Epic BN 26102 Sealed 22.00
Dubbings Company Phono-Test Dubbings D-100 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Duncan Trial The Duncan Trial (1959) Evesdrop EV 110 VG++/VG+ (w/manuscript) 40.00
Duncan, Lesley Sing Children Sing Columbia 20663 Sealed (bb hole) 25.00
Dunne, Gayle The Music Is Sweet Alyn 1001128 VG++/VG++ (autographed) 22.00
Duran, Manuel and Eva Llorens Dictados en Espanol Tipos & Paisajes de Espana-ll (w/book) Spoken Arts 853 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Dusty Chaps Honky Tonk Music Capitol 11614 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Duval, Maria Disneylandia ORFEON 12-151 VG+VG++ 30.00
Dynatones; Charlie Musselwhite Belly Up Tavern Curtain Call WB 9008 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Earthrise Singers I'll Trust In HIm Cathedral 69091 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Earthy Side Earthy Side Pip 6804 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Eban, Abba Abba Eban Speaks STC Album Productions 92 VG++/VG++ 15.00
Edgewood Ship Of Labor TMI AL 309711 VG++/VG++ (promo sticker 11") 22.00
Edwards, Tommy For Young Lovers MGM (S) E3760 VG+/VG+ 15.00
Eidus, Arnold & The Golden Strings Music To Knit By Kapp KL-1037 VG+/VG+ 15.00
El Cajon Valley High School 1962 Orchestra and Concert Band (Minor, et al) Broadwell VG++/VG++ (red vinyl) 25.00
Eli's Chosen Six The Yale Dixieland Band Columbia CL 736 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Elisabeth Waldo Folklorico Orchestra and The St. Charles Choir Viva California Peer Souther Organization PSO-002 Sealed 25.00
ELJER ELJER 75th Anniversary Album RCA DPL-1-0375 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Ella B. Allen School Ella B. Allen School - 1969 Custom Fidelity Records CFS-1955 VG+/M- 20.00
Ellen, Meri and Her Cohorts & Don Elliott Antics of Meri Ellen & Her Cohorts Design DLP 63 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Elliott, Larry Songs & Legends of Virginia City, Nevada Virginia City Records (S) (autographed VG++/VG++ 20.00
Ellis, Herb and Charlie Byrd Guitar/Guitar Columbia (S) CS-9130 VG++/VG++ 17.00
English Congregation (Brian Keith & Alan Parker) Softly Whispering I Love You Signpost (S) SP-7217 Sealed 20.00
Ensam, Frida Anni-Frid Lyngstad Pola POLS 385 VG++/VG++ 45.00
Entertainers (From Dan Farson's Waterman's Arms) Pubs, Pearlies, & Pints London International (S) SW 99436 Sealed (c/o) 20.00
Erotique The Words, Music and Rhythms of Love! ALA 1992 VG++/VG+ (rated X) 22.00
Euclid Junior High School (Kay Fowler, Director 1969-70) The Age Of Aquarius LRS 4416 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Evergreen Evergreen Evergreen FM76022 VG++/VG++ (San Diego) 25.00
Everly Brothers Christmas With The Everly Brothers and The Boys Town Choir Warner Bros. 1483 VG+/VG+ (clean) 25.00
Executives Live-Thunderbird Hotel Executive Records 401 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Fabulous Arab The World's Most Famous Barrel Organ in Hi-Fi Epic LN 3429 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Fairport Convention Fairport Convention A & M Records SP 4185 M-/M- 25.00
Faith Chapel Presents: (El Cajon, CA) Living Faith & Sounds of Joy Fanfare FM 7111AB VG++/VG++ 22.00
Faltskog Eyes Of A Woman Polar Pols 385 VG++/VG++ 45.00
Fantasy's Best of Fantasy's Night Club Fantasy's FA 1951 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Farley, Cal Boys Ranch King of Love A Chistmas Musical No. II VG++/M- 25.00
Farnsworth, Russ Revolutionary New World Method To Learn Radio Code Epsilon Records ER 1001 (1959) VG+/VG++ (3 discs) 25.00
Father Herrera & The Trip ESP Jazz Goes To Church Enterprize S13-102 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 22.00
Faye, Frances No Reservations Capitol (M) T-512 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Faye, Frances Sings Folk Songs Bethlehem BCP 6017 VG++/VG++ (2"x3 1/2" autograph taped on front cover) 25.00
Federico C (Cruise Ship) Souvenir From the Federico "C" Orchestra (Italy) Fletcher Smith Studios VG+/VG+ (autographed) 17.00
Feenjon Group An Evening At The Cafe Feenjon Monitor MFS 497 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Feliciano, Jose Compartments RCA APD-0141 VG++/VG++ (quadraphonic) 25.00
Felix, Julie Clothos Web RAK KZ31609 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Ferrante, Rock The Amazing Rock Ferrante-Rock 'n' Rhythm Savoy Records (S) 12305 VG+/VG+ (autographed) 17.00
Fields, George The Greatest Stereo Harmonica in Recording History STLP 12/128 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Firehouse Five Plus Two Firehouse Five Plus Two at Disneyland Good Time Jazz (S) S10049 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Firehouse Five Plus Two Firehouse Five Plus Two Goes South Good Time Jazz L12018 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Firehouse Five Plus Two Firehouse Five Plus Two Goes To Sea Good Time Jazz M12028 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Firehouse Five Plus Two Firehouse Five Plus Two Around the World Good Time Jazz M12044 VG+/VG++ 22.00
First Avenue Jr. High School (Arcadia) The Spartans Sing 1964 (Helen Carter Fountain) Custom Fidelity CF-1315 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Firstclassmen Jazz At A.N.A. by Class of 1958 ANA VG++/VG++ (yellow vinyl) 40.00
First Philadelphia Computer Music Festival First Philadelphia Computer Music Festival Creative Computing CR 101 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Flagg, Fannie "My Husband Doesn't Know I'm Making This Phone Call" Sunflower SNF 5008 Sealed 25.00
Fleetwood Mac Almanac Mactrac-1 VG++/VG++ (Collected And Recorded From A Myriad of Sources: November 1978) 50.00
Fletcher Hills Elementary School 4th Grade 1976 Through Children's Eyes FM 76072 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Fontane, Tony The Touch of His Hand RCA LPM-2093 (w/book) VG+/VG++ 25.00
Foothill High School (San Diego, CA) Spring Concert (May 1970) Band 'nVocal Mobile Recording Service VG+/VG+ (soc) 20.00
Foothill High School (San Diego, CA) Music Department in Concert Spring 1972 Band'n Vocal 1242 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Forman, Joey & Bill Dana The Mashuganishi Yogi A & M SP 4144 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Fortissimo (Ampex) Banjo Polkas XK 8004 Stereo Series VG++/VG++ 20.00
Forum The River Is Wide Mira MLPS 2014 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Foster, Phil Alive? (Recorded Live at The Bon Soir) Keynote 1103 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Four Counsellors And The Scouts With Corpus Christi Choristers Sing Around The Campfire ABC 266 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Four Roses Society (Anne Jeffreys and Robert Sterling) Sing Along With The Four Roses Society RCA Victor Custom Records KBOP-6582 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Four Roses Society Join the Four Roses Song Fest Vol. II RCA Victor Custom Records L9OP-9557 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Fox, Dr. Michael Dogtalk Dogtalk-Product of Lif-Lite VG++/VG++ 22.00
Frampton, Peter Shine On The Shrine (Live Los Angeles 4/22/1976) This Little Bird Productions VG++/VG++ 25.00
Frank, Sid & Ralph Stein Time To Tell Time Golden Records LP 199 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 25.00
Franklin, Roosevelt (The Year Of) Gordon's Friend From Sesame Street Columbia C 30387 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Frawley, William Bill Frawley Sings The Old Ones Dot DLP 3061 VG++/VG++ (autographed) 50.00
Free Spirit (Salina Central High School) Goin' Jazz Goin' Jazz 8103-19 VG+/VG++ 23.00
Friendly, Fred et al The Quick and the Dead (The Story of The Atom Bomb) RCA Victor WDM 1507 (4 45rpm boxed set w/book) M- 75.00
Friendship 7 to Apollo 11 Our Journey To The Moon Oreco OCP 2001 VG++/VG++ (autographed by Wally Schirra) 25.00
Friesen, Dick & Sea World Symphony The Sea World Water Fantasy Spectra Media SW 60012 Sealed 20.00
Front Row Live From The Front Row B.R.B. Records VC 4430 VG++/VG++ (autographed) 35.00
Furay, Richie I Still Have Dreams Asylum 6E-231 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Future Down That Country Road Shamley 703 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Fyhrie, Jim A Song For The Dawn Plectrum JFF 627 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Gallez (Gallay), Weela Get Gay With Gallez Duo Records D-4 VG++/VG+ (autographed) 22.00
Galley Slaves Galley Slaves Century 32718 (San Diego) VG+/VG+ 22.00
Garabedian, George George Garabedian Players Custom Pressed For Western Mobile Telephone Mark 56 VG++/M- 25.00
Garcia Marquez, Gabriel Cien Anos De Soledad (fragmento) Voz Viva De America Latina (1967) VG++/VG++ (w/book) 100.00
Gately, Michael Gately's Cafe Janus 3039 VG++/VG++ (promo) 22.00
Gavin, Kevin Hey! This Is Kevin Gavin Charlie Parker Records (M) PLP-810 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Geckeler, George M.D. Heart Recordings Columbia ML 4976 Sealed 25.00
Geckeler, George M.D. Stethoscopic Heart Records (Revised) Columbia KL 4140 Disc Sealed/VG++ 25.00
G. E. Electronics Boxed By Miniaturization & The Cabinetmaker G. E. Electronics VG+/VG+ (33 1/3 7" w/cover) 22.00
Geoff & Maria Pottery Pie Reprise RS 6350 VG+/VG+ (promo) 22.00
Geo. J. and "The Nomads" If You're Over 30...Buy This! Paradise Records CG 010 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Gilbey's Gin/Gilbey's Vodka Rock Opera Mix RCA Special Products PRS-403 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Gibson, Henry The Grass Menagerie (or a flower child's garden of verses) Epic (S) 15120 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Gideon "I Gotta Be Me" Bell 1104 VG++/VG++ (white label) 22.00
Gilbert, Al Graded Tap Techniques Stepping Stones 703 (10") VG++/VG++ 25.00
Gilbert, William S. (Read by George Rosette) Bab Ballads & Song Of A Savoyard Treasure TLP 862 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Gill, Geula The Exciting World of Geula Gill Columbia (S) CS 8659 VG+/VG+ 17.00 (I)
G. I. Joe The Adventures of G. I. Joe Peter Pan BR 510 (w/book) VG++/VG++ 25.00
Girl Scouts of America 12,000 Girl Scouts Sing America's National Favorites (1965 Roundup) GSEP 2 (7" 33 1/3 Extended Play) VG++/VG++ 22.00
Giroux, George Trio Clap Your Hands With The George Giroux Trio Century 23531 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Giroux, George Trio & Brenda Verbridge Montage (Changing Scene Restaurant Blueberry Records 108 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Glau, Kathleen Dianne You Are Free Sanity 001 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Glazer, Tom Weather Songs (From "Ballads For the Age of Science") Motivation Records MR-0322 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Golden, Harry Harry Golden Vanguard VRS 9102 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Golden Hillmen Band (Don Whitehead) Plecer Union High School 1960 Century V 11399 VG+/VG++ 20.00
Golder, Harry Grand Canyon and Monument Valley Audio-Visual Color Slides, Inc. (slides w/record) M-/M- 25.00
Golembiewski, Billy Hear How To Be A Better Bowler CHH 113 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Gonzalez, Mares Pablo Neruda Canto General Aparcoa Teen Int'l 41550 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Goodman, Dickie Mr. Jaws Cash 6000 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Gospel Singin' Saints A Wonderful Day Riverside, Crum Va. 25669 Sealed 25.00
Graffman, Claire Claire's Instant Yoga (w/book) Claire's Instant Yoga VC 1672 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Gorby, Sarah Songs Of The Ghetto Philips PCC 221 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Goren, Charles H. Learn Bridge with Goren in Record Time (Fresca promo) Constant Productions CG-469 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Gosh, Bobby Mother Motor Polydor PD 5016 Sealed (promo) 22.00
Grasshoppers, The Grasshoppers Sing The Chipmunk Song Diplomat (S) NS 2215 VG/M- 25.00
Graham, Billy The Billy Graham Family at Home/Responsibility of the American Home Billy Graham Evan. Assn. (78rpm cardboard picture disc-1954) VG+ 25.00
Grand Land Singers In Washington, D.C. Grand Land Singers (S) Sealed 17.00
Gray, Dr. D. Overstreet, and Dr. Fred Weaver The Bleeding Cheek The Bleeding Cheek M-/VG++ 30.00
Green Tree Green Tree (Resort Promo) Green Tree VG+/VG+ 20.00
Greene, Jeanie Mary Called Jeanie Greene Electra 74102 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 20.00
Greene, Marlin Tiptoe Past The Dragon Elektra 75028 M-/M- (promo-all inserts) 22.00
Greene, Shecky A Funny Thing Majestic T-101 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Greenspan, Bud; Davied Perry December 7, 1941 The New York Times Presents 91466 VG++/VG++ (w/insert) 22.00
Greenwood, Joan & Stanley Holloway Alice In Wonderland Caedmon TC 1097 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Greer, Michael Tallulah Heaven Riprap Records RRR 1010 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Griffin, Merv Merv Griffin's Dance Party Carlton (M) LP-12/134 VG+/VG+ 12.00
Grimes, Tammy The Unmistakable Tammy Grimes Columbia CL-1984 VG+/VG++ (white label promo) 25.00
Grimes, Tammy Armed Forces Radio & Television Service Sampler United States Government SSL-14990 VG++ 25.00
Gross, Henry "Henry Gross" ABC 747 VG++/VG++ (promo - pinched corner 22.00
Grossmont High School (San Diego,CA) Instrumental Highlights 1970-71 United Sound USR 3700 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Grupo Mision Resucito FM87111 VG++/VG++ (San Diego) 25.00
Guaraldi, Vince Vince Guaraldi At Grace Cathedral Fantasy 8367 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Gulf & Western Music From Paramount For Leisure-Time Listening Paramount Music Publishing Co. Sealed 20.00
Guns & Butter Guns& Butter Cotillion SD 9901 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Gunter Kallmann Chorus Live For Love 4 Corners Records (S) FCS-4248 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Hairston, Jester Negro Spiritual Concert San Diego-1963 Location Recording Sealed 25.00
Hall, Dickson; M. James & Wandering Minstrels The Faith of Lincoln (Romero & Graham) Strand SL 1008 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Hall, Joe B & Friends Kentucky Calling Me Classic Records CP 0001 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Hannibal, Judas (Narrating/plus San Diego artists) Hubert the Rainmaking Hipppopotamus Harbor Record Company HR 172 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Hardin And York For The World London XPS 602 VG++/VG++ (promo) 25.00
Hardin, Tim Tim Hardin 3 Live In Concert Verve 3049 (White Label DJ Promo) VG++/M- 17.00
Hardy Boys Wheels RCA Victor (S) LSP-4315 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Harper's Bazaar Harper's Bazaar's Secret Formula For a Beautiful New You Capitol (M) WAO-1522 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Harris, Julie Poems And Letters Of Emily Dickinson Caedmon TC 1119 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Harrison & Tyler Try It-You'll Like It! Dore 327 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Harrison, Noel Santa Monica Pier Reprise (S) 6295 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Harrison, Nowl The Great Electric Experiment Is Over Reprise 6321 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Harvard Lampoon The Surprising Sheep And Other Mind Excursions Epic BN 26462 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Harvest, Barclay James Barclay James Harvest And Oher Short Stories Sire Sl 5904 Sealed (promo) 25.00
Hash Browns and His Ignunt Strings The Hash Brown Sounds Philips PHS 600-018 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Haskell, Jimmie California '99 ABC 728 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Hassilev, Alex Man of the World RCA Victor (S) LSP-2911 VG+/VG+ 17.00 (OP)
Hawkins, Bob; StanSoboski At The Coach and Four Stouffers VC 168 VG++/VG++ (autographed) 25.00
Hayward, Justin Songwriter Deram DES-18073 VG++/VG++ c/o) 20.00
Hazlett, Bart & His Dixie Hasslers Hatfull of Hassles Phenomenal Audio (San Diego, CA) VG+/VG++ 25.00
Hazzard, Tony Loudwater House UNI 73126 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Heart Heart Natural Resources NR 102 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Heartwood Nothin' Fancy GRC 10008 Sealed 22.00
Hefti, Neil; Ray Charles Choir Singing Instrumentals Epic LG 3113 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Heller, Joseph "Something Happened" A Conversation With Joseph Heller DWJ Accociates DWJ 7504 VG++ (generic white cover) 40.00
Hemet High School Jazz Ensemble, Jeff Tower, Director Time After Time Ken Foberg Music Company (1982) Sealed 25.00
Hemingway, Ernest Ernest Hemingway Reading Caedmon TC 1185 VG++VG++ 40.00
Henderson, Skitch Innovations By Masonite RCA Victor PRM-193 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Henley, Larry Piece A Cake Capricorn O152 Sealed 22.00
Herman McCoy Singers Want You Namreh REcords HLP 69 VG+/VG++ (toc) 22.00
Hernandez, Joe 76th Kentucky Derby Marshall & Clampett-Complimentary (78 rpm) VG++ 25.00
Hi-Five The Other Side Of Us/Title Wave TW 36271 Sealed 50.00
Hildebrand, Ray He's Everything To Me Word 3411 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Hilton, John W. Hilton Sings Hilton Sings ARA 21174 VG++/VG++ (autographed) 25.00
Hinson, Don The Truck Stops Here Tejas Records VG+/VG+ 22.00
Hoffman, Jeannie The Folk-Type Swinger Capitol (M) T-2021 VG+/VG 17.00
Hogan, Claire Boozers and Losers MGM E-4501 VG+/VG+(c/o) 20.00
Holden, Charles Orchestra Dancing at "El Morocco" (Cover art by Jaro Fabry) RKO Unique Records ULP 120 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Holly, Buddy The Complete Buddy Holly Story 0082,010 9 LPs M-/M- (9 lps complete w/inserts) 75.00
Hollywood Squares Zingers From The Hollywood Squares Event EV 6903 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Holy Magick Graham Bond Holy Magick Graham Bond Mercury SR 61327 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Homestead Act Playin' Possum KPL-7443 Sealed 25.00
Homesteaders A New Frontier Little Darline (S) SLD-8009 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Hoover High School (San Diego) Herbert Hoover High School Choral Department 1963 Century Records (Red Vinyl) VG++/VG++ 30.00
Hope Hope A & M SP 4329 VG++/VG++ (bb) 22.00
House Beautiful Some Enchanted Evening (Songs of Richard Rodgers) Columbia Special Products SP-1028 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Hovde, Rieber, Howard Roberts & Ed Thigpen Organic Sounds (Recorded @ The Sea Wolf Restaurant, Oakland) EST Records EST-2001 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Hudson, James & Variations Watch What Happens Fanfare 70111 (El Cajon, CA) VG++/VG++ 22.00
Hudson and Landry Hanging In There Dore 324 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Hudson and Landry Losing Their Heads Dore 326 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Huff, Harmon A Change Of Climate Nautilus 1982 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Hughs, Palmer How To Play Rhythm & Blues Guitar Alfred Music TR4M-5019 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 25.00
Hunter, Tab Young Love Dot LP 25,3701 VG+/VG++ 30.00
Huntley, Chet Chet Huntley Presents Best of Washington Humor Cameo C 1044 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Huntley, Chet and David Brinkley A Time to Keep:1963-Voices and Events of the Year RCA Victor (M) LOC-1088 VG++/VG+ 20.00
Hurtado, Mario Hurtado Brothers & Their Royal Marimba Band Imperial 9012 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Hussong's An Evening At Hussong's Custom Fidelity CFS 3279 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Hutchison Bros. The Hutchison Bros. "Live" Thrive Records 1002 VG+/VG 20.00
Huxley, Laura Recipes For Living And Loving Columbia Special Products CSP 101 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Hypnos-Morpheus Relax With Bill Baras (San Diego) Century Records 36179 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Idiots & Company In Our Own Image Riverside 843 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Iliad Distances Norhern Lights Records 6175 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Imperial Junior High School (Lynwood, California) Spring Concert 5-12-1965 Stereo Plex-SJO-0003 VG++/VG++ (program enclosed) 22.00
In Crowd Singers Will Bronson Presents The In Crowd Singers Solid State (S) SS18005 VG+/M- 16.00
Injunaires (Dartmouth College) Sometimes in Winter INJS 270 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Injunaires (Dartmouth College) Memories Vogt Recordings RVS-2065 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Ink Spots The Fabulous Ink Spots Modern M 7023 VG+/VG++ 25.00
International Queens of Harmony (Sweet Adelines, Inc.) High Society Shelex Records SHX-77-27 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Irish Showband The Irish Showband at The Stardust Hotel Las Vegas, Nevada Tom Boy 1973 VG++/VG++ 30.00
Irwin, Lew and The Credibility Gap An Album of Political Pornography Blue Thumb BTS-2 VG++/VG+ 20.00
Islamic Liturgy Song And Dance At A Meeting Of Dervishes Folkways FR 8943 VG+/VG++ 22.00
It's A Small World Its A Small World (1963 New York World's Fair) Disneyland St 3925 M-/VG++ 40.00
Iturbi, Amparo and Jose Play Milhaud, Nopomuceno, et al RCA LRM 7038 VG++/VG+ (10" 33 1/3) 25.00
Ives, Burl; Carl Sandburg et al A Lincoln Treasury Decca DL 9065 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Iwo Jima Iwo Jima Radiola MR 1071 Actuality Series #1 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Jackson, Mahalia The Life I Sing About Caedmon TC-1413 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Jacobi, Ellie Berger Hatha Yoga Bulldog Productions BPI 1001 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Jake With The Family Jewels The Big Moose Calls HIs Baby Sweet Lorraine Polydor PD 5024 Sealed (promo) 25.00
Janssen, David et al Voices of Freedom National Guard NG 1000 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Jaymar-Ruby, Inc. Starring Howard Cosell Sports For Sansbelt Sports For Sansbelt 4411 VG++/VG+ (toc) 25.00
Jefferson Jefferson Janus 3006 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Jenkins, Florence Foster The Unbelievable Glory of the Human Voice RCA Intl. 1150 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Jeno's Pizza Presents Music To Eat Pizza By Jeno's Pizza 8121-9321 VG++/VG++ 35.00
Jesse & Eleanor The Perfect Combination (@Marriott, Crystal City) J.P. Productions VG++/VG++ 17.00
Jessel, George Seeing Israel With George Jessel Strand (S) SLS-1031 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Jewel Pieces Of You Atlantic 82700 VG++/VG++ 50.00
Jodette (Camilia) How To Belly Dance For Your Friends and Husband Jodette Silhi Sealed 22.00
Joe Mode Road Show The Joe Mode Road Show Joe Mode Road Show - San Diego VG++/VG++ 22.00
John Brown University "Sound Generation" Disneyland Concert Monarch II Records 31197 VG++/VG++ 25.00
John Fred and His Playboy Band Agnes English LPS 2197 Sealed 35.00
Johnny and The Leisure Suits (Jonathan Brandmeier) Almost Live DPL 2004 Sealed 20.00
Jolson, Al & Eddie Cantor The Immortals Epic LN 128 M-/M- 25.00
Jones, Anthony Armstrong Proud Mary Chart CHS 1019 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Jones, Charlie Back to the World (Vietnam era interviews/sports stars) BW1 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Jones, Morris & Suzanne Bates, Directors Brigadoon (Mildred L. Hale Jr. High, San Diego 1961) RIAA Curve LR5 1261-432 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Jones, Tamiko; Herbie Mann A Mann & A Woman Atlantic SD 8141 VG++/M- 25.00
Jorgensen, Christine Christine Jorgensen Reveals J Records J-1 VG++/VG++ 125.00
Joselito El Triunfacor Vol.III RCA Victor MKL-1319 (Mexico) VG++/VG++ 22.00 (OP)
Joseph, Waldren "Frog" and HIs Band Old New Orleans Dixieland Dulai 800 Sealed 25.00
Joyous Noise Wanderman Capitol ST 11018 Sealed 25.00
Jr. Cadillac This Time Great Northwest Record Co. GNWRC-1000004 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Just Two + One Show Live At The Lakeside Micside MM5-7226 VG++/VG++ (autographed) 25.00
K-BOX Dusty Discs Roulette R 25338 VG/VG+ 22.00
Kalil, Frank & Jay Taylor My Plumber Doesn't Make House Calls! Capitol (M) 2619 VG++/VG++ 20.00 (CM)
Kaplan, Gabriel Holes And Mellow Rolls ABC 815 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Karnilova, Maria & Zvee Scooler Instant Yiddish Tikiva LPT 114 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Karr, Hank Stealin' My World Alkon Records (S) AKS-1004 VG+/VG++ 20.00 (CT)
Katz, Mickey "Mish Mosh" Capitol T-799 VG+/VG+ Autographed 25.00
Kay, Beatrice Having A Party C.P.Parker Records (M) PLP-812 VG+/VG+ 15.00
Kay, Billy Just Cloning Around Billy Kay 34810 VG++/VG++ (autographed) 22.00
Kay, John Forgotten Songs & Unsung Heroes Dunhill DSX 50120 VG++/VG++ (white label promo) 22.00
Kaye, Danny Danny Kaye For Children Decca DL 78726 VG+/VG++ 22.00
KCBQ 1170 KCBQ KCBQ SPRO 6743 VG++/VG++ (San Diego) 25.00
Keene Corporation The Big Band (George Johnson Orchestra) The Keene Edge Sealed 40.00
Keillor, Garrison The Family Radio Prairie Home Companion Sealed 20.00
Kell Street Camp Meeting Dinner And Joy On The Ground Paula LPS 2211 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Kelly, Georgia & Richard Hardy Tarashanti & Marvapavana Heru 102 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Kelly, Joe and His Four Plus One Live From the Chicago Gold Coast Gaslight Club (Autographed) Gaslight Group Inc. 1002 VG++/VG+ 20.00
Kennedy Space Center Chorus Voices of Space & Walter C. Shirra's Christmas Message For Children Century 32909 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Kennedy, Clyde Teaches Training & Showing Stock Horses Tack & Tanbark T 103 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Kennedy, Jaye Introducing Jaye Kennedy (Intro. by Merv Griffin) United Artists (M) UAL 3542 VG+/VG+ 20.00 (OP)
Kennedy, John F. The Controversy Probe KAO 9677 Sealed 25.00
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Kent, Don (Balladeer) Songs And Music FromThe Wine Country (Ernest & Julio Gallo Vineyards) Mark 56 Sealed 22.00
KFMB's Hudson and Bauer Singers (Featuring Glen Erath) Charger Safari (Miami) & Thank You Chargers (Cincinnati) KFMB VG++ (7" 33 1/3) 25.00
KGO Music Tower The Sounds of San Francisco KGO Radio 81 VG+/VG++ 25.00
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Kiley, Richard The Story Of The American Indian Golden Records 240 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Kind, Roslyn Give Me You RCA LSP 4138 VG+/VG++ 22.00
King Family The King Family Album Warner Bros. (M) W 1613 Sealed 17.00
King, Philo Rockwell III The Pleasure Of His Company Sister Kate Productions SK 230 VG++/VG++ (autographed) 25.00
Kingsmen (National City Jr. High School-San Diego) Kingsmen in Concert 1969 Century Records Sealed 25.00
Kingsmen (National City Jr. High School-San Diego) Kingsmen in Concert 1970 Century Records VG++/VG++ 25.00
Kissin' Cousins Sing Listen To Your Heart Project 3 PR 50083 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Klaudt, Mom Mom Klaudt Sings Peace Like A River Family Tone Records KF-909 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Klein, Mannie & His Sextet The Sound of Music Imperial (M) LP 9094 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Klock, Joseph P. ("The Aardvark Man") Selling Real Estate: Where and How to Find Listings Klockworks 9536 VG+/M- 20.00
Klondike Stampede See And Hear The Story Of Klondike Stampede Shaw Productions (H.F.S. Vol. 1 VG++/VG++ (20 photos inside gatefold cover) 25.00
Knipe, Fred O. Fred O. Knipe Bandolier 1023 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Kostelanetz, Andre And God Created Great Whales Columbia (S) M 30390 VG+/VG+ 15.00
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Koury, Rex Scotty's Castle Theater Organ NCR 12-1130 VG+/VG+ (w/insert) 22.00
Kovacs, Ernie The Ernie Kovacs Album Columbia PC 34250 VG++/VG+ 17.00
KOW AM-FM Radio Station (Escondido, CA) This Ain't Nashville! (Long's Drug Stores) Scratch Records Sealed 15.00
Kraus, Phil Presens Conflict (A High Fi Study in Percussion) Golden Crest Lab Series CR 4004 VG+/VG++ 22.00
KRBE FM-104 The Sound of Houston K.R.B.E -1 VG+/VG++ 16.00
KYA 1260 Bartell FamilyRadio Twist To KYA (Bob Keene Band) Del Fi DFLP 1222 VG++/M- (soc) 50.00
KYA Radio 1260 San Francisco 21 Golden Gate Greats #2 Take 6 Inc. T-6-2032 VG+/VG++ 22.00
KZAP Hometown II-Cafe Rock (1983) KZAP Sacramento Sealed 17.00
L. A. Getaway L. A. Getaway Atco 33-357 VG++/VG++ (white label promo w/insert) 25.00
La Canada High School (Libby Eastman) 1976-1977 Wind Ensemble & Orchestra Audio Engineering 1110 (w/program) VG++/VG++ 20.00
Lady Pepperell Tailgate Rambles (Sales Kit w/inserts) Pepperell Manufacturing Company VG++/VG++ 50.00
La Falce Brothers Campfire Favorites Jubilee 1030 VG+/VG+ 17.00
La Fiesta de los Gringos La Fiesta de los Gringos 1964-1973 LPM 0010 VG+/VG 17.00
Laguna Beach High School The Sounds of Literature-Students in Choral Reading 1973 Century 41196 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Laibman, David & Eric Schoenberg (Sam Charters) The New Ragtime Guitar Asch AHS 3528 (Folkways) VG++/VG++ 22.00
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La Jolla Country Day School 1974 Christmas Concert CF CFS 3684 VG++/VG++ 22.00
La Jolla Senior High School Red Robe Concert Choir & Madrigal Ensemble Concert-Spring 1963 Century Records VG+/VG++ 25.00
Lambert, Dave Sing and Swith Along With Dave Lambert United Artists UAL 3084 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Lambson, Marilyn Nutrition And You Century 39052 VG/VG+ 25.00
Lamont, James Francis I'm Not Just Anyone Microsonics CG005 (San Diego) VG++/M- 17.00
Lancer Band Pasadena City College 1968-69 Custom Fidelity CFS 1987-2 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Langford, Frances Frances Langford Sings Old Songs For Old Friends Capitol (M) T-1865 M-/M- 25.00
Lansing, James B. Sound Inc. Sessions JBL VG++/VG+ 22.00
Larkin, Billy Billy Larkin Bryan Records (S) BRS-105 VG+/VG++ 20.00
La Rue, Danny Hello Danny EMI Columbia SLX 6377 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Lascelles, Kendrew Earth Fungus and The Stuff of Stars United Artists UA-LA 066-F VG++/VG+ 22.00
La Salle: Expedition II The Voices of La Salle : Expedition II La Salle: Expedition II (S) VG+/VG+ 17.00
Lassie Coats (Photos by Richard Avedon) Go Places With Lassie Lassie A100 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Lausmann's Lousy Loggers Band Presented By Pacific Logging Congress 1972 Lausmann's Lousy Loggers 4818 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Lawson, Warner, Director Spirituals-Howard University Choir RCA LM 2126 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Lawton, George Long Into The Night Muscoy Records M-50 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Lazy B Wranglers Colorado Colorado 1978 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Lee, Bobby & Virginia, et al Vietnam-The Soldier's Story JRM4-20-87 Picture Disc VG++/VG++ 25.00
Lee, London The Rich Kid Philips (S) PHS-600-322 VG++/VG++ (bb) 17.00
Levenson, Sam But Seriously Folks Signature (M) SM-1026 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Lewis, Jerry The Nagger Capitol J 3267 VG+/VG++ 22.00
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Lewiston, David Tibetan Buddhism (Tantras of Gyuto:Mahakala) Nonesuch Records (S) H-72055 VG++/VG++ 15.00
Liane Liane Sings Berlin Cabaret Songs of the 20's Vanguard (S) VRS-9088 VG++/VG+ 20.00
Liang, Prof. Tsai-Ping Masterpieces of The Cheng CCMI CCMI-004-5 VG++/VG+ 25.00
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Liberty Liberty Windsong BHL 1-1006 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Lightfoot, Gordon Sun Down Original Master Recording MFSL1-018 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Lil Wally; Dla Doroslych Nice With Polish Spice JayJay 5098 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Lillie, Beatrice Souvenir Album Decca (M) Dl-5453 (10") VG+/VG+ 25.00
Linda, Rosa Will Success Spoil Rock-Maninoff? ERA EL 20010 VG++/VG (1" top ss; 10" bottom ss) 20.00
Lindstrom Kids At The London Bridge MIM-Rod VG+/VG++ (autographed) 25.00
Linn, Roberta Sings At Sea World's Atlantis - San Diego, CA Linn-Fields A-101 VG++/VG++ 25.00
List, Liesbeth & Rod McKuen Two Against The Morning Philips 6641-057 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Little Bobby Emmons and The Crosstones I Remember Phydeaux Records BONE-002 M-/M- 40.00
Little, Rich Scrooge And The Stars Capitol T 6049 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Little Sisters The Joys Of Love MGM E 4116 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Little Village Little Village Quiet Cannon 102 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Living Strings Music To Help You Stop Smoking RCA Camden 821 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Livingston, Don Just Easin' (autographed) Asco (S) VG+/VG+ 16.00
Livingston, Don Solo Asco CG 004 VG++/VG (autographed) 17.00
Logarhythms Logarhythms 1967-1968 Fleetwood 3025 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Loma Linda University (Collegians & La Sierrans) Reunion! (Feb. 24, 1973 Live) Custom Fidelity CES 3138 Sealed 25.00
Lomax, Alan American Folk Songs For Children Atlantic 1350 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Lorca, Federico Garcia The Bullfight (Norman Mailer Reading) CBS Legacy 32-A5-0007 VG++/VG+ (w/book) 25.00
Lorca, Federico Garcia Antologia Poetica (Recitado por Jose Jorda) SMC Pro-Arte SMC 531 VG+/VG+ (10" lp) 25.00
L'Ore'al (Dan goggin) Gravity Feed & Rare English rosebuds L'Ore'al CB 556 VG++/VG++ (7" 33 1/3 w/sheet music) 25.00
Loring, Gloria Today MGM Special DJ SE-4499 VG++M- 25.00
Los Angeles Women's Community Chorus 10th Anniversary Album L.A. Community Chorus 7686 M-/M- 17.00
Lowe, Bob By Request United Sound USR 3860 VG++/VG++ (San Diego) 25.00
Luboff, Norman Choir The Night Before Christmas Elba Productions VG++/VG++ 20.00
Lundberg, Victor An Open Letter Liberty (S) LST-7547 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Lurie, Alan & Maurice Ellenhorn Mood Music Of The Silent Movies Barbary Coast BC 33020 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Luster, Don Only Human Donn Records DLP-1001 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Luther, Frank Winnie The Pooh & Christopher Robin Decca DL 4203 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Lynn, Loretta Songs From My Heart Decca DL 4620 (white label promo) VG++/VG++ 25.00
Lynrose Here I Am (Recorded Live @ The Little Shrimp) Charity Records VG++/VG++ 25.00
Lynwood High School (Performance Arts) Concert Choir & Vocal Ensemble (Christmas) Pasadena Recorders LHS 103088 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Lyon, Ken Ken Lyon In Concert Decca 75197 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Lytle, Cartwright & Moss Meltable Snaps It Corn Pride East Records VG++/VG++ 22.00
McCausland, Butch Dixieland At The Storrowton Music Fair GLO GLP-700 VG+/VG++ 22.00
McDowell, Ronnie On The Road Strawberry SR 122278 VG+/VG+ 22.00
McFarland, Dr. Kenneth Tupperware Jubilee Address Roman Holiday Jubilee 70332 VG+/VG+ 22.00
McKinnon, Raun Raun Is Her Name! Kapp (S) KS-3556 M-/M- (c/o) 25.00
McKuen, Rod The Amsterdam Concert (Presentation Copy Lim. Edition #340) Stanyan Records PRP 5051 VG+/VG+ 22.00
McNeely, Larry Larry McNeely Capitol ST 854 VG++/VG++ (bh) 22.00
McNeely, Larry Glen Campbell Presents Larry McNeely Capitol ST 674 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Macalester Concert Choir Featuring Dorothy Benham Macalester G28 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Macbeth The Great Calypso Holiday Time S/2144 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Mace, Lee Lee Mace Presents The Ozark Opry Stop LP-10013 VG+/VG+ (autographed) 17.00
Madison High School (San Diego Get It On (Leonard Wolfe, Dir. United Sound USR 5803 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Madness In Opera Dr. William Frosch & D. Henahan Discuss RCA DPLI 0216 Sealed 25.00
Madness In Opera Vol. II Dr. S. Keill & W. Weaver Discuss RCA 1-0373 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Magnificent Men The Magnificent Men Capitol (S) ST2678 VG+/VG+ 15.00
Mahavishnu John McLaughlin My Goal's Beyond Douglas 9 #K230766 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Maiyeros, Stephen Wade Trio, Intruders Maiyeros, Stephen Wade Trio, Intruders (Choate School) XTV 85174 VG++/VG++ 40.00
Magandang Pilipinas & Pasacat Vocal Magandang Pilipinas-San Diego, Ca. '82 Centre FTC 001 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Maines Brothers Route 1, Acuff Texas Soul TSA 42880 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Man Rhinos, Winos & Lunatics United Artists 247 VG++/VG++ (bb hole) 22.00
Manion, Dean Clarence (Council Member) Our Council Speaks The John Birch Society JBS 1776 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Manley, Jim Raggedy Band Newine NW 202 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Mann, Johnny Singers Countryside Liberty (S) LST 7476 VG++/M- 20.00
Manna, Charlie "Manna Overboard" Decca DL 74159 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Marcy Christmas With Marcy Corner Stone MT 113 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Mariano and The Unbelievables The 25th Hour Capitol ST 2875 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Mario's Restaurant (Denver, Colorado) The Mario Singers Marios MS 28004 VG+/VG+ (autographed) 2500
Marshall, Gay and Basin Street Elite Live @ Peabody's Cafe Peabody's Records 52001 VG+/VG+ (autographed) 22.00
Martin, Buzz (The Singing Logger) Solid Gold Ripcord RSLP 1025 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Martin, George and His Orchestra Help! United Artists UAS 6448 M-/VG++ 50.00
Martin, Paco Paco At El Set (Puerto Vallarta) Audio Achievements Studio VG++/VG++ 22.00
Martz, Renee Revivalist Songs London (M) LL 1574 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Mary Jane And Carol Neal Country To Classic Int'l Composers Inc. 613 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Mary Kay Cosmetics The Beauty Show (Suggested Procedure) Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc. (1974) M- 20.00
Masefield, John Reading Sea-Fever, Cargoes, and Other Poems Caedmon TC-1147 VG+/VG++ 15.00
Mason, James Poetry of Browning Caedmon 1048 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 22.00
Mason, Tony Speaks To Teen-Agers About Their Success Tony Mason EM 5000 VG/VG+ 20.00
Matthews, David Big Band Recorded Live At The Five Spot Muse MR 5073 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Maurois, Andre (Recorded at Comedie des Champs-Elysees) Spoken Arts Treasury of Andre Maurois read by Andre Maurois Vol. l Spoken Arts 911 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Maye, Marilyn The Happiest Sound in Town RCA Victor (S) LSP-4054 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 17.00
McCarthy, Eugene The Wit of Senator Eugene McCarthy N.E.W Label VG++/VG++ 15.00
McFarland, Gary America The Beautiful Skye SK8 VG++/VG++ 25.00
McFarland, Ken The Best of Ken McFarland's Humor Edward Miller Ass. EM 2010 VG+/VG+ 22.00
McKenna, Siobhan Ulysses Caedmon TC 1063 VG+/VG+ 20.00
McKuen, Rod (w/Barney Kessel) Lazy Afternoon Liberty LRP 3011 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Medieval Banquet Music & Song From the Mediaeval Banquet/Bunratty Castle, Ireland EMI (M) CLPC 32 (U.K.) VG+/VG+ 17.00
Meinert, Margie Crazy Calliope Fraternity F 1007 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Memoirs of Fanny Hill (Unexpurgated Dramatization) Pamela Hayes-Marshall Recorded Literature,Inc. RL-5 VG++/VG++ 40.00
Mercer, Mabel The Art Of Mabel Mercer Atlantic 2-602 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Merrill, Helen The Artistry Of Helen Merrill Mainstream S6014 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Merrill, Linda We're Gonna Have A Good Time LS Records ST 0617 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Merrow, Jane The Root and The Blossom Dimensions Records USR 8850 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Mexicali Singers The Mexicali Singers Warner Bros. (M) W 1641 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Michaelis, Arnold In Conversation With Oscar Hammerstein II MGM 2 E6 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Michele, Ralph Laughs To Tide You Over 0374 VG++/VG++ (autographed) 22.00
Middlebury College Dissipated-Eight Very Special Very Special D8C-1011 Sealed 25.00
Mildew, Downy Mincing Steps Texas Hotel 10 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Miller, Herb First Steps of A New Miller In Stereophonic" Miller Tone 1001 M-/VG++ 50.00
Millionaires Four, and Friends You Don't Have to Be a Millionaire (ad for Lammerts Furniture, St. Louis) LALP-A-100 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Milstein, Dr. George Music To Grow Plants ESC 121 VG+/VG+ (c/o w/book & seeds) 22.00
Mimaroglu, Ilhan Electronic Compositions Finnadar SR/9001 VG++/VG++ 40.00
Mira Costa College Recording Arts Sessions 86 (Spring 1986) Sessions VG++/VG++ 25.00
Mission Bay High School 1982 (San Diego, Rey Vinole, Jr.) Jazz Swing Show Good Vibrations GV 206 Sealed 22.00
Mistele, Lorna Dee I Sing of Michigan (w/o book) Great Lakes VC 937 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Mitchell, Willie Live E.P. Hi EBS 1111 VG++ (33 and 1/3 compact 7") 22.00
Molner, Don Watergate Vol. 3 "I Hope The President is Forgiven" John W. Dean III Folkways FD 5553 VG+/VG++ (w/book) 25.00
Mom's Apple Pie Mom's Apple Pie Brown Bag Records BB 14200 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Monn Keys Dreamsville Omega (S) OSL-56 VG++/M- 25.00
Montezuma's Revenge Royal Flush-Live! Prune Records Sealed 25.00
Montezuma's Revenge First Run Fan Fare FM 7605 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Montezuma's Revenge Suite Revenge Prune Records 820701 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Moore, Garry Peter and the Wolf Westminster WST 14040 VG++/VG+ 15.00
Moore, Phil Polynesian Paradise Strand SL 1004 Sealed 25.00
Moore, Randy An Evening At L'Etoile Nob Hill (3 disc box set) VG++/VG++ 25.00
Moorestown Senior High School All South Jersey High School Region III (Feb. 14, 1970) Century 36591 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Morath, Max At Gold Bar Room, Imperial Hotel Music For Moochers, Gold Diggers and Cattle Rustlers Barbary Coast BC 33004 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Morecambe, Eric and Ernie Wise An Evening With Ernie Wise Ar Eric Morecambe's Place Phillips BL 7750 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Morgan, Geof It Comes With The Plumbing Nexus Records KC-102449 M-/M- 15.00
Morgan, Jane Traces of Love RCA LSP-4171 (Greater N.Y. Boy Scouts Lunch-O-Ree April 26, 1973) M-/M- 20.00
Morgan, Robert W. Robert W. Morgan For Today's Army Program #3 United States Army 73690 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Morning Morning Vault 138 VG++/VG++ 40.00
Morningside High School (Inglewood, CA 1968) Musical Moods NCR 12-861 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Morris, John; Leo Arnaud Carnival in Rio Liberty LRP 3020 VG+/VG+ (artwork on jacket) 25.00
Morse, Captain Kendall Seagulls & Summer People Folk-Legacy FTA 79 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Moss, Rita Talk To Me, Tiger! Dot DLP 25763 VG++/VG++ (autograph on back) 25.00
Moss, Rita Reigns At Islandia (San Diego) RETEP 1281 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Mothersingers (Mrs. Dan Millard) Mothersingers In Their 1965 Concert LRSV 1265-3205 Sealed 25.00
Mt. Miguel High School (Spring Valley, CA) Instrumental Music 1968-69 Century Records VG/VG+ 16.00
Mt. San Antonio College (Ashle Alexander, Director) Lizard Power Lizard Power 1981 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Mrs. Shufflewick Live At The New Black Cap Decca SKL 5155 (UK) VG+/VG+ 22.00
Mucho Machucambos Los Machucambos Phase 4 Stereo VG++/VG++ 22.00
Multi Track Sound Enterprise Fabulous Las Vegas Roulette Game Multi LRV 12--38 VG++/VG++ (no book) 22.00
Munsingwear 10 Ways To Take Strokes Off Your Game Munsingwear, Inc. VG+/VG++ 25.00
Murooka, Hajime Dr. Lullaby From the Womb (w/booklet) Capitol ST-11421 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Murphy, Jane Journey Into Space Kimbo KIM-9108 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Murray Flute (Alexander Murray & M. Goldstein) The Sound Of A New Instrument Pandora PC 166 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Music Minus One Sing or Play The Music of Jimmy McHugh (w/book) MMO 1016 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Music Minus One Accompaniments to Baritone Arias (w/book) MMO 7018 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Music Minus One Sondra Bianca, Pianist MMO 406 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Music Minus One Band Aids (French Horn) MMO 7053 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Musical Tribute To Boston's Copley Plaza 70th Year You're A Grand Old Dame Fleetwood Marketing VG++/VG++ 22.00
MSPA (Mutimer-Smith-Professional Advertising) Greatest HIts MSPA Arm 7735 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Nancarrow, Conlon Complete Studies For Player PIano (Part 1) Arch 1750 VG++/CG+ 22.00
NASA (With Special Message From Ronald Reagan) Space Shuttle-Columbia Kid Stuff Records - Phono Picture Disc (1982) VG++/VG++ 40.00
Nashville Diary My Love/One Hand Clapping/Hi,Hi,Hi,/Soily Pro 1234 (7" 33 1/3 rpm , Promo w/sleeve) VG++/VG++ 25.00
Nashville Sound '70's and The Gems Dream Baby And Other Country Hits RCA Camden 2526 Sealed 22.00
Nashville String Society Nashville String Society GWP ST 2020 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Nassan, Sandy Just Guitar Embryo SD 528 VG++/VG+ (sample copy) 22.00
National Boulevard Bank of Chicago Man & The Moon WBBM Newsradio 78 VG++/M- 20.00
National Football League Superbowl XIII Halftime Spectacular Carnival (1-21-79) Robert F. Jani Productions (S) RFJP 1300 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Naylor, Jerry/ Rodeway Inns I Love You Most Of All MGM Special Products PRO 909 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Neal, Roy (NBC Narrator) Man On the Moon (The Flight of Apollo 11 w/attached booklet) Evolution STAO-91999 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Neil, Fred Everybody's Talking Capitol ST 294 VG++/VG+ 20.00
New Classic Singers Big Hit Sounds Capitol ST 2599 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Newport Youth Band (Marshall Brown, director) Newport Youth Band Coral 57298 VG-/VG++ (sounds fine; in original shrink) 22.00
New York All-State Concert NYSSMA 1968 All State Concert Silver Crest NYST 1968 VG++/VG+ 25.00
New York City Gay Men's Chorus New York New York Pro Arte PAD 198 VG++/VG++ 17.00
New Presidents Stand For Change Lost Kingdom Records NP 007 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Niagarans, Jeanne Baxter vocal Relaxing With The Niagarans Wyco N169 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Nichols, Chet Time Loop Kama Sutra 2057 VG++/VG++ (bb hole) 22.00
Night Soil Man Garden of Delights Vinyl Communications VC13 VG++/M- 25.00
Nightingales, The For Fuck's Sake! 4/19/2014 (600 copies made) VG++/M- (w/insert card) 40.00
Nights Of Love In Lesbos Erotica Series No. 5 Fax Records 1009 VG++/VG+ 50.00
93/KHJ Sound Of The Sixties (w/game pieces) Pacer 1970 VG+/VG+ (toc) 20.00
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Rare Junk Liberty LST 7540 Sealed 35.00
Nixon, Richard Nixon's The One (Aug. 8, 1968 Nomination Speech) Columbia Special Products (7" 33 1/3rpm flex disc) M- 20.00
Nixon, Richard Resignation of A President August 8, 1974 Capitol 11350 Sealed 22.00
Noonan, Paddy Band We'll Take You BAck To Ireland Rebo-Irish R-26,000 Sealed 22.00
Norad Commanders Orchestra About Faces Columbia Records NCM-65-5 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Norman, Larry Streams of White Light Into Darkened Corners (Part One) AB Records AB-777 VG+/VG++ 16.00
Northland College Voyageurs Open Horizon + Music of The Fur Trade Era CL 170 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Norwood, Dorothy Up Where We Belong Savoy SL 14716 VG++/VG+ (c/o) 22.00
Norwood, Dorothy Dorothy Norwood and The Var-Son Community Choir of Brooklyn, NY Savoy 14309 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Nutrisystem Presents Nutricize Music For Exercise & Body Movement Nutricize 10 Sealed 22.00
Nutt, Grady Taking Notice Word 8790 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Nye, Louis And The Status Seekers Heigh-Ho Madison Avenue! Riverside 842 VG to VG+/VG++ 22.00
Oak, Ash, & Thorn Out On A Limb (Live @ Freight & Salvage Coffee House, Berkeley) Tosspot Records TR-049 VG++/VG++ 17.00 (CH)
Oak, Ash, & Thorn Sowing Wild Oats Tosspot Records TR-047 VG+/VG++ 17.00 (CH)
O. B. Ranger Adventures of The O. B. Ranger (1972 Radio FM Stereo, San Diego) O. B. 101 VG++/VG++ (in shrink) 75.00
Ocean State Bank Discover Yourself Through Astrology CFS-3029 VG+/VG+ 16.00
O. D. Corral Live At Jamaica Joe's San Diego 7-24-75 W. W. Wild West VG+/VG+ 22.00
Ohio State University Jazz Ensemble 1976 (Tom Battenberg, Leader) Mus_I-Col 101432 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Old Gold Singers Old Gold Singers-The University of Iowa (1967-68) Century 30920 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Olivera, Hector Pieces Of Dreams Rochester Theater EAR 10240 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Olson, Boogie Bob Boogie Bob Live at The Teller House (Denver) Barking Spider Studios Sealed 17.00
O'Mahony, Golding et al Irish Fairy Tales Vol. II Spoken Art SA-1029 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Omarr, Sydney Presenting Sydney Omarr The Worl's Most Renowned Astrologer (Leo) Astro Records A-107 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Opera Co. DI New York La Gran Scena GS/MG Vol. 1-1-1985, N.Y.C. 014 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Organ Grinder Pizza Organ Grinder 5012 S.E. 82nd, Portland,OR Organ Grinder 101 VG/VG++ 25.00
Orwell Congregational Church There's Something About Vermont Inclement Productions 138 Sealed 22.00
Over Sexteen Over Sexteen Vol. 2 Prudes Won't Think It Funny! Jubilee JLP 2019 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Owens Yacht Division Welcome Aboard Vol. 1 RCA PR130 VG+/VG++ 30.00
Pacheco & Alexander Pachecho & Alexander Columbia C 30509 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Pacific...ly Bluegrass Pacific...ly Bluegrass PB 101 VG+/M- 25.00
Packard Bell Distributors Operation Sell (May 20, 1967 Convention) Packard Bell VG++ 25.00
Page, Patti Patti Page Reports On her New Oldsmobile TV Show! Preview Platter (78 rpm) for Oldsmobile Dealers VG+ 25.00
Pandit, Korla (Television Star of KTLA) Korla Pandit's Musical Gems Vita Records (78rpm 4 record set in book) M- 25.00
Pan Am The Name Of The Game Is Go Pan Am VG++/VG++ 22.00
Parlet Invasion of The Booty Snatchers Casablanca 7146 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 35.00
Paulo, Rene & Group Featuring Akemi Forever More PN PN5 100 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Parker, Alan Band of Angels Decca DL 75357 (Promo) VG++/VG++ 25.00
Parsons, Louella Louella Parsons' Favorites Dot (M) DLP-25145 VG+/VG+ (c/o) 15.00
Pasadena Tournament of Roses 1961 Souvenir Record Album Record Sales Company VG/VG+ (red vinyl) 17.00
Pastors Cut-Up Tenderloin Capitol T-1534 VG+/VG+ 20.00 (P)
Patient Care Magazine Dermatoses of the Male Groin/Female Anogenital Area Eli Lily and Company 1968 (7' 33/1/3) VG+ 20.00
Patrick Henry High School (San Diego, Ca.) The Spirit of '71 USR-3665 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Pavorotti, Luciano * Henry Mancini Mamma London 411 959-1 VG++/VG++ (autographed by Mancini) 40.00
Peace And Quiet Peace And Quiet Kinetic BL 30315 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Peck, Gregory (Narrator) Lincoln Portrait London CS 6613 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Peel, David & The Lower East Side The Pope Smokes Dope Apple SW 33911 VG+/VG+ 40.00
Pelham, Jimmy Calling Prez Collect.... PEL-NOR LP-PN-1002 Sealed 22.00
People's Choir of Operation Push The People's Choir of Operation Push (Marvin Yancy, dir.) The Gospel Truth GTS 2720 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Pershing Jr. High School (San Diego, CA) Advanced Band 1972 (G. Bockemuehl) United Sound 4469 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Pfizer Laboratories Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus Pfizer VG++/VG++ 22.00
Philadelphia Search and Destroy Patmas PAT 8403 VG++/VG++ 40.00
Phipps, Bonnie Autoharpin' KM 228 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity Brothers Sing On (96th Anniversary National Convention 1964) Columbia Special Products 99021 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Pickard, Sorrells Sorrells Pickard Decca 75338 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Pilgrim Baptist Church Radio Choir (San Diego) Who Can I Turn To United Sound Records (S) US-4144 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Pizza Hut '73 Annual Meeting Town & Country Hotel, San Diego, CA 1973 Pizza Hut Sealed 75.00
Play-Tonics Barber Shop In Hi-Fi Warner Bros. 1311 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Point Loma High School (San Diego) Loman Concert Choir 1961 Location Recording Service 1267 419 M-/M- 25.00
Point Loma High School (San Diego) Holiday Greetings - Concert Choir & Madrigals 1970 Point Loma High School USR 2905 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Point Loma HIgh School (San Diego) Winter Holiday Greetings December 1973 United Sound 6110 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Poitier, Sidney & Doris Belach Reads: Poetry of The Black Man United Artists UAS 6693 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Polychromes Kansas Centennial 1861-1961 Kansas Centennial KC 4161 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Polk, C.V. The Incredible C. V. Polk Arwin ST 2002 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Pollution II Pollutionn II Prophesy Records SD 6057 VG++/VG++ (promo sticker on cover) 25.00
Pope John XXIII The Sounds of the Vatican - Excerpts Mercury (M) RM-200 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Pope John Paul II The Historic Visit of His Holiness John Paul II to Ireland IRL-1979 (Ireland) VG++/VG++ 15.00
Pope John Paul II Pilgrim of Hope - Pope John Paul II in the U.S. (Helen Hayes) Our Sunday Visitor OSV-7996 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Pope Paul VI An Historic Journey to the Holy Land January 1964 (Documentary) 20th Century Fox (M) TFM-3129 VG+/VG+ 15.00
Popovic, Darlene Hanging In There Shelex SHX 77-30 VG++/M- 22.00
Porter, Jerry Jerry Porter "Live" Mirror SWB 122 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Porter, Katherine Anne Pale Horse, Pale Rider Caedmon TC 2007 VG++/VG+ (12" ss) 22.00
Portsmouth Sinfonia Plays The Popular Classics Columbia 33049 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Posey, Sandy Born A Woman MGM Records E-4418 VG++/M- 17.00
Posse Posse AMC A 1025 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Post, Valerie Valerie Post Sings Over The Years Fanfare FM 70101 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Price, Vincent (Narrating) Song of Moses (Ward-Steinman Oratorio:SanDiego State College) Century Records VG/VG 16.00
Priestley, J. B. An Informal Hour & Reading Delight Spoken Arts 716 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Prince Charles/Lady Diana Spencer The Royal Wedding 1981 BBC Records 413 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Princess Cruise This Is Your Princess Adventure (Souvenir "Live") Princess Adventure Vol. #1 1977 VG++/VG++ 25.00
P.J. Proby Niki Hoeky Liberty LZRP 3497 Sealed 35.00
Proctor & Bergman What This Country Needs Columbia AL 33687 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Pulver, Judi Pulver Rising MGM SE 4904 VG++/VG+ (DJ promo) 25.00
Queen Is In The Closet The Queen Is In The Closet Camp Records LP 3455 VG+/VG+ (ss) 22.00
Quinaimes Band Quinaimes Band Elektra EKS 74096 VG++/VG++ (promo; bb hole) 25.00
Raach, Dr. R. C.; W. F. Malloch The Stars and Stripes and You 1917-1918 Pox 101/2 VG++/VG++ (w/insert) 25.00
Radio Shack Learn Code The Easy Way (International Morse Code Beginner Course) Archer 20-025 VG+/VG 22.00
Raft, George, Narrator Peter & The Wolf London SPC 21084 Phase 4 (Stanley Black) VG++/VG++ 22.00
RAMATAM RAMATAM Atlantic SD 7236 VG++/VG+ (c/o) 20.00
Rancho Santa Fe Middle School My Fair Lady 1972 Fairmount 81067 VG+/Plain Cover 22.00
Randall, Frankie At It Again! RCA (S) LSP-3364 Sealed 15.00
Random Sample The Random Sample Anodyne ST 1014 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Rankin, Billy Acetate 2 discs Artisan Sound Recorders 9-20-83 VG++/VG++ 75.00
Ratchell Ratchell Decca 75330 VG++/VG++ (sample) 25.00
Ratlcliffe, George L. Portrait In Oil Baroid KXYZ Radio Station (12" 78 rpm) VG++/VG+ 50.00
Rea, David Maverick Child Capitol SKAO 0548 VG++/VG+ (c/o) 22.00
Reiplinger, Rap Poi Dog Mountain Apple Co., MAC-1002 VG++/M- 15.00
Rebels Without A Cause Do You Want To Dance Jay-Em Records-Cincinnati JRC 86006 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Record Guild of America Blue Tail Fly/Carry Me Back to Old Virginny Record Guild of America 2001 P (78 rpm picture disc) VG++ 25.00
Record Guild of America Red River Valley/Cockles and Mussels Record Guild of America 2002 P (78 rpm picture disc) VG++ 25.00
Record Guild of America Git Along Little Dogie/Whistling Rodeo Polka Record Guild of America 6002 P (78 rpm picture disc) VG++ 25.00
Reeves, Dick Gullah "A Breath of The Carolina Low Country" Lenwal Entr. 90381 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Reith, Jeanne With Oceans On My Way Vita 3518 VG++/VG++ (San Diego) 25.00
Reno, Ginette Ginette Reno Grand Prix (S) G.P.S 3301 (France) VG++/VG++ 20.00
Resnick, Seymour Selections From Spanish Poetry CMS 510 VG++/VG++ (English-Spanish Text included) 25.00
Restum, Willie The World Of Willie Restum Remember The Image 4-Wax VG+/VG+ (autograph) 25.00
Revival Revival Kama Sutra KSBS 2047 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Reynolds, Burt Ask Me What I Am Mercury SDM-1-693 Press Kit M-/M- 40.00
Reynolds, Malvina Malvina Reynolds Century City Records CCRS-5100 M-/M- 35.00
Rhodes, JImmy Plays Your Request At Clifton's Cafeteria Capitol Custom 2126 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Ribs (9 Lutheran Pastors' Wives) Glory Inter/Media DRS72-237 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Richardson, Sir Ralph; Paul Schofield & Cast Dickens-A Christmas Carol Caedmon TC 1135 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Richardson High School (Richardson, Tx; Joe Figg Director) Winterland of Music ... VG++/VG+ 20.00
Richie Bros. Richie Bros. In Pow-Wow at the Thunderbirdd Jubilee JGM-2053 VG++/VG+ 17.00
Richter, Carroll The Astromusical House of Taurus Astro Stereo 1002 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Rio, Rosa & Ralph Lewis Meditaion Moods Rosicrucian Record AMORC #2 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Rio Grande Rio Grande RCA 4454 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Riquier, Georges Fables de La Fontaine Spoken Arts 909 VG++/VG++ (book included) 25.00
Ritchard; Holm; Karloff Mother Goose Caedmon TC 1091 VG++/VG++ 25.00
River Bank Razzma Tazz Gay '90's Melody Museum River Bank 8267 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Rivers, Mavis The Simple Life Capitol ST-1408 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Rivers, Joan and George Segal At Home With That Other Family (Khrushchev Comedy) Roulette (M) R 25203 VG+/VG+ 15.00
Rivers, Mavis Hooray For Love Capitol (M) T-1294 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Robards, Jason, Jr. Dramatic Readings From Eugene O'Neill Columbia OL 5900 VG++/VG+ (promo) 22.00
Roberds, Larry Ballad of A.J. Foyt/Interview With A. J. Foyt Resco 642 (7" 45 rpm record w/picture sleeve) VG++/VG++ 17.00
Robert, Rory, and Ricky Robert, Rory, and Ricky Cream of the Crop 7957 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Robert Spiro Singers Beloved Jewish Songs Decca (M) DL 74048 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Roberts, John; Barrand; Breunix; Woodruff A Pageant Of Mid-Winter Carols Front Hall Records 013 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Robin-Doud Comedy Interview "Welcome to the LBJ Ranch" Capitol (M) W 2423 Sealed 17.00
Robinson Family The Robinson Family Blue Jay Records (S) LP A 301 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Robo Force The Battle At The Fortress of Steel Buena Vista 468 (w/book) Sealed 20.00
Roche, Paul A Poet-A Man-A Mind Mercury SRM 1-616 VG+/VG++ 20.00
Rochester Male Chorus Rochester Male Chorus ...with its Boychoir Tom Jones Recordings TJS-3431 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Rock Around The World "Midnight Express" Talking Heads, Boston, et al Rock Around The World VG++/VG++ 22.00
Rockville Junction Lord Protect Me From My Friends 20th Century T 447 VG++/VG++ (promo) 22.00
Romero, Cesar El Flaumista de Jamelin Laguna Language Series (Laguna Beach Books) Book 4 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Romero, Cesar La Historia Mas Grande Del Hombre Lado 101 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Rommies The Place And The Man (Dallas, TX) Vesco V 888 VG++/VG+ (autographed) 22.00
Roosevelt High School-Fresno, CA State Honor Concert Bands 1968 Custom Fidelity CFS 1707 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Rorer, Michael A. Voices On The Bay-Bicentennial Historic Steamship RSR 48 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Rose and The Arrangement Totally Bananas Twink TLP 1001 VG++/VG+ (autographed; Chula Vista,CA) 25.00
Rose, Biff Half-Live at The Bitter End Buddah Records )S) BDS-5078 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Roselli, Jimmy 3 A. M. United Artists (S) UAS 6665 Sealed 22.00
Ross, Betty All of Betty Ross Lobo L104 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Ross, Diana Ross (DJ white label; disco eye-cued) Motown PR-42 VG++ 25.00
Ross, Robert Chaucer Read In Middle English Caedmon TC 1008 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Ross, Stan My Son The Copy Cat... Del-Fi DFLP 1233 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Rossi Concert Band Virtuoso Accordian 1969 Nat'l Champs Rossi Concert Band 0309 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Rough Trade Rough Trade Live Umbrella UMB DD1 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Round, Jonathan Jonathan Round Westbound WB 2009 (round cover) VG++/VG++ (white label promo) 25.00
Roussos, Demis On The Greek Side Of My Mind MGM 4818 Sealed 22.00
Rowland, May (Director of Silent Unity) Come Ye Apart Awhile-Relaxation & Realization Unity LS 500 (10" 33 1/3 ) VG++/VG++ 25.00
Rozay, Van Van Rozay From San Jose Golden Vanity Records GVR 40 VG++/VG 22.00
Rush, Tom At The Unicorn LyCornu XTV-86166 VG+/VG+ (very clean) 25.00
Ruskin, Richard Richard Ruskin Takoma C 1039 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Rustin, Bayard Elizabethan Songs & Negro Spirituals Fellowship Records #102 VG/VG+ (10" 33 and 1/3) 25.00
Rydell, Bobby Bobby Sings-Bobby Swings Cameo C-1007 Sealed 30.00
Rydell, Bobby Bye Bye Birdie Cameo C 1043 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Sacred Dances Of The Wahshi Dervishes Epitaph For An Ego Sacred LPS-1 VG+(clean)/VG++ 22.00
Safari The Sounds of A ight In The African Bush Continental ZB 8059 VG++/VG++ 25.00
St-Exupery, Antoine De Le Petit Prince Period Records FRL 1518 (w/book) VG++/VG++ 25.00
St. Joseph's Maori Girls Choir of New Zealand Sweet Sounds of the South Pacific 5 Five Star FSR 1407 VG+/VG++ 20.00
St. Stephens Youth Choir & Dr. George McKinney Live In Concert (San Dieg, CA) Christ Records ARS 121880 VG++/VG++ 25.00
St. Vincent Millay, Edna Reading Her Poetry Caedmon TC 1123 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Salmas Brothers (San Diego) "One More Time..." Salmas SAL 102 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Salvation Co. Earl Of Ruston Capitol ST 465 VG++/VG++ 25.00
San, Ota Ukulele Isle Decca DL 74704 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Sanborn Singers (Amway Distributors) Great Day! Amway (S) VA 1941 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Sandburg Jr. High School (Glendora, CA) Concert Bands 1974-1975 (M.Johnson) LRS 6132 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Sanderlin, George & Anthony Quayle Christopher Columbus Chronicle of 1492 Caedmon TC 1388 Sealed 22.00
Sanderson IFR Clearance Shorthand Jeppesen SA 222211 VG++/VG++ 25.00
San Diego Stereo San Diego (10" lp) Audio Components VG+/VG++ 50.00
San Diego City College Stage-Dance Band Time to Dance, Vol. 4, 1962 Location Recording Service LRS-1262-590 VG+/VG+ 17.00
San Diego City County High Schools Honor Band 1971 United Sound USR 3332 VG+/VG++ 22.00
San Diego Diocesan Music Festival (Robert Holmes) Sounds Of Joy May 23, 1971 Custom Fidelity CFS 2605 VG++/VG++ 22.00
San Diego Mesa College Olympic Singers (Ginger Cobert) Now Is The Caroling Season Band N'Vocal Mobile BVRS 1270 VG++/VG++ 22.00
San Diego State College Spring Sing 1958 Aishman-Hardy AH 15800 VG+/VG+ 20.00
San Diego Zoo Wild Voices Mainstreet Productions Sealed 16.00
San Jose State University (Chevallard/Pierson) Spartan Marching Band 1979 Spartan Marching Band 1979 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Sandy Smith Group Excitement Hi Fi Records R430 VG+/VG+ 20.00
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus Tours America '81 Golden Gate Recordings (S) GGPA-001 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Sanitone Drycleaner A Record of Quality Columbia Special Products XTV-86365 VG++/VG++ 20.00
San Marco Strings The Brown Palace Hotel (Denver) Presents.... Century Records (S) 41908 VG+/VG++ 20.00
Sawbuck Sawbuck Fillmore AL 31248 (promo) VG++/VG++ (Promo sticker) 25.00
Scales, Prunella with Richard Bebb The Wife Of Bath's Tale Argo 1212/13 M-/VG++ 25.00
Scaletta, Don Trio Sunday Afternoon At The Trident Verve V6-5027 Sealed 25.00
Schatz, Warren Warren Schatz Columbia C 30685 (DJ sticker on cover) VG++/VG++ 22.00
Schickele, Peter The Intimate P.D.Q. Bach Vanguard VSD 79335 Sealed 22.00
Schlafly, Phyllis Let Your Voice Be Heard (Intro. Ann Bowler 10-11-66) Polymax VG++/VG+ 25.00
Schofield, Paul The Other World of Winston Churchill (w/attached book) Mercury MG 21033 VG+VG+ 17.00
Scott, Bob Six Music To Use The "Trim-Twist" by Trim Twist CS 5168 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Scott, Little Jimmy If You Only Knew Savoy MG-12181 VG++/VG+ 50.00
Scott, Tony Music For Yoga Meditation And Other JOys Verve V6-8742 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Scourby, Alexander The Sounds of Concord, Vol. 1 ` Northbridge Ltd. ! VG+/VG+ 12.00
Scourby, Alexander The Pit And The Pendulum Spoken Arts SA 830 VG++/VG++ 22.00
S.C.R. A. (Southern Contemporary Rock Assembly) The Ship Album Atlantic SD 7235 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Scranton, Bill; John M. Hurley Bill Scranton For President Bill Scranton For President Disc VG++; Plain wrapper 25.00
Scruggs, Earl 5 String Banjo Instruction Album Peer International 5811 M-/M- 25.00
Sea World Water Fantasy 2 (arr. and conducted by Nelson Riddle) Sea World Records (S) Sealed 20.00
Sears, Roebuck and Co. Motor Boating Sears, Roebuck and Co. VG++/VG++ 25.00
Secretariat Horse Of The Century (Narrated by Win Elliot) Secretariat DAJ 111273 VG++/VG++ 25.00
See's Candies See's Candies Present...Songs of Christmas Merry Makers Records SC 1001 VG+/M- 17.00
Self, Stu All By Self Starrett 552N9 VG+/VG+ (autographed) 22.00
Service, Robert Robert Service Recites Bard of Alaska RSR 002-3 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Shaindlin, Jack Music To Read Life's Year-End Issue By Decca DL 34155 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Sharks Kill (7" 33 1/3 rpm) Dance Party U.S.A, Year of the Rat,Common Enemy, Forever 17 Atomicfireball Records (w/inserts; Portland, Ore.) VG++/VG++ 20.00
Shepherd, Jean The Declassified Jean Shepherd Mercury 1-615 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Sherman, Bobby Portrait of Bobby Metromedia Records KMD-1040 Sealed (cut corner) 20.00
Sherman, Harold How To Foretell Your Future Knight KEI-H3 Vol. 3 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Sherwood's Sherwood's at Zincks Sherwood's at Zincks K 80P-4302 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Sherwoods of Cornell Green Capitol Custom AAB-342 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Sikorsky, Igor 1967 Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy United Tech. CO 2259 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Silencers Rock 'N' Enforcers Precision NUZ 36529 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Sing-In Boulder (Boulder High Auditorium) The Moon Is Down Owl Records ORLP 14 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Singing Doctors Thanks For the Miseries American Artists (S) AAS-1355 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Singin' Trav'lers Pepperdine College Presents The Singin' Trav'lers Custom Fidelity Records CFS-1732 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Sister Felix, O.P. Sing I A Song Sound Patterns SPRH-1001 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Sitwell, Edith Edith Sitwell Reading Her Poems Caedmon TC 1016 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Sitwell, Edith Facade Columbia ML 5241 VG++/VG+ (w/book) 25.00
Skiles & Henderson Do It, Do It, Do It! Liberty LST 7596 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Skyline Chapel Choir (Lemon Grove, CA) Singing I Go (D. Johnson) Skyline Records 1204 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Sklair, Sam & V. Mackeson Rhodesia Safari On Sound WAL Records VG++/VG++ 20.00
Sokol, "Papa" "Papa" Sokol & "Papa" Sokol's Showboat 5 At The San Diego Zoo ARM 8037 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Solms, Kenny & Gail Parent I Were A High School Graduate Epic (S) FLS 15112 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Sondheim, Small Today We Bought a Home/Today We Found Our Home Columbia Special Products CSS-863 VG++/VG++ 30.00
Sonny (Sonny Bono) Inner Views Atco SD 33-229 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Sonoda, Harry You Don't Need A Mind Just Soul Hana Ho St-1 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Sony Sony. The 25th Anniversary CBS/Sony Special Products 92106 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Souders, Jackie Official Seattle World's Fair Band Capitol Custom MB 2257 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Sound Of Dissent Sound Of Dissent Mercury SR 61203 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Sounds of Sunshine Love Means You Never Have to Say You're Sorry Ranwood Records (S) R8089 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Sounds of Sunshine The Best Years of Our Lives Crescendo GNPS 2100 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 22.00
Sounds Of The Barbary Coast (Portland, OR) Frank Elliott At The Fotoplayer Hoyt Recording Co. VG++/VG++ 25.00
South, Eddie and Mike Simpson Music For the Birds Mercury Wing MGW-12225 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Southard, Matt The Cat Matsouthard MS 4153 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Southwest Texas State College Band The Presidents' Marches (President Lydon Baines Johnson March) Golden Records LP-163 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Space Age The Space Age/The Age of Reliability Raybestos-Manhattan, Inc. VG+/VG+ (6" s/s on back of gatefold) 25.00
Spanish Riding School The Spanish Riding School Philips Int'l PHI 410 VG++/VG++ (Austria) 22.00
Sparky's Magic Piano Sparky's Magic Piano Capitol J 3254 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Spartans First Avenue Jr. High School, Arcadia, CA The Spartans Sing '70 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Speaight, Robert Robert Speaight Reads The Waste Land By T. S. Eliot Argo RG 10 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Spelman, Leslie P. University of Redlands & Amsterdam Custom 1233 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Spencer, Bruce Inside Sina (The Society for Indecency to Naked Animals) Charm Records CM-110 VG++/M- 20.00
Spender, Stephen Reading His Poems 10/20/1956 Caedmon TC 1084 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Spice After Hours Wild Party Songs #3 Fax Records Faxlp-2003 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Spoon River Band Spoon River Band North Recording Studios NR-63181 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Sportsmen The Sportsmen Tops (M) L 1625 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Sprague, Peter The Path Xanadu 183 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Springfield's Parkview Concert Band New York World's Fair 1964-1965 Unisphere United States Steel VG+/VG++ 20.00
Squirrel Nut Zippers Perennial Favorites Mammoth 0169 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Stagecoach Stagecoach Stagecoach 001 VG++/VG++ 50.00
Stamey, Chris Group & The dB's Christmas Time Coyote TTC 8564 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Stanford University Stanford University Mendicants - '65 Sound and Scene VG+/VG+ (woc) 17.00
Stanley, Ray Singers After Midnight Power (S) DS409 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Starr, Dave The Nearer The Bone The Sweeter The Meat Suprise Records Corp. SUR 98 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Steele, Don (The Real Don Steele) Live From the 60's Premiere Radio Networks-Broadcast 5-20-26, 1991 91-21 VG++/VG+ (with notes) 25.00
Steinberg, David The Incredible Shrinking God Uni 73013 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 20.00
Stevens, The Firing Squab The Stevens S1560 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Stevens, Kay (OP) Not So Great Songs That Were Left Out Of Great Movies... Liberty (M) LRP-3309 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Stevenson, Adlai Adlai Stevenson Speaks (Narrated by James Fleming) RCA Victor LM-1769 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Stevenson, Adlai A Remembrance of Adlai (in conversation with Arnold Michaelis) Spoken Arts 770 (Encyclopedia Britannica Films) VG+/VG++ 20.00
Stevenson, Adlai & Arnold Michaelis Portrait Of Adlai Stevenson Spoken Arts SA 770 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Stewart, Baron Bartering United Artists 0698 Sealed 20.00
Stoecklein, Val Grey Life Dot DLP 25904 VG++/VG+ (1" soc) 22.00
Stone, Anders Christmas In San Diego Red Letter Record Release Sealed 16.00
Stone Container Corporation On Its 40th Anniversary (Hits of the 20's - 60's) Columbia Special Products CSP-317 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Stoneground The Family Album Warner Bros. 2-1956 VG++/VG+ (promo) 20.00
Stone's Throw Suppressed Desire Sierra/Briar Records SRS 8709 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Storm, Billy and The Valiants This Is The Night Famous F 504 VG++/VG++ (warped, but plays thru) 25.00
Strand, Les Plays Jazz Classics On The Baldwin Organ Fantasy 3242 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Strawberry Street Singers You Can't Have Too Much of a Good Good Thing RCA Victor (S) LSP-3912 VG+/VG+ 17.00 (CH)
Stray Saturday Morning Pictures Mercury SRM 1624 Sealed 25.00
Sunrays Andrea Tower T-5017 Sealed 40.00
Sunrise Sunrise Crunch CRS-0035001 (promo) VG++/VG++ 22.00
Sun Tones A Touch of Gold Sunrise PRP 35411 VG+/VG++ 20.00
Supercamp Supercamp Tower T 5031 VG++/VG+ (c/o) 22.00
Sweet Pie Pleasure Pudding RIG Records 2004 VG++/VG++ (Autographed w/poster) 40.00
Sveden House Chorale (Sveden House Smorgasbord) Come To Our House For The Holidays Exposition Records (S) 68448 VG/VG++ 17.00
Swanson Delightful Duets Delightful Duets SPA-86001 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Sweet Adelines (1960) 1960 Convention Album Sweet Adelines 3396 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Tabor, Eron; Herb Ellis; Oscar Castro Neves Eron Tabor From San Francisco Hair Studio 10, DBX 104 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Taco Bell Taco Bell Presents Tijuana Taxi Mark 56 Records 544 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Taylor, Charles The Soul of Charles Taylor VeeJay Records (M) 5062 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Taylor, Irving The Whimsical World Of Irving Taylor Warner Bros. WS 1352 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Temperance Seven Presenting the Temperance Seven Kapp KS 387 Vg+/VG++ 20.00
Temple, Johnny & Tom Mains Techniques For Meditation Plantation Records PLP-18 VG++/VG+ 16.00
Tenholder Travel Narrated by Jack Carney May I See Your Passport, Please? Tenholder Travel 20th Anniversary VG++/VG++ 22.00
Tenneco Oil. Co. Sing With Tenneco Tenneco (Specially Pressed by RCA Custom Records) M7CP-4428 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Texas Boys Choir of Fort Worth Four Slices of America & The Continental Soldier TBC Treble Series TS 004 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Thirty Days Out Thirty Days Out Reprise RS 6450 VG++/VG++ (white label promo) 20.00
This Is Thunder (Nopse and Jen Schande) This Is Thunder sp1records SP004 (10") M-/M- 100.00
Thomas, Danny Out West (Texas 1952) Jack Cullen's Record Store 8632 (7" 33 1/3 rpm) VG+ 25.00
Thomas, Jeannie Sings For The Boys Strand SL 1030 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Thomas, Rufus Walking The Dog London HA-K-8183 VG++/VG++ 50.00
Thomas, Terry- Discovers America Warner Bros. 1558 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Thompson, Fred & the Guadalajara National Philharmonic The Best of Fred Thompson and the Guadalajara National Philharmonic Vol. 1 Tortilla Flats Records VG+/VG+ 17.00
Thompson, Fred & The Guadalajara National Philharmonic The Best Of Tortilla Flas FT 121433 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Thorpe, Professor Edward O. Professor Edward O. Thorpe Tells You How To Beat The Dealer Scientific Research Records 1026 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Thorson, Paul (Julian Hotel) One To One CMP 87507 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Three Man Army A Third Of A Lifetime Kama Sutra KSBS 2044 VG++/VG++ (promo) 22.00
Throbbing Gristle 20 Jazz Funk Greats Industrial Records IR0008B M-/VG++ 75.00
Thunder Bay A Time to Remember Gaiety DL-100 VG+/VG++ 20.00
Timber Bring America Home Electra 74095 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Time Capsule World War II-The United States First Week at War Time Capsule 201 Sealed 20.00
Tiomkin, Dimitri; Pittsburgh Symphony, Gary Merrill Rhapsody Of Steel (Original Movie Soundtrack) United States Steel 502-3 VG++/VG++ (2 1/2" light stain bottom front cover) 50.00
Tolkien, J.R.R. Poems and Songs of Middle Earth Caedmon TC 1231 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Tony and Lucille Dance Lessons in Cha-Cha-Cha and Merengue Fiesta Records FLP-1209 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Training Of A United States Marine San Diego MCRD/Camp Pendleton Documentary Recording VG++/VG+ (w/picture book 25.00
Tran, Tony Feat.Slim ( San Diego, CA) Tran- 40 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Tratec, Inc. The Lamaze Experience (3 lps w/books) Tratec VG++/VG++ 25.00
Travis, Tony (op) I See Your Face Before Me RCA Victor (M) LPM-1323 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Troup, Bobby Bobby Troup! Capitol T-484 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Trowsers Drop 'Em Blues Economique Records BE 003 (Alpine, CA) VG++/VG++ 25.00
Truckaway, William Breakaway Reprise 6469 VG+/VG+ (Promo w/lyric sheet) 20.00
True, Dr. Herb Are You An Amateur Or A Professional Idea Records 1268-721 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Truman, Margaret & Robert Shaw Chorale American Songs RCA LM 57 VG+/VG++ (10" 33 1/3) 25.00
Tucker, Orrin New Sounds (Top O' The Strip-Dunes Hotel) Bel Canto BCM-34 (Autographed) VG++/VG++ 25.00
Turbo Bruits Echo Kid Fat Possum Records VG++/VG++ 25.00
Turner, Hank Golden Country and Western Hits Columbia (S) CS-8758 VG+/VG++ 17.00 (O)
Twiggy Twiggy Mercury SRM 1-1093 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Twin Peaks Middle School (Poway, CA) Music Performance Groups 1976-1977 Good Vibrations GV 101 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Twin Peaks Middle School (Poway, CA) Twin Peaks Bands And Orchestra 1978-1979 Good Vibrations Cat. # G.V. 135 Sealed 25.00
UFO's (John Newland) The Credibility Factor Columbia Musical Treasury IP 6422 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Ukelele, Johnny Johnny Ukelele Capitol (M) T-1425 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Uncle Walt's Band An American In Texas Lespedeza UWB2 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Union Pacific Quartet Union Pacific Railroad Union Pacific Railroad SR 4501 VG++/VG 22.00
U. S. Air Force Recruiting Service Sounds of Action and Exploration in the U.S. Air Force Aerospace II 411 VG++/VG++ 25.00
University of Florida Dedication '72 New Music Building United Sound 4002 VG++/VG+ (inscribed to "Dean Robert Bolles From Faculty") 25.00
University of San Diego Madrigal Singers (Deborah Guyler, Dir.) One By One, People Come, Sing Together (1973-4) Russ Enloe Mobil Recording REMR-1017 VG+/VG+ (6" ss top) 20.00
University of Southern California The Songs of Troy Trojan Marching Band Club (Red Vinyl) VG++/VG+ 20.00
University of Southern California Songfest 1960 7th Annual S.C. Songfest Songfest 1960 VG+/VG+ 22.00
University of Southern California Chamber Singers Now It Is Christmas Time Alcor ARS 1002 (1973) VG++/VG++ 25.00
Upward Bound Upward Bound Sounds 198 Cal State College Fullerton OCR 1073 VG++/VG++ 22.00
U.S.S. Tarawa (Col. Edward J. Driscoll) The Battle That Was, The Ship That Is (U.S.M.C.) Tarawa 42160 VG++/VG++ 25.00
U.S.T.A. Contest Twirling Album Al.G. Wright Purdue University Band FSR LPS 1267 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Ustinov, Peter The Grand Prix of Gibraltar Riverside RLP 12-833 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Vance, Paul Ma Vie - My Life Scepter 557 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Van Druten, John, et al The Art of Playwriting Spoken Arts 718 VG++/VG+ ( 2 1/2 x 1" c/o upper right corner) 22.00
Van Horne, Randy and His Swinging Choir Clef Dwellers RCA Victor (M) LPM-1751 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Van Palthe, Don "Flying Dutchman" Beethoven To Beatles By Banjo Palthe Records 1000 VG+/VG+ (autographed) 20.00
Van RoZay From San Jose Van RoZay From San Jose Vanity Records GVR-40 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Velkor, Lilith Shame Party Of Nothingness VG++/VG++ (multicolor orange wax) 22.00
Verge, Ronnie R. S. J. (Newport Beach, CA) Introduces Ronnie Verge RSJ 4287 VG++/VG++ (autographed) 22.00
Vernon, Jackie; T. Bosley; M. Mercer; Moritz Sex Is Not Hazardous To Your Health Beverly Hill BH 1133 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Viale, Gene What Color Is God? Checker LPS 10054 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Vinton, Bobby The Bobby Vinton Show ABC 9244 Sealed 22.00
Voices of Lynchburg Voices of Lynchburg Tennessee Squire Association VG++/VG++ 20.00
Voznesensky, Andrei Antiworlds Read By Poet Columbia OL 6590 VG++/VG+ (radio station copy) 22.00
Wackers Hot Wacks Elektra 75025 VG++/VG++ (promo) 22.00
Wagner, Jack Bel Canto Stereophonic Demonstration Record Bel Canto SR/2000 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Wagner, Walt At Sun Valley Topaz 204 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Chuck Wagon and The Wheels Country Swings, Disco Sucks Wagon Tracks Records 7901 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Wagonmasters Knott's Berry Farm Campfire Favorites Omega B-1001 VG++/M- (Autographed) 25.00
Walker, Betty Hello Ceil It's Me!!! Columbia CS 9744 Sealed 20.00
Walker, Jerry Mr. Jerry Walker Album/The Fairy Godmother Rudy Raymoore Limited Comedians COMS 1106 VG++/M- (original shrink) 50.00
Walker, Jimmie Dyn-O-Mite Buddah Records (S) BDS-5635 Sealed 17.00
Wallis, Shani The Girl From "Oliver" Kapp (S) KS-3606 VG+/VG+ (c/o) 20.00 (P)
Walls To Roses Songs of Changing Men Folkways Records FTS 37587 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 25.00
Walter Johnson 1961 Senior Class Record Committee Walter Johnson 1961 VG+ (Plain Cover) 25.00
Ward, Clara & Her Gospel Singers & The Dukes of Dixieland We Gotta Shout! Columbia CL 2042 VG++/VG++ 22.00
WARM Radio River On A Rampage (Wilkes-Barre,PA) WARM Radio 12790 VG++/VG+ 30.00
Warren, Fran Come Rain or Come Shine Venise 10019 (gold vinyl) VG++/VG++ 35.00
Watsonville Band (Gonzalo Viales, Director) Spring Concert 4-14-1978 Watsonville Band 92-67 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Welch, Robert The John Birch Society Presents "More Stately Mansions" JBS-389 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Wesley, Dave And The Levee Loungers The Levee Loungers At The Golden Garter (St. Paul) Audio Fidelity AFLP 1977 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Wester, Al; A. Parseghian; P. Lee The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame Fighting Irish 1975 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Westminster High School (P. Haynes & V. Guder) Band & Chorale 1963 LRS 1263-872 VG+/VG+ (woc) 22.00
Weston, Glenn On Stage (Aboard the "Cunard Princess") Thames Management Limited TML-1056 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Wheatley, Joanne & Hal Kanner It's Fun To Be Married Climax CL 360 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Whitney, Lorin (w/Ralph Platt, whistler) Lorin Whitney Pipe Organ Christian Recordings WP-1403 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Whittington, Dick The Pied Piper Simon Says M-23 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Wilkin, Buck Buck Wilkin United Artists UAS 5541 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Williams, Jill Jill Williams RCA 4314 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Williams Joe Joe Williams Sings Regent RMG 6002 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Williams, John Star Wars/The Empire Strikes Back RPO 4201 White Label promo; gold promo stamp M-/M- 50.00
Williams, Mary Lou Mary Lou Williams Mary Records PSI 32843 VG++/VG++ 40.00
Williams, Pearl You'll Never Remember It, Write It Down Laff -128 Sealed 15.00
Willie And The Bees Out Of The Woods Digital 80 Sound 1041 VG++/VG+ 30.00
Willis, E. & Harry Simeone Chorale It's Alaska Alaska Airlines ALS 0656 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Willow Willow 20th Century T-420 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Wilson, Gini & Margot Jones Gini Music Wizards 1918 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Wilson, Flip The Devil Made Me Buy This Dress Little David (S) LD-1000 VG+/VG++ 12.00
Wilson, Reg & Corinna Manetto 88 Keys And A Girl (Tilly's) United Artists UAS 6692 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Winchell's Donut House Hear the Monsters - Spooky Sounds & A Scary Tale (1976) Evatone Soundsheets-7" 33 1/3 rpm floppy VG++ 17.00
Wind Make Believe Life 2000 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Wind Children The Wind Children Of St. Francis Of Assisi Episcopal Church (San Francisco) BAZ R 916 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Wisconsin State University-River Falls WSU-RF 1968-69 (Yearbook in Sound) Wisconsin State University Sealed 20.00
Wisconsin Singers Show Once In A Lifetime-University of Wis., Madison Audio Limited ALR 7401 VG++/VG++ 25.00
WKNR Keener 13 (Marvin the Keener Bird) Detroit's Greatest Hits-Oldies But Goodies WKNR-13 VG/M- 17.00
WLS (Chicago) Treasure Tunes From The Vault Chess 1474 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Womach, Merrill Happy Again New Life NL 74-1-10 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Wood, Peter Singers & Orchestra The Graduate Ambassador S 98073 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Woodhouse, Barbara Training Dogs The Woodhouse Way BBC 455 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Woodrow Wilson Jr. High School 1962-63 (San Diego) Moments of Music Century Records VG++/VG++ 20.00
Wray, Bill Acetate 11-18-82 Kendun Recordes VG++/VG++ 75.00
Wright, Dale Memorial Concert Choir (Germantown, Ohio) Walter Wright Presents: Lift Every Voice And Sing Artists Records 710111 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Wright, Frank Seattle Slew's Track Record Nyra 122078 (flex disc w/cover) M-/M- 25.00
Wright, Gary (Spooky Tooth) That Was Only Yesterday A & M SP 3528 VG++/VG++ (promo-c/o) 22.00
WSAI Command Performance Post 1360 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Wynemah Wynemah Princess Records FM 76101 VG+/VG+ (autographed) 22.00
Wynners Under The Lion Rock Philips 6380003 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Yale Spizzwinks - 1969 Ain'cha Got No Blue (Autographed) YAL 912 VG+/VG++ 20.00
Young, Donna Jean Live From East McKeesport Epic BN 26266 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Young, Wally Reunion With Wally Young, Family and Friends Reunion Records (San Diego, CA) VG++/VG++ 16.00
Young Americans While We're Young ABC ABCS 586 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Young Tulsans A Band On The Move Vol. II (60's) Custom Sound Sealed 22.00
Yours Forever More RCA LSP 4272 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Youth Jubilee, Inc. (San Diego) We've Come This Far By Faith Fanfare FM 7061 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Z100 Morning Zoo Greatest Hits #1 Arista AL8-8413 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Zing (Mike Fritz) Zing B.I.Z. Productions (1985) Sealed 22.00
Zwerling, Andy Spider In The Night Kama Sutra KSBS 2036 VG++/VG++ (promo) 25.00

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