Title Artist Label Condition (R/C) Price
Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin Sherman; Sherman Disneyland DQ 1291 VG++/VG++ 26.00
Agnes of God Delerue Varese Sarabande (S) STV-812457 Sealed (c/o) 20.00
Alakazam The Great Baxter Vee Jay 6000 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Alamo Tiomkin Columbia (S) CS-8358 Sealed 17.00
Aliens Horner Varese Sarabande (S) STV-81283 VG++/M- 25.00
All-Star Color TV Review Camarata Hollywood LPH 110 Vol. 1 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Amarcord Rota RCA ARL 0907 VG++/VG++ 22.00
American Gigolo Blondie Test Press Keel PD 16259 1/14/80 VG++/VG++ 20.00
American Pop Hendrix, Big Bro., et al MCA (S) 5201 VG++/VG++ 15.00
Amityville Horror Schifrin American Int'l aILP 3003 VG++/VG++ (DJ) 22.00
Arthur 2: On The Rocks Tower of Power, et al A & M (S) SP-3916 Sealed 15.00
Astaire Time Chrysler Corp. 9/28/1960 Chrysler M80P-1003 Sealed (1"seam split on outside seam) 45.00
Atlantic City Legrand DRG (S) DRG-6104 VG++/VG+ 17.00
Awakening Bolling Entr'acte (S) ERS-6520-ST M-/M- 20.00
Baby, The Rain Must Fall Bernstein AVA (S) A-53 (White Label Promo) VG+/VG+ 20.00
Band of the Hand Dylan, Heartbreakers, et al MCA-6167 Sealed (c/o) 12.00
Battlefield Earth L. Ron Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard BP1LP01 VG++/VG++ 35.00
Battlestar Galactica (The Saga) Phillips MCA (S) 3078 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Be Glad for the Song Has No Ending Incredible String Band ILPS 9140 (U.K.) VG+/VG+ 17.00
Best Things In Life Are Free DeSylva Capitol LCT - 6119 (U.K.) VG++/VG++ 25.00
Big Chill, The Marvin Gaye, 3 Dog Night, et al Motown (S) 6062 Sealed 10.00
Big Country Moross United Artists (SE) UA-LA297-G Sealed 16.00
Big Valley (TV) Duning ABC Paramount (S) ABCS 527 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Biribi Theodorankis Par Mouloudji Tuba 33T VG++/VG++ 22.00
Black Hole Barry Buena Vista (S) STER-5008 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 20.00
Black Orpheus Jobim Fontana (SE) SRF-67520 VG++/M- 17.00
Black Stallion Returns Delerue Liberty LO 51144 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Bless The Beasts and Children De Vorzon/Carpenters A & M SP-4322 VG++/VG+ (white label promo) 25.00
Bloody Mama Randi American Int'l (S) STA-1031 M-/M- 15.00
Blue Hadjidakis Dot (S) DLP-25855 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Blue City Ry Cooder Warner Bros. 1-25386 Sealed (c/o) 22.00
Blue Lagoon Poledouris Marlin (S) 2236-X VG+/VG+ 15.00
Bob Crosby Show (TV) Bob Crosby Columbia CL 766 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Bobo Lai Warner Bros. WS-1711 VG++/M- 25.00
Body Rock Ashford & Simpson, Branigan, Flack, et al EMI (S) SO-17140 VG+/VG+ 15.00
Bolshoi Ballet '67 Bolshoi Philharmonic Command (S) S 11035 Sealed 20.00
Bonjour Tristesse Auric RCA Victor (M) LOC-1040 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Born to Dance Porter Classic International Filmusicals (M) CIF-3001 Sealed 15.00
Borrowers (TV) McKuen Stanyan (Q) SRQ-4014 Sealed 50.00
Brideshead Revisited (TV) Burgon Chrysalis (S) CHR-1367 VG+/VG+ 12.00
Bridge Too Far Addison United Artists UA-LA 762-H VG++/VG++ 22.00
Bright Lights, Big City Small Warner Bros. (S) 1-25688 VG++/VG++ 16.00
Brimstone & Treacle Police, Sting A&M (S) SP-3945 M-/VG+ 15.00
Bullet For A Pretty Boy The Source American Int'l (S) STA-1034 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Bundle Of Joy Myrow; Gordon RCA LPM 1399 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Bye Bye Birdie Strouse RCA Victor (S) LSO-1081 Sealed 17.00
Cantar-Cantar Jugando Con Los Pitufos Smurfs Mattel ( Mexican Record & Popup book) VG+/VG++ 20.00
Captain Midnight (Also Jack Armstrong, Buck Rogers, et al) Limited Edition Radiola (M) 1006 (Release 6, Series 1) VG++/VG++ 50.00
Care Bears Movie King Kid Stuff DAR 3901 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 22.00
Caretakers Bernstein Ava (S) AS-31 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 15.00
Carpetbaggers Bernstein Ava(S) AS-45 VG++/VG++ 15.00
Carry It On Baez, Harris Vanguard (S) VSD-79313 VG+/VG+ (c/o) 16.00
Cassandra Crossing Goldsmith Citadel CT 6020 VG++/VG++ 35.00
Chairman, The Goldsmith Tetragrammaton (S) 5007 Partially Sealed 17.00
Chaplin Revue Charlie Chaplin Decca DL 4040 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Charge of The Light Brigade Addison United Artists UAS 5177 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Chariots of Fire Vangelis Polydor (S) PD1-6335 Sealed 15.00
Charlotte's Web Sherman Paramount PAS 1008 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Children of Sanchez Mangione A & M (S) SP-6700 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Cimarron Rose MGM (M) E-3953 VG++/VG+ 20.00
Cincinnati Kid Schifrin MGM (S) SE-4313 VG+/VG+ (c/o) 16.00
Claudine Mayfield Buddah (S) BDS-5602 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Clown and the Kids, The Velona Golden (M) LP-215 VG+/VG++ 15.00
Come Blow Your Horn Riddle Reprise R-9-6071 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 22.00
Composer Conducts Music From...Bernard Herrmann Hermann London (S Phase 4) SPC 21151 Sealed (c/o) 20.00
Concentration Camp Horrors Radiosound Portrait of The Nazi Holocaust Radiola Release No. 110 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Cooley High Various Motown M7-80R2 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Cosa Nostra Story Second City Report (Studio Cast) Smash MGS 27045 VG++/VG++ (promo) 25.00
Country Bear Jamboree Theme Park Attraction Disneyland ST 3994 VG+/VG++ (w/book) 22.00
Court Martial of Billy Mitchell Tiomkin Mark 56 SE 633 Sealed (Studio Cast) 20.00
Cowboy Duning; Mendez Decca (M) DL-8684 VG/VG+ (pink label) 22.00
Cricket On The Hearth (TV) Laws & Bass RCA LSO 1140 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Crossover Dreams Blades, Gonzales, et all Elektra (S) 60470-1 VG+/VG+ (c/o) 16.00
Dancers (w/poster) Donaggio CBS (S) SM-42565 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Dark Of The Sun Loussier MGM SE 4544 VG++/VG++ 25.00
David and Bathsheba/How Green Was My Valley Newman The Sound of Hollywood 4001 M-/VG++ 20.00
Days Of Wilfred Owen Lewine Warner Bros. BS 1635 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Desire Under The Elms Bernstein Dot DLP 3095 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Destination Moon Stevens Omega Disk OML 1003 (Studiotrack) VG++/VG+ 22.00
Diamond Head (Studio Track) Williams Colpix SCP 439 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Dirty Dingus Magee DeVoe MGM (S) SE-4445 M-/M- 15.00
Doctor Who (Picture Disc) Radio Cast BBC (SE) 22002 VG++/VG++ 40.00
Dracula Williams MCA (S) 3166 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Dream of Kings North National General (S) NG 1000 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 25.00
Duel In The Sun & Forever Amber Tiomkin; Raksin Cinema LP 8007 VG++/VG++ 22.00
E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (Audiophile Edition) Jackson MCA (S) 16014 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Earth Girls Are Easy Depeche Mode, et al Sire/Reprise (S) ST4-28385 Sealed (bb hole) 22.00
Echo Park Jimmie Wood & Immortals, et al A & M (S) SP-5119 Sealed 12.00
Eddie And The Cruisers II Cafferty Scotti Bros. 45297 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Eddie Albert Album (Green Acres TV) Various Columbia (M) CL-2599 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Egyptian Newman; Herrmann Decca (SE) DL-79014 Sealed (c/o) 17.00
Emil and The Detectives Slezak Disneyland 1262 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Enemy Mine Jarre Varese Sarabande (S) STV-81271 VG+/VG++ 16.00
Enter Laughing Jones Liberty LOM 17004 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Equus Bennett United Artists UALA839-14 M-/M- 15.00
Essential Oils Of The Mediterranean Hite, Robert (Narrator) A Fritzsche Production, First Ed. to 1,000 copies VG++/VG++ 50.00
European Holiday Thornsby, Lance, Mitch Miller SAS Airlines (M) TV-22216/7 (10" Gatefold) VG+/VG+ 30.00
Experiment In Terror (Mannequin Cover) Mancini RCA (S) LSP 2442 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Fabulous Baker Boys Grusin GRP (S) GR-2002 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Fantasia (Rite of Spring & Toccata & Fugue) Stokowski Disneyland (M) WDL 4101A M-/M- 20.00
Fast Break Shire Motown (S) MT-015-R1 VG+/VG+ (c/o) 17.00
Fatal Beauty Faltemeyer, et al Atlantic 81809 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Fedora Rozsa Varese Sarabande (S) STV-81108 VG++/VG++ 12.00
Fiddler On The Roof (Camarata Conducts) Mike Sammes Singers Vista 4033 VG++/VG++ (w/attached book) 25.00
Final Countdown Scott Casablanca (S) NBLP 7232 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Fine Mess Temptations, Mary Jane Girls, et al Motown (S) 6180 VG+/VG+ (c/o) 16.00
Fire and Ice Various MCA (S) 6206 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Firestarter Tangerine Dream MCA 6131 VG++/VG+ 20.00
Five Summer Stories Honk Granite (S) GR-7720 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Flea In Her Ear Kaper 20th Century-Fox TFS 4200 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Fleet's In Mercer, Schertzinger Hollywood Soundstage (M) HS-405 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Flight Of The Condor (TV) 1982 ABC REB 440 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Flood, The Stravinsky Columbia (S) MS 6357 VG+/VG+ 22.00
For Pete's Sake! Carmichael; Billy Graham Grason BG 6618 VG++/VG++ (7" 33l/3rpm Souvenir Album) 25.00
For The First Time Stoll, et al RCA Victor (M) LM-2338 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Four Girls In Town/Written On The Wind North Varese Sarabande (M) VC 81074 VG++/M- 20.00
Fourth Protocol Schifrin DRG SBL 12591 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Freedom's Finest Hour Ronald Reagan (Narrator) Documentary of the American Revolution Decca DL 4943 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Sondheim United Artists (M) UAL-4144 Sealed 12.00
Fuzzy Pink Nightgown May Imperial (M) LP-9042-W VG++/VG+ 25.00
Game Is Over Bourtayre; Bouchety Atco 33-205 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Games, The Lai Viking Records LPS 105 VG+/VG+ (DJ) 50.00
Garden of the Finzi-Continis DeSica RCA Victor (S) LSP-4712 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Gauntlet Fielding Warner Bros. BSK 3144 Sealed (c/o) 20.00
Geisha By Scharf Jubilee (S) 1096 VG++/VG++ (woc) 50.00
General Electric Theater Ronald Reagan, Spokesman Columbia CL 1395 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Gentle Ben The Good Time People Century City Records CCR 70101 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Giant Tiomkin Capitol (M) W-773 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Give My Regards to Broad Street McCartney, Lennon Columbia (S) SC-39613 VG+/VG+ 15.00
Glass Menagerie (Studio Cast) Bowles Caedmon (M) TRS-M-301 VG+/VG++ 15.00
God's Little Acre Bernstein United Artists UAL 40002 VG++/VG++ 100.00
Golden Seal Barry; Kaproff Compleat CSTR 6001 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Goldilocks (TV) Sherman Evans-Black Carpets/Armstrong (1970) Sealed 25.00
Gone With The Wind Steiner RCA Victor LPM 3227 (10" studio cast) VG++/VG++ 25.00
Goodbye Again (ATV) Cook; Moore Decca LK 4981 (UK) VG++/VG++ 22.00
Good Times Bono Atco (S) SD-33-214 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Goodbye Again Aurie, Langdon United Artists (S) UAS-5091 VG++/VG++ 15.00
Gorillas in the Mist Jarre MCA (S) 6255 VG++/VG++ 16.00
Gorky Park Horner Varese Sarabande STV 81206 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Grasshopper Goldenberg National General (S) NG-1001 Sealed 16.00
Great Muppet Caper (w/fan club insert) Raposo Atlantic (S) SD-16047 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Greyfriars Bobby Sherman Disneyland 1914 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Growing Pains (TV) Dorff & Friends REprise 25735 Sealed (bb hole) 22.00
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? DeVol Colgems (S) COS 108 Sealed 22.00
Gypsy Sondheim, Styne Capitol (S) SRW90000 VG+/VG+ 15.00
Hannibal Brooks Lai United Artists (S) UAS-5196 VG+/VG+ 16,00
Happy Ending Legrand United Artists (S) UAS-5203 VG++/VG+ 17.00
Harrad Experiment Butler Capitol ST 11182 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Harrad Summer Butler Capitol (S) ST-11338 VG+/VG+ (c/o) 17.00
Heartbreak Hotel Delerue et al RCA Victor (S) 8533 1-R VG+/VG+ (c/o) 15.00
Heartbreak Kid Sherman Columbia (S) 32155 Sealed (c/o) 15.00
Hector, The Stowaway Pup Sherman (TV) Disneyland 1921 VG++/M- 35.00
Helen Morgan Story Heindorf RCA (M) LOC-1030 VG+/VG++ 15.00
Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush Traffic, Spencer Davis Group United Artists (S) UAS-5175 VG+/M- 17.00
Hiding Out Boy George, et al Virgin (S) 90661-1 VG+/VG+ 16.00
High Tor (TV) Schwartz & Anderson Brunswick LAT 8154 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Hollywood Hotel Mercer, Whiting EOH (M) 99601 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Hollywood Knights 4 Seasons; Martha & Vandellas Casablanca (S) 7218 VG++/VG+ 20.00
Home Movies Donaggio Varese Sarabande STV 81139 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Home of the Brave (Interview:Promo) Anderson Warner Bros. (S) 134-2 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Hong Kong (Exciting Hong Kong) Newman, et al ABC Paramount ABC 367 (TV) VG+/VG++ 25.00
Horse Soldiers Buttolph United Artists VAS 5034 VG+/VG++ 50.00
Hour Of The Gun Goldsmith United Artists (S) UAS 4166 VG++/VG++ 30.00
How The West Was Won Newman MGM S1E-5 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Howard The Duck Barry MCA 6173 VG++/VG++ (w/poster) 20.00
Howling Donaggio Varese Sarabande (S) STV-81150 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Hunger Rubini, Jaeger Varese Sarabande (S) STV-81184 VG+/VG++ 16.00
Hurricane Rota Elektra (S) EKL 5E-5014 M-/M- 15.00
I Love A Mystery ("The Temple of Vampires") Thorson, Randall Radiola 2MR-6263 VG++/VG++ 25.00
If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium Scharf; Donovan United Artists (S) UAS-5197 M-/M- 20.00
Il Casanova Rota; Fellini A.M. SAG 9075 VG++/VG++ 25.00
In Search of The Castaways Sherman; Sherman Disneyland 3916 VG+/VG+ 25.00
In The Mood Various Atlantic (S) 81788-1 VG+/VG+ (c/o) 17.00
Incredible Journey Allen, Rex narrating Disneyland 1927 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Inspector Clousean Thorne United Artists UAS 5186 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Iron Eagle Queen, et al Capitol SV 12499 (Philippines) VG++/VG++ 20.00
Island in the Sky (With Song of Bernadette) Newman MCA-VIM-71213 (Japan) VG++/VG++ 20.00
Jack Armstrong "The All-American Boy" Wheaties Presents "The All American Boy" vol. 1, (Radio Broadcast) Mark 56 Records VG+/M- 17.00
Jeremy Brooks, Holdridge, Joyce United Artists (S) UA-LA-145-G VG++/VG++ (c/o) 15.00
Jewel In The Crown Fenton Chrysalis (S) FV-41465 VG+/VG+ 16.00
John F. Kennedy (TV Studiotrack) That Was The Week That Was (BBC November 23, 1963) Decca (M) DL-9116 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Josie's Castle Haskell Mascott 51924 VG++/VG++ (w/45 rpm record and M- 45 sleeve) 25.00
Joyride Mann, Haskill, et al Unted Artists (S) UA-LA-784-H Sealed 15.00
Jud Bob Dylan, et al Ampex (S) A-5010 VG+/VG+ 15.00
Juliet of The Spirits Rota Lumiere L1000 VG++/VG++ (France) 22.00
Just Between Friends Williams Warner Bros. (S) 1-25391 VG+/VG+ 10.00
Kaleidoscope Myers Warner Bros. (S) WS-1663 Sealed 20.00
Kazablan Seltzer CBS (S) 70128 VG++/VG++ (UK gatefold) 25.00
Kazablan Seltzer MGM SE-48 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Kentucky Years Henry/Beaver Flatt Community Singers Log Cabin Records 777 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Kent State Lauber RCA Victor (S) ABL1-3928 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Kentuckian (Also Down To The Sea In Ships) Newman,Herrmann Entra'cte (S) /ERS-6506 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Kermit The Frog (TV) The Muppet Musicians Of Bremen Sesame Street CTW 22073 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Key, The Arnold Columbia CL 1185 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Khartoum Cordell United Artists (S) UAS-5140 VG+/M- 15.00
Killing Fields Oldfield, Bedford Virgin (S) V-2328 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Kimberley Jim Jim Reeves RCA Victor (M) LPM-2780 VG+/VG+ (wobc) 20.00
King Kong Barry Reprise MS 2260 VG++/VG++ (w/oster) 22.00
King Kong (Studiotrack) Steiner Entr'acte (S) ERS-6504 VG+/VG+ 16.00
King Of Comedy Milchan Warner Bros. 23765 VG++/VG++ 22.00
King's Story Slaney (w/Orson Welles) DRG (S) SL-5185 M-/M- 20.00
Kings Go forth Bernstein; Norvo Capitol (M) W-1063 VG++/VG++ (toc/ss top) 50.00
Kiss of the Spider Woman Badarou Island Records 90475-1E VG++/VG++ (c/o) 15.00
Kramer Vs. Kramer (Baroque Suite) Vivaldi, Purcell Columbia (S) 35873 VG++/VG+ 17.00
La Cage Aux Folles Morricone Cerberus (S) 0102 VG++/VG++ 15.00
La Cage Aux Folles II Morricone Cerberus (S) CEMS-0107 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Ladyhawke Powell Atlantic (S) 81248-1 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Lassiter Thornnnne Varese Sarabande (S) STV-81208 VG+/VG++ 15.00
Last Days Of Disco Bridges; Hutcheson Work 78935 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Last Of The Ski Bums Sandals (J. Blakeley, et al) World Pacific WPS-21 884 (orange cover) VG+/VG+ 22.00
Last Starfighter Safan Southern Cross SCRS 1007 VG++/VG+ 20.00
Last Summer Simon Warner Bros. WS 1791 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Leadbelly Ledbetter ABC ABDP 939 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Learning Tree Gordon Parks Warner Bros. (S) WS- 1812 (Promo) VG+/VG+ 16.00
Leopard, The Rota 20th Century Fox (S) SXG-5015 M-/M- 25.00
Lianna Darling Darling Records DR 1003 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Life Force Mancini Varese Sarabande STV 81249 M-/VG++ 25.00
Lipstick Poinareff Atlantic (S) SD-18178 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Little Shop of Horrors Menken Geffen (S) GHS-24125 VG+/+VG++ 22.00
Live For Life Lai United Artists (S) UAS-5165 VG+/VG+ 15.00
Living Free Kaplan RCA LSO 1172 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Long Duel Scott; Black Atco (S) SD 33-228 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Long Hot Summer North Roulette R 25026 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Look At Monaco Faith Columbia (M) CL 2019 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Lord Love A Duck Hefti United Artists (S) 5137 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Lost Boys INXS, Eddie & Tide, et al Atlantic (S) 81767-1 VG++/VG++ 16.00
Lost Weekend (TV) Rene RCA Victor 47-6027 (45 rpm w/picture sleeve) VG+/VG+ 20.00
Love At First Bite Bernstein, et al Parachute (S) RRLP-9016 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Love Is A Funny Thing Lail United Artists (S) UAS-5207 Sealed 16.00
Love Me Or Leave Me Rodgers, Hart Columbia (M) CL-710 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Loves of Isadora Jarre Kapp (S) KRS-5511 VG+/VG+ (c/o) 17.00
Mad Max-Beyond Thunderdome Jarre Capitol (S) SWAV-12429 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Madron Ortolani Quad Records QUS 5001 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Magic of Lassie Sherman Peter Pan (M) 155 Sealed 15.00
Man and a Woman English Language Version United Artists (S) UAS-5184 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Man And A Woman:20 Years Later Lai Finnadar 90562-1 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 22.00
Man From Snowy River Rowland Varese Saravande (S) STV-81167 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Marjoe Gortner Warner Bros. (S) BS-2667 VG++/VG+ (c/o) 16.00
Marry Me! Marry Me Stern, et al RCA LSO 1160 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Mary Poppins (En Francais) Sherman Vista Ster-3335 Sealed 25.00
Maya Ortolani MGM (S) SE-4376 Sealed (c/o) 17.00
Me, Natalie Mancini Columbia (S) OS-3350 VG+/VG+ 15.00
Medicine Ball Caravan Alice Cooper; B.B. King, et al Warner Bros. BS 2565 VG++/VG+ (White Label Promo) 20.00
Mikado (TV) Gilbert; Sullivan Columbia (M) OL-5480 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Mistral's Daughter (TV) Cosma Carrere (S) SZ-39902 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Misunderstood Hoppe, Franzetti Polydor (S) 821-238 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Modern Times Charlie Chaplin United Artists (M) UAL 4049 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Monsignor Williams Casablanca (S) 7277 VG++/VG++ 15.00
Moon in the Gutter Yared DRG (S) SL-9516 VG++/VG+ 16.00
Mountbatten:The Last Viceroy (TV) Scott Varese Sarabande (S) STV-81273 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Mr. Ed The Talking Horse (TV) Colpix CP 209 VG++/VG++ 100.00
Mrs. Soffel Isham Windham Hill Records WH-1041 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Muppet Show 2 (TV) Henson; Muppets Arista (S) 4192 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Music From Shubert Alley (TV) Various (November 13, 1959, NBC TV Show) Sinclair (S) OSS-2250 VG+/VG+ 20.00
My Name Is Nobody Morricone Cereberus CEM-5 0101 VG++/VG++ 22.00
My Turn On Earth de Azevedo Embryo ER 2003 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Never On Sunday Hadjidakis Barclay 80117 VG++/VG++ (10" France) 25.00
New York Stories Band, Dylan, Procol Harum, et al Elektra (S) 60857-1 VG++/VG++ 15.00
Nicholas NIckleby (TV) Oliver DRG SBL 12583 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Night They Raided Minsky's Adams, Stroupe Philips (S) PHS 600-293 VG+/VG+ 15.00
Nikki, Wild Dog Of The North Smith Disneyland ST 1913 VG++/VG++ 25.00
No Go Live @ Bogside Inn, Free Derry Island SMAS 9333 VG++/VG+ (c/o) 25.00
No Mercy Silvestri TVT 3002 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Of Thee I Sing (TV) Gershwin Columbia (S) S-31763 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Oklahoma Crude Mancini RCA Victor (S) APL1-0271 VG+/VG+ (c/o) 15.00
Olaf Wieghorst Painter Of The American West Capps OW-1 Sealed 25.00
Olympus 7-0000 (TV) Adler Command (M) CS-33-07 VG++/VG+ 20.00
On Her Bed Of Roses Green Mira LPS 3006 VG++/VG++ 22.00
On Her Majesty's Secret Service Barry United Artists (S) UAS-5204 VG++/VG+ (c/o) 17.00
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Nitzsche Fantasy F 9500 VG++/VG++ (w/poster) 22.00
One From the Heart Waits Columbia (S) FC-37703 VG+/VG++ 20.00
Opera Sauvage Vangelis Polydor VAN-04-US VG++/VG++ 20.00
Outer Space Suite (For Winds and Percussion-TV) Herrmann Cerbrus CST 02081 M-/VG++ 25.00
9-30-55 Rosenman, et al MCA (S) 2313 Sealed (c/o) 15.00
Pagliacci Leoncavallo Philips (S) 411 484-1 (Netherlands) VG++/VG++ 17.00
Paint Your Wagon Lerner, Loewe, Previn MCA (S) 37099 Sealed 15.00
Paris Blues Ellington United Artists UAS 5092 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Paris Was Made For Lovers Legrand Ala (S) 1981 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 20.00
Pascali's Island Dikker Virgin Movie Music (S) 90976-1 Sealed (c/o) 15.00
Passage to India Jarre Capitol (EMI) SV12389 M-/M- 15.00
Peach Thief Pirankov Roulette (M) OS-804 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Peggy Sue Got Married Barry, et al Varese Sarabande STV 81295 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Penelope Williams, et al MGM SE 4426 VG++/VG++ (bb) 22.00
Pepe Green Colpix CP507 VG+/VG+ 15.00
Perks Of Being A Wallflower New Order, The Smiths, et al Chop Shop Records M-/M- (green wax) 30.00
Pete Kelly At Home (Studiotrack) Jack Webb RCA Victor (M) LPM-1413 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Piano Bar Fremont & Willens Original Cast 7812 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Piaf Laffont EMI Electrola C062-15308 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Piece Of The Action Mayfield Custom CU 5019 VG++/VG++ (promo) 22.00
Pink Cadillac Hank Williams, Jr., Sr., et al Warner Bros. (S) 1-25922 VG++/VG++ 15.00
Pinocchio Picture Disc Disneyland 3102 Sealed 15.00
Pin Up Girl/Song of the Islands Original Production Caliban 6009a VG++/VG++ 20.00
Portrait of A Splendid American (A Documentary Tribute to Dr. Tom Dooley) Radio Cast (1961) Columbia ML 5709 VG+/VG+ (disc discolored) 22.00
Pretty Boy Floyd Sandord Audio Fidelity AFSD 5936 VG+/VG++ (c/o) 25.00
Prince And The Pauper (Studio Cast) Twain Disneyland ST 1912 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Prince Valiant Jackson Beck (Narrator) Leo CH-1047 VG++/M- (c/o) 25.00
Privilege Leander, London, et al Uni (S) 73005 Sealed 20.00
Proudly They Came Various (Bob Hope, Kate Smith) Landmark (S) PR-LP-101 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Purple Rose Of Cairo Hyman MCA 6139 VG+/VG+ (c/o) 20.00
Quest For Fire Sarde RCA ABLI-4274 VG++/VG+ (c/o) 22.00
Radio Days Tommy Dorsey et al Novus/RCA 3917-1 Sealed 20.00
Raggedy Ann and Andy Raposo Columbia 34686 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Rampage Morricone Virgin Movie Music (S) 90644-1 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 15.00
Rat Race Bernstein Dot (S) DLP 25306 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Really Rosie (TV) King Ode SP 77027 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Red Mantle Fredericks RCA Victor (S) LSP-4815 VG++/VG+ (c/o) 15.00
Red Tent Morricone Paramount (S) PAS-6019 (White Label Promo VG+/VG++ 20.00
Reds Sondheim Columbia (S) BJS 37690 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Restless Ones Carmichael; Crawford Supreme MS 210 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Return To Oz Shire Sonic Atmosphere 113 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Return To Waterloo Davies Arista AL6-8386 VG++/VG++ 17.00
River, The Williams MCA (S) MCA-6138 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Rooftops Etta James, et al Capitol (S) C1-91736 VG++/VG++ 15.00
Rose Tattoo North Columbia CL 727 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Round Midnight Herbie Hancock Columbia (S) SC-40464 M-/VG++ 20.00
Ruling Class Cameron, et al Avco Embassy (S) AV-11003 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 20.00
Sand Pebbles Goldsmith 20th Century-Fox (S) S-4189 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Satchmo the Great (TV) Bernstein Columbia (M) CL-1077 VG+/VG+ 15.00
Save The Children Jackson 5, Quincy Jones, Curtis Mayfield, et al Motown (S) 800-R2 (2 LP Set w/poster) VG++/VG+ 15.00
Say One For Me Van Heusen; Cahn Columbia (M) CL-1337 VG++/VG+ 17.00
Scandalous John McKuen Buena Vista Ster-5004 Sealed 25.00
Scarlet Street Salter Medallion (M) ML 303 Sealed 20.00
Scorpio Fielding Elmer Bernstein Film Music Collection (S) FMC 11 Sealed 30.00
Secret of My Success Night Ranger, Pat Benatar, et al MCA (S) 6205 Sealed (c/o) 16.00
Secrets of Life Smith Disneyland WDL 4006 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Seven Alone Ragland Seval (S) 101 VG++/M- 50.00
Seven Hills of Rome Young, Adamson, et al RCA Victor (M) LM-2211 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Seven Per-Cent Solution Addison CT-JA 1 M-/M- 25.00
Shalako Farmon, et al Phillips PHS 600-286 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Shape of the Land Aaberg-Hedges-Ackerman Windham Hill WH 1055 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Sherlock Holmes Rathbone; Bruce Murray Hill (M) 55358 (3 disc set) VG++/VG++ 22.00
She's Having A Baby Various I.R.S. (S) 6211 VG++/VG+ 17.00
Ship of Fools Gold RCA (M) LM-2817 VG+/VG++ 20.00
Shoes of the Fisherman North MGM (S) S1E-15 Sealed 17.00
Silmarillion (Studio Cast) Tolkien Caedmon TC 1564 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Sincerely Yours Liberace, et al Columbia (M) CL-800 M-/M- 25.00
67 Melody Lane (TV) Griffin Columbia (M) CL-724 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Slaves of New York Robbins Virgin Movie Music (S) 7-91229-1 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 12.00
Slow Dancing In The Big City Conti United Artists UA 939 Sealed (c/o) 20.00
Slugger's Wife, The Jones MCA (S) 5578 Sealed 15.00
Small One (Happy Prince) Hermann & Young Disneyland Story-Teller 3820 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Solomon and Sheba Nascimbene UAL 4051 VG++/VG++ (silk cover) 25.00
Something For The Boys (Original 1944 radio cast) Porter Soundstage 2305 (colored vinyl) VG++/VG++ 25.00
Sometimes The Runner Stumbles Stitt/Gold 20th Century Fox/Simon Film Prod. Sealed 25.00
Son of Dracula (w/iron-on transfer) Nilsson, et al Rapple/RCA Victor (S) AB1-0220 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Songs By Kukla, Fran and Ollie (studio cast) Burr Tillstrom's Kukla Fran w/Fran Allison RCA Camden CAS 2582 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Sorcerer Tangerine Dream MCA (S) 2277 VG++/M- (c/o) 17.00
Soul Man Chong, Sly Stone, et al A & M (S) SP-3903 VG++/VG++ 16.00
Sound and the Fury North Decca (S) DL-78885 VG++/VG++ 30.00
Sound and the Fury North MCA Records VIM- 7209 (Japan) VG++/VG++ 20.00
Sorry, Wrong Number (b/w Leinengen Vs. the Ants) Moorehead Radiola (M) Numbered Edition of 1,000 VG++/VG+ 50.00
Sound of Music (Studiotrack) Camarata; Mary Martin Disneyland (S) ST-3936 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Sound of Music (Studiotrack) Cano Reprise (M) R-6145 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Space 1999 (TV) Gray Peter Pan 8162 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Spanish Affair Amfitheatrof Dot DLP 3078 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Spider Man (TV) Spidey Super Stories Peter Pan 8189 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Sporting Club Small Buddah BDS 95002 VG++/VG++ (DJ stamp on back) 25.00
Spy Who Loved Me Hamlisch United Artists (S) UA-LA774-H Sealed 16.00
Square Root of Zero Kaplan Mainstream 56070 Sealed 20.00
Stagecoach Goldsmith Mainstream S 6077 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Star Trek - Inside Star Trek Roddenberry Columbia PC 34279 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Star Trek - The Motion Picture Goldsmith Columbia (S) JS-36334 (w/bonus photo) VG+/VG++ 20.00
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Horner Atlantic (S) SD 19363 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Star Trek III: The Search For Spock Horner Capitol (S) ST-12360 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Sting II, The Schifrin MCA (S) 6116 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 15.00
Stop The World, I Want To Get Off Newley, Bricusse Warner Bros. (S) BS-1642 Sealed 15.00
Story of Big Red Sherman; Sherman Disneyland ST-1916 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Streetcar Named Desire North Capitol L 289 (10" lp) VG++/VG++ 25.00
Stunt Man Frontiere 20th Century-Fox T-626 VG++/M- 25.00
Sunset Boulevard (Radio Performance) Holden, Swanson Sandpiper Records LP-2 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Sunshine (TV Soundtrack) John Denver, et al MCA (S) 387 VG+/VG++ 15.00
Swashbuckler, The Addison MCA (S) 2096 Sealed 15.00
Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song Melvin Van Peebles Stax STS 3001 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Sword In The Stone Sherman; Sherman Disneyland ST 4901 VG++/VG++ (pop-up) 50.00
Sylvester Los Lobos, Gail Davies MCA/Curb (S) 39026 Sealed 12.00
T.R. Baskin Elliott; Jackson Paramount PAS 6018 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 22.00
Take Me Out To The Ball Game Edens, Comden Curtain Calls (M) CC-100/18 VG+/VG++ 16.00
Tales of Hoffmann Offenbach London A 4302 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 30.00
Tarzan And The Eyes Of The Lion Ely MGM LES 902 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 22.00
Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake Lanchbery Angel SB 3706 VG++/VG++ (2 lp box set) 25.00
Teen Wolf Too Goldenberg, Elfman et al Curb (S) /crb-10400 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Terrytoons Cartoon Time-A Junior Original Cast album (TV) TV Cast 1960 RCA Camden CAL 1031 VG++/VG++ 22.00
That Night in Rio (W/Weekend in Havana) Warren, Gordon Curtain Calls (M) CC 100/14 Sealed 15.00
They Call It An Accident U2, Steve Winwood, Marianne Faithfull, et al Island Records ILPS 9757 Sealed 12.00
They Shoot Horses, Don't They? Green, et al ABC (S) ABCS-OC-10 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Third World, Prisoner In The Street Third World Island 9616 VG++/VG++ 22.00
36 Hours Tiomkin VeeJay VJLP 113 VG++/VG++ 22.00
This Is Cinerama Steiner, et al Peter Pan (SE) 152 VG+/VG++ 25.00
This Is The Army Berlin Sandy Hook S.H. 2035 VG++/VG++ 20.00
This Is Your Life (TV) Dexter Imperial LP 9051 VG++/VG+ 50.00
Thousand Miles Of Mountains Richards Northern Pacific Railway KB 4368 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Thousands Cheer Various Hollywood Soundstage HS 409 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Tick...Tick...Tick Curb MGM (S) SE-4667 VG+/VG++ (c/o) 17.00
Time After Time Rozsa Entr'Acte (S) ERS-6517 VG++/VG++ 15.00
Time Machine Garcia Crescendo GNPS 8008 VG++/VG++ 25.00
To Kill A Mockingbird Bernstein AVA AS20 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Tokyo Olympiad (1966) Mayuzumi Monument (M )MLP-8046 Sealed 20.00
Tom Sawyer Sherman and Sherman United Artists (S) UA-LA057-F Sealed (c/o) 17.00
Torn Curtain Herrmann Decca (M) DL 9155 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Touch of Class Cameron, Barrie, Cahn, et al Brut (S) 6004 Sealed 17.00
Treasure Island (TV) Hanna Barbera HBR HLP 2039 VG++/VG++ 50.00
Treasure Island McKennon Disneyland 3997 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Trial of Billy Jack Bernstein, Lennon, McCartney ABC (S) ABCD-853 Sealed 15.00
Tribute to James Dean Music From Rebel Without a Cause; East of Eden; Giant Imperial (M) LP-9021 M-/VG++ 25.00
Trouble In Tahiti (TV) Bernstein MGM (M) E 3646 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Tuff Turf Elias, et al Rhino RNSP 308 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Turning Point, The Lanchberry 20th Century-Fox (S) T-549 Sealed 10.00
25th Hour Delerue MGM (S) SE-4464 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 12.00
Twilight of Honor Green, et al MGM (S) SE-4185 VG+/VG++ 15.00
Two Girls and a Sailor Cugat Sound Stage Recordings 2307 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Two of a Kind Patti Austin, Chicago, Boz Scaggs, et al MCA (S) 6127 Sealed (c/o) 15.00
2001 A Space Odyssey Kubrick MGM S1E-13-ST Sealed 25.00
2010 Shire A & M (S) SP-5038 VG++/VG+ 17.00
Two Tickets To Paris Joey Dee & Starliters, et al Roulette (M) R-25182 VG+/VG+ (wobc) 17.00
Ugly Dachshund Sherman Disneyland DQ 1290 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Up In Arms Kaye; Shore Sountrak STK 1131 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Vagabond King (Studio Cast) Frimi; Hooker RCA Victor (M) LM-2004 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Valentino Black, Grofe United Artists (S) UA-LA810-H VG+/VG+ 16.00
Van Johns Warner Bros. BS 3063 VG++/VG++ (promo) 22.00
Velveteen Rabbit Streep Dancing Cat (S) DC-3007 VG++/VG++ 15.00
Veronika Voss Raben DRG 9508 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Victor/Victoria Mancini MGM (S) MG-1-5407 VG++/VG+ 17.00
Voyage Of The Damned Schfrin Entr'acte ERS 6508 VG++/VG++ 22.00
W. C. Fields and Me Mancini MCA (S) 2092 VG++/VG++ (no clipped corners) 20.00
Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Club 27 New Songs From The Mickey Mouse T.V. Club Official Mickey Mouse Club MM-14 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Wanderers 4 Seasons, et al Warner Bros. BSK 3359 VG++/VG++ 20.00
War Lord Moross, Salter Decca (S) DL-79149 VG++/VG+ 20.00
Waterhole #3 Grusin, Wells Smash (S) SRS-67096 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Watership Down Morley, Williamson Columbia (S) JS-35707 VG+/VG++ 15.00
Welcome To The Ponderosa Greene RCA (S) LSP-2843 VG++/M- 22.00
West Point Story/My Dream Is Yours Original Production Titania 501 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Western Saga (TV) Herrmann Cerberus Records CST 1983 M-/VG++ 25.00
What Am I Bid? Nash; Van Dyke et al MGM (S) E-4506 VG++/VG++ (special DJ) 22.00
What Do You Say To A Naked Lady? Karmen United Artists (S) UAS-5206 Sealed (c/o) 17.00
When The Boys Meet the Girls Connie Francis, Harve Presnell, Louis Armstrong MGM (M) E-4334 Sealed (c/o) 15.00
Where's Jack? Bernstein Paramount PAS 5005 VG++/VG++ 22.00
White Rock-Innsbruck Winter Games (TV) Wakeman A & M (S) SP-4614 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Taylor, Burton et al Warner Bros. (S) BS-1656 Sealed 17.00
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? North/Burke Warner Bros. (M) 2B-1657 VG+/VG+ (2 disc, complete film) 20.00
Wild Is The Wind Tiomkin Columbia CL 1090 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Witches of Eastwick Williams Warner Bros. (S) 1-25607 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Witness Jarre Varese Sarabande (S) STV-81237 Sealed 12.00
World Is Full Of Married Men Various Artists Ronco RTD 2038 VG++/VG++ (As seen on T.V.) 22.00
World's Greatest Lover Morris, Nilsson RCA Victor (S) ABL-2709 Sealed 15.00
X Minus One Radiola Numbered Series (291/1,000) Radiola VG++/VG++ 50.00
Years of Lightning, Day of Drums Herschenson Capitol (M) T-2486 Sealed 12.00
Yol Argol Milan (S) A 120-CH002 M-/M- 15.00
Young and the Restless (TV) McGinnis, et al P.I.P. 6812 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Young Winston Ralston Angel (S) SFO-36901 VG++/VG+ (c/o) 15.00
You're A Big Boy Now Sebastian Kama Sutra (S) KLPS-8058 Sealed 12.00
Ziegfeld Girl Various Classic International Fillmusicals (M) CIF-3006 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Zulu Barry United Artists UAS 5116 VG++/VG++ 25.00
A-5,6,7,8 Stanloch, Scantin Spotlight (S) 22 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Absent-Minded Dragon Absent-Minded Dragon Simon Says (M) M-25 VG++/VG++ 20.00
After the Ball (Original London Cast) Coward AMR (M) 301 VG++/VG++ 30.00
After the Fall Anram Mercury (S) OCS-4-620 VG+/VG+ 15.00
ALADD Adler; Price Bag-A-Tale BAT 1000 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Allegro Rodgers & Hammerstein RCA (S) LSO-1099(e) VG++/VG++ 15.00
Amahl And The Night Visitors Schippers RCA VIC 1512 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Anne of Green Gables (London Cast) Campbell, Harron CBS (S) 70053 (UK) VG++/VG++ 25.00
Aspects of Love (London Cast) Webber Polydor (S) 422 841 126-1 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Ballad of Fanny Hill Original Musical Monodrama Fax (S) FALP-5201 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Barbara Cook at Carnegie Hall Harper Columbia (S) M-33438 Sealed 16.00
Bar Mitzvah Boy (London Cast) Styne, Black CBS (S) 70162 (U.K.) M-/M- 20.00
Barnum Coleman, Stewart Columbia (S) JS-36576 Sealed 13.00
Bashville (London Cast) King That's Entertainment (S) TER 1072 VG++/VG+ 20.00
Beatlemania Lennon; McCartney; Harrison Arista (S) AL-8501 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Ben Bagley's Frank Loesser Revisited Studio Cast Painted Smiles Recrds PS 1359 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Berlin To Broadway With Kurt Weill Weill Paramount (S) PAS-4000 Sealed (c/o) 17.00
Best Foot Forward Martin, Blane Stet DS15003 Sealed 15.00
Betty Blokk Buster Follies Livermore Festival L-45,643 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Beyond The Fringe 1964-Volume 2 Moore Capitol (M) W-2072 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Big River Miller MCA (S) MCA-6147 Sealed 16.00
Biograph Girl Heneker That's Entertainment (S) TER-1003 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Billy Barnes' L.A. Billy Barnes BB Records 1001 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Bitter Sweet Coward Odeon 273 VG+/VG++ (U.K.) 22.00
Black Nativity Various VeeJay (M) VJ-8503 Sealed 20.00
Blitz! (Original London Cast) Bart AEI (S) AEI-1117 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Blondel (London Cast) Rice; Oliver MCA (S) DBL 1/MAPS 11504 M-/M- (w/Libretto) 22.00
Bottom's Up '71 Wall & Peterson W.P. 3650 VG++/VG+ (autograph) 22.00
Boy Friend Wilson; Carne Decca DL 79177 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Boy Meets Boy Solly JO R & P (S) JO-13 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Boys From Syracuse (London Cast) Rodgers, Hart Stet (S) 15016 Sealed 15.00
Brecht On Brecht Tabori Columbia 026-278 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Bring Back Birdie Strouse, Adams Original Cast (S) OC-8132 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Brownies Martha Coe;J H. Ewings;A. White Simon Says M-26 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Buccaneer (British Musical) Wilson AEI 1114 VG++/VG++ 20.00
By George Adrian; Vosey Angel 3721 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Cabaret Kander, Ebb Columbia (S) KOS-3040 (w/Tony Awards Sticker) VG+/M- 16.00
Card Hatch & Trent (UK) Pye N SPL 18408 VG++/VG+ 20.00
Carmelina Lane, Lerner Original Cast (S) )C-8019 VG++/VG++ 30.00
Carmilla: A Vampire Tale Johnston; Leach Vanguard VSD 79322 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Carousel (Studio Trackw/Barbara Cook) Gemignani MCA (S) 6209 Sealed 17.00
Catch My Soul Ritchie Havens, et al Polydor 2383-035 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Charley's Aunt Bolger ECNAD 216 Non Profit in the Interest of a Clelan Stage & Screen VG++/M- 25.00
Charlie Girl Heneker; Taylor First Night (S) CAST 3 (London Revival Cast) M-/M- 20.00
Charlotte Sweet Beckerman; Eldredge John Hammond (S) W2X-38680 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Christy Blank; Spiro Original Cast (S) OC-7913 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Chrysanthemum Stewart AEI (S) AEI-1108 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Cindy-Ella Granier Stet (S) DS-15023 M-/VG+ 17.00
Committee Milburn; Riordan Reprise F2023 VG++/VG+ (c/o) 17.00
Connection Payne; Drew Charlie Parker Records PLP 806 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Consul Menotti Decca Gold Label DX 101 VG+/VG+ (2 discs & book) 25.00
Countess Cathleen Yeats Tradition Records TLP 501 VG+/VCG+ 17.00
Cradle Will Rock Blitzstein MGM (S) SE-4289-2 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Darling of the Day Styne; Harburg RCA Victor LSO-1149 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Death of a Salesman (Lee J. Cobb 3 lp set with script) North Caedmon TRS-310 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Demi Dozen Monk Offbeat (M) O-4015 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Divorce Me Darling! (London Cast) Wilson Stet (S) DS-15009 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up? Quinn; Jans Columbia Special Products (S) P-18852 M-/M- 20.00
Doctor Selavy's Magic Theatre Henry; Silverman United Artists UA LA 196G VG++/VG+ 20.00
Doll's Life Grossman Original Cast OC 8241 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Don Juan In Hell Shaw Columbia OSL 166 Sealed 22.00
Don't Bother Me, I Can't Cope Grant Polydor (S) PD-6013 VG++/M- 16.00
Don't Play Us Cheap Van Peebles Stax STS2-3006 VG++/VG++ (w/book; c/o) 25.00
Doonesbury Swados; Trudeau MCA (S) 6129 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Downriver Braden Take Home Tunes (S) THT-7811 M-/M- 20.00
Drunkard, The Forrest Cold Melodrama/Audio Drama 3075 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Duel Wilson Original Cast (S) OC-7917 M-/M- 20.00
18 Interesting Songs From Unfortunate Musicals Studio Cast Take Home Tunes (S) THT-777 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Elizabeth The Great Mary Morris Decca DL 9161 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Establishment Cook Riverside RM 250 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Evening With Richard Nixon Gore Vidal ODE SP 77015 VG++/VG++ 30.00
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About The Godfther* Lauer Columbia (S) KC-31608 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Expresso Bongo Various AEI (S) AE1-1110 (London Cast) VG++/VG+ 20.00
Eye In Each Head Adams Harlequin Records HR 1-001 VG++/VG++ 50.00
Festival Downs; Martin Original Cast (S) OC-7916 M-/M- 20.00
Fiddler On The Roof (Studio Cast 1968) Harnick London (S) SP-44121 VG++/VG++ 15.00
Finian's Rainbow (Studio Cast) Lane; Harburg Reprise (M) F-2015 VG++/VG+ (c/o) 17.00
First Nine Months Are The Hardest! Weinrib & Jameson Capitol T-2034 VG++/VG++ 20.00
First Nudie Musical Kimmel Varese Sarabande (S) VC-81028 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Fly With Me (Columbia University Production 1980) Rodgers, Hart, Hammerstein Original Cast (S) OC-8023 Sealed 19.00
For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf Wharton (vocal); Ntozake Shange(poetry) Buddah BDS 95007 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Forbidden Broadway Alessandrini DRG (S) SBL-12585 VG+/VG++ 16.00
Four Saints In Three Acts Thomson; Stein RCA LM 2756 VG++/VG++ 22.00
From The Second City Mathieu Mercury OCM 2201 VG+/VG++ (Vol. 1) 25.00
Games of XXI Olympiad, Montreal Mathieu Polydor 2 424124 (Canada) Sealed 22.00
Gay Life, The Schwartz; Dietz Capitol (S) SWAO-1560 VG++/VG++ 15.00
Gertrude Stein Pat Carroll Caedmon TRS 367 VG++/VG+ (2 lp set) 22.00
Gigi Loewe (Original London Cast) Safari GIG 1-1 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Give "Em Hell, Harry! Shitmore United Artists (S) UA-LA540-H2 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Glass Menagerie Bowles Caedmon TRS-M 301 VG++/VG++ (2 disc box set w/insert) 25.00
God Said (Studio Cast) God Epic (M) 5LN-3534 VG+/VG+ 15.00
Godspell (Australian Cast) Schwartz Lewis Young Prod. SFL 934486 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Golden Boy (w/souvenir book) Strouse, Adams Capitol (M) VAS-2124 VG++/M- 20.00
Goodbye Mr. Chips (London Cast) Bricusse That's Entertainment (S) TER-1025 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Good Evening Cook; Moore Island ILPS 9298 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Good News Henderson, et al SA 101-4 (#141 of Limited Edition of 1,000) VG++/VG++ 50.00
Goodtime Charley Hackadyd, Grossman RCA Victor (S) ARL1-1011 VG++/VG++ 15.00
Gospel at Colonus Tilson, Breuer Elektra/Nonesuch (S) 97919-1 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Grab Me A Gondola (London Cast) Gilbert AEI 1119 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Grass Harp Elmslie, Richardson Painted Smiles (S) PS-1354 VG+/VG++ 20.00
Grease Jacobs, et al MGM 1SE-34 Sealed (c/o) 17.00
Great White Hope Gross Tetragrammaton (S) TDL-5200 VG++/VG++ 15.00
Greenwich Village, U.S.A. Barry, et al 20th Century-Fox (S) TCF 105-2S VG+/VG+ 25.00
Grind Grossman, Fitshugh That's Entertainment (S) TER-1103 VG+/VG++ 16.00
Guys and Dolls Loesser Harmony HS 11374 VG++/VG++ (Studio Cast) 20.00
Hair (HAARE-Germany) Galt Dermot, et al Polydor 249266 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Hair Original London Cast (Vol.l) Atco (S) SD-7002 VG++/VG+ 15.00
Hair (American Tribal) N. Y. Shakespeare Theatre RCA Special Products PRS 319 Sealed 20.00
Hand Is On The Gate Bibb, Browne, Tyson Verve (S) FVS-9040-2 VG+/VG+ 19.00
Hans Andersen (London Cast) Loesser PYE (S) 18551 M-/M- 30.00
Happy Time Kander, Ebb RCA Victor (S) LSO-1144 VG+/VG++ 20.00
Hazel Flagg Styne RCA Victor (M) CBM1-2207 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Hear! Hear! Waring, et al Decca (M) DL-9031 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Hedda Gabler Ibsen Caedmon TRS 322 VG++/VG+ (3 discs w/book) 25.00
Hell Can Be Heaven (London Cas) Hereward That's Entertainment (S) TER 1068 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Hello Dolly! (Original London Cast) Herman RCA Victor (S) LSOD-2007 VG++/VG++ 15.00
Hello, Solly! Hausman Capitol (S) SW 2731 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Henry, Sweet Henry Merrill ABC (S) SOC-4 VG+/VG++ 20.00
High Button Shoes Styne, Cahn Camden (M) CAL-457 VG++/M- 15.00
Hooray For Daisy! Slade; Reynolds AEI 1118 (London Cast) VG++/VG+ 20.00
How To Steal An Election (A Dirty Politics Musical) Brand RCA Victor (S) LSO-1153 VG+/VG+ 22.00
I Can Get It For You Wholesale Rome Columbia KOS2180 M-/VG++ 18.00
I Remember Mama Rodgers, et al TER 1102 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Importance of Being Oscar Edwards-MacLiammoir Dublin-Gate Theater Prod. Columbia OL 5690 VG++/VG+ (c/o) 35.00
In Circles Carmines; Stein Avant Garde (S) AV 108 VG++/M- 25.00
In White America Brand Columbia KOL 6030 Disc Sealed/VG+ 20.00
Inner City Miller; Merriman RCa LSO 1171 Sealed 20.00
Ipi-Tombi Egnos; Lakler Ashtree 26000 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Jerome Robbins' Broadway (w/book) Robbins RCA Victor (S) 60150-1-RC VG++/VG++ 25.00
Jesus Christ Superstar (French) Rice; Lloyd Webber Phillips 6325 007 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Jesus Christ Superstar Rice; Lloyd Webber Decca DD 3402/2 VG++/VG++ (2 disc box set; w/book; lyrics in German) 25.00
Jewish American Princess (studiotrack) Booker; Foster Bell 6063 VG++/VG++ 22.00
John Brown's Body Schumann Columbia OSL 181 VG++/VG++ (2 disc boxed set) 25.00
John, Paul, George, Ringo and Bert (London Cast) Russell RSO 2394-141 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Johnny Johnson Weill; Green Polydor (SE) 831384 M-/VG++ 20.00
Joy Brown, et al RCA Victor (S) LSO-1166 Sealed 17.00
Joyful Noise Brand, Nausseau Blue Pear (M) BP-1018 Sealed 25.00
Juno and the Paycock (2 lp set w/book) O'Casey Angel Records 3540 VG++/VG++ 25.00
King And I School Of Creative And Performing Arts San Diego 1982 Good Vibrations GV 219 VG++/VG++ 30.00
King Kong Matshikiza & Williams (London Cast 1961) London 5762 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Knickerbocker Holiday Weill; Anderson Joey 7243 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Kwamina Adler Capitol (S) SW 1645 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Ladies Who Wrote The Lyrics Michael's Pub Show Battery PS 1334 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Last Sweet Days of Isaac Ford, Cryer RCA Victor (S) LSO-1169 Sealed 20.00
Late Nite Comic Shapiro; et al Original Cast (S) OC-8843 M-/M- 22.00
Legs Diamond Allen RCA Victor (S) 7983-1-RC M-/M- 25.00
Lena Horne: The Lady and Her Music Horne Qwest (S) 2QW-3597 VG++/VG++ 9.00
Lenny O'Horgan Blue Thumb BTS9001 Sealed 17.00
Let My People Come Earl Wilson, Jr. Libra LR 1069 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Li'l Abner de Paul,Mercer Columbia (M) OL-5150 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Little Mary Sunshine (London Cast) Besoyan AEI (S) AEI-1105 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Little Mouse That Roared Barty Arrow AR-3004A VG+/VG++ 20.00
Little Night Music Sondheim Columbia (S) KS-32265 Sealed 17.00
Little Shop of Horrors Menken, Ashman Geffen (S) GHSP-2020 VG+/VG++ 16.00
Littlest Revue Duke, et al Epic LN 3275 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Lock Up Your Daughters (At The Mermaid Theatre) Johnson; Bart London 5766 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Lost in the Stars (w/Booklet) Weill DEcca (M) DL-8028 VG++/VG+ 20.00
Lorelei Styne, Robin Verve MV-5097-0 M-/M- 17.00
Lost In The Stars Weill; Anderson MCA (SE) 1535 Sealed 17.00
Lute Song (Also Music From On The Town) Scott; Hanighen Decca DL 8030 VG+/VG++ (Rainbow label) 20.00
LUV Joseph & Schisbal Columbia DOL 318 VG+/VG+ (w/book) 20.00
Mack and Mabel (w/Complete Credits on Front) Herman ABC (S) ABCH-830 Sealed (c/o) 17.00
Mad Show Rodgers, et al Columbia OL 6530 VG+/VG+ 22.00
"Man's" A Man (Musical Adaptatio of Bertolt Brecht's Play) Raposo Spoken Arts 870 VG++/VG+ 20.00
Man of La Mancha Leigh, Darion MCA (S) 2018 Sealed 15.00
Man of La Mancha Kathy Logan; Harold Warman Vista High School (San Diego, CA) May 3,5,6,7 1977 KM 1068 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Manhattan Tower Jenkins Decca DL 78011 VG++/VG++ 22.00
March of the Falsettos Finn DRG-(S) SBL-12581 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Mardi Gras Blaikley/Howard EMI EMC 3123 VG++/VG++ (w/program) 20.00
Mark Twain Tonight (vol. 2) Holbrook Columbia (S) OS-2030 Sealed 17.00
Mayor Strouse New York Music Co. NYM 21 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Me and My Girl Gay, Rose, Furber MCA (S) 6196 VG+/VG+ 15.00
Medium, The/The Telephone (1947 Cast) Gian-Carlo Menotti Columbia Odyssey Y2-35239 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Memories of a Middle-Aged Movie Fan Various Atco (S) SD-33-263 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Memories of St. Pauli (Freddy) Olips MGM (M) E 4195 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Metropolis Moroder (London Cast That's Entertainment TER 2-1168 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 25.00
MInstrel Days Eddie Foy, Jr. Everest SDBR 1039 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Miss Liberty Berlin Columbia (M) OL-4220 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Monsieur De Pourceaugnac Harris, Schuman Broadway Baby Demos (S) BBD-789 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Mother Of Us All Thomson; Gertrude Stein New World NW 288/28 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 30.00
Movie Star (Studio Cast) Barnes AEI (S) /AEI-1142 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Mr. & Mrs. Taylor CBS (S) S70048 M-/M- 25.00
Mr. President Berlin Columbia (S) KOS-2270 (Silver Cover) VG+/VG++ 17.00
Mrs. Patterson Sebree, et al (Eartha Kitt) RCA LOC 1017 VG+/VG+ 50.00
Murder in the Cathedral (OldVic) Donat Angel Records 3505 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Musical Chairs Savage Original Cast (S) OC-8024 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Musical Starring Jesus Ron Patty Singers Anodyne SW-1049 VG+/VG++ 20.00
My Fair Lady (Studio Cast) Shellely Manne Capitol (M) T-2173 VG+/VG+ 17.00
My Fair Lady (British Cast) Lerner, Loewe Avon AVS-3001 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Naked Carmen Corigliano; Paray Mercury (S) SRM-1-604 VG+/VG++ 22.00
New First Family , 1968 Booker; Foster Verve V-15054 VG++/VG++ 20.00
New Girl In Town Merrill RCA (S) LSO-1106 VG+/VG++ 12.00
Newbold Flound As The Income Tax Man Gore/M. Todd Jr. Smash MGS 27033 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Nightingale (London Cast) Strouse Polydor (S) 820-248-1 VG+/VG+ 16.00
No Strings (London Cast) Rodgers Stet (S) DS-15013 M-/M- 15.00
Noel Coward The Great Shows World Records SH 180 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Noel Coward: The Las Vegas Album Coward Columbia (M) 5063 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Now Is The Time For All Good Men Ford, Cryer Columbia (S) OS-3130 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Nunsense Goggin DRG-(S) SBL-12589 VG+/M- 17.00
Of Thee I Sing/Let 'Em Eat Cake (Concert Cast) Maureen McGovern, Larry Kert CBS (S) S2M 42522 VG++/VG++ 15.00
Oh, Calcutta! Open Window Aidart AID9903 Sealed (c/o) 20.00
Oh Coward! Coward Bell (S) 9001 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Old Chelsea Tauber, Tysh, Ellis Sounds Rare Records SR-5007 VG++/VG++ 25.00
On A Clear Day You Can See Forever Lane, Lerner RCA Victor (S) LSOD-2006 Sealed 10.00
On The Brighter Side Beaton London 5767 VG++/VG++ 50.00
One Night Stand Styner; Gardner OC 8134 VG+/VG+ 17.00
One Over The Eight Mulchay London 5760 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Open Any Door Justus Bros. Justus Bros. Souvenir Album VG+/VG++ 25.00
Order is Love Azevedo Trilogy (S) TA-1001 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Pacific Overtures Sondheim RCA Victor ARL-1 Sealed 20.00
Parable of the Warm Fuzzies, The Hardenbol, Kuiper PTR-801011 Sealed 15.00
Party With Betty Comden and Adolph Green Comden,Green Capitol WAO1197 M-/M- 17.00
Party With Betty Comden and Adolph Green ('77 Revival Cast) Comden, Green Stet (S) S2L-5177 Sealed 15.00
Passion Flower Hotel (U.K.) Barry CBS (S) 62598 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Paul Sills' Story Theatre Dylan, Harrison, et al Columbia (S) SG-30415 Sealed 15.00
People's Choice (Studio Cast) Edwin Newman RCA Victor (M) PRM-263 VG/VG+ 20.00
Pickwick (London Cast) Ornadel, Bricusse Philip;s 6382 070 (UK) M-/M- 25.00
Pieces of Eight Monk Offbeat (M) 4016 VG++/VG+ 30.00
Pieces of Eight (London cast) Johnson London 5761 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Pipe Dream Rodgers RCA LOC 1023 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Playboy of The Western World Synge Seraphim IB 6013 Sealed (2 discs) 25.00
Premise Flicker, Darling, Segal, Aldredge Vanguard VRS 9092 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Promenade Carmines, Fornes RCA Victor (S) LSO-1161 VG++/VG+ 20.00
Rashomon Rosenthal Carlton LPX 5000 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Real Ambassadors Dave & Iola Brubeck Columbia OL 5850 VG+/VG+ (Studio Cast 1963) 20.00
Red Mill, The (Studio Cast) Herbert, Blossom Camden (M) CAL-437 VG+/VG++ 15.00
Revelations Alvin Ailey Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater VG++/VG+ 22.00
Rink, The Kander, Ebb Polydor (S) 422-823125-1 Sealed (c/o) 15.00
Rise And Fall of the City of Mahagonny Same Columbia K3L-243 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 20.00
Rise and Follies of Cape Breton Island Berkeley Lamey College of Cape Breton Press C.C.B.P. 1002 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Riverwind Jennings London AM 48001 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Rock Justice Rock Justice EMI America SWAK 17036 VG+/VG++ (c/o) 22.00
Rod McKuen's The Black Eagle (A Gothic Musical) McKuen Stanyan 2SB-5087 (Presentation Copy) VG++/VG++ 50.00
Romance/Romance Herrrmann, Harman MCA (S) 6252 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Runaways Swados Columbia JS 35410 VG+/VG+ 20.00
St. Louis Woman Arlen, Mercer Capitol (SE) DW-2742 Sealed (c/o) 20.00
Saint of Bleecker Street Menotti RCA LM 6032 VG+/VG+ (2 lp box w/booklet) 25.00
Salvation Link; Courtney Capitol (S) SO-337 VG+/VG++ 17.00
School For Scandal (62) Sheridan (Majestic Theatre, N.Y. Presentation-3 discs) Command RS 13002 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Carr; Shuman Columbia (S) OS-2720 M-/VG++ 20.00
Selma (A Musical Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 1976) Butler Cotillion SD2 110 Sealed (c/o) 25.00
Seventeen Kent, Gannon RCA Victor (M) CBM1-2034 VG++VG++ 17.00
70. Girls, 70 Kander; Ebb Columbia S-30589 VG++/VG++ (w/insert) 22.00
72 Flavors (WAA-MU Show Northwestern University 1972) Northwestern University Northwestern University 865N-2810 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Shoestring Revue Strouse, Barker, et al Painted Smiles (M) PS-1360 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Silk Stockings Porter RCA (S) LSO 1102 VG+/M- 20.00
Simply Heavenly Martin & Hughes Columbia (M) OL 5240 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Sing Muse! Raposo, Segal Blue Pear (M) BP-1004 Sealed 22.00
Singing In The Rain Brown, et al Attic LAT 1213 VG++/VG++ (Canada) 22.00
Smilin' Through Cowl, et al Decca DL 7011 (10" lp) VG++/VG+ 25.00
Smiling, The Boy Fell Dead Baker; Harnick Sunbeam (M) LB-549 VG++/VG++ 40.00
Sondheim: A Musical Tribute Live 3-11-1973 N. Y.'s Shubert Theatre Warner Bros. ZWS 2705 VG++/VG++ (promo) 22.00
Sophie Allen AEI (M) AEI-1130 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Sorry, Wrong Number Fletcher; Moorehead Decca DL 6092 (10" lp radio thriller) VG++/VG+ 25.00
Soul Version of Jesus Christ Superstar Lloyd Webber Lenox Records LP 1792 Sealed 25.00
South Pacific Rodgers; Hammerstein Columbia OS 3100 Sealed (Lincoln Center Production 22.00
Sparkles Murdock; Lewis WEB OC-105 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Stages Kimmell Varese Sarabande (S) VC-81083 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Starlight Express (Studio Cast w/book) Webber MCA (S) 5972 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Stephen Sondheim Evening Sondheim RCA (S) CBL2-4745 Sealed 22.00
Subject Was Roses (3 lp set w/book) Gilroy Columbia (M) DOL-308 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Survival of St. Joan Ruffin, Lineberger Paramount (S) PAS-9000 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 20.00
Swan Down Gloves Kess; Brown That's Entertainment (S) TER-1017 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Take Five Monk Offbeat (M) O-4013 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Taking My Turn Friedman; Holt Broadway Ltd. (S) BLR-10001-R M-/M- 20.00
Tango Argentino Beron, Lavie Atlantic (S) 81636 Sealed 10.00
Tell Me On A Sunday Weber; Black Polydor 5032 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Thanks A Lot (WAA-MU Show of 1971) Northwestern University Northwestern University 3023 VG+/VG+ 20.00
This Was Burlesque Lester, Grundy, et al Roulette (M) R-25185 VG++/VG+ 20.00
Three Billion Millionaires Ellis (Produced for the UN) United Artists (S) UAS 54 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Three Guys Naked From The Waist Down Rupert; Colker Polydor 820244-1 Sealed 20.00
Three Penny Opera (Studio Cast) Weill; Brecht Vanguard (M) RSV-9002 VG++/VG++ 15.00
Time For Singing Morris; Freedman Warner Bros. H1639 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Tintypes Kyte DRG-(S) S2L-5196 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Touch Long (Plowright Players) Ampex A 50102 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Treasure Island (Mermaid Theatre Production) Corandel; Newell That's Entertainment TER 1008 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Treemonisha Joplin Deutsche Grammophon (S) 2707-083 VG+/VG++ 20.00
Trelawny Slade (London Cast) Decca SKL 5144 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Two Mandel Take Home Tunes (S) THT-788 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Under Milk Wood Thomas Caedmon (M) TC-2005 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Under Milk Wood (Part 1) Thomas (Burton, Griffith Cast) Westminster (Argo) SWN-18018 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Under Milk Wood (Part 2) Thomas (Burton, Griffith Cast) Westminster (Argo) SWN-18019 M-/VG+ 20.00
Unsinkable Molly Brown (w/program insert) Willson Capitol (S) SWAO-1509 Sealed 15.00
Utter Glory of Morrissey Hall Gesner Original Cast (S) OC-7918 VG++/VG+ 20.00
Valmouth Wilson PYE (S) NSPL-83004 (UK) VG+/VG++ 20.00
Valmouth Wilson PYE NSPL-18029 VG+/VG+ (London Cast) 20.00
Very Good Eddie Kern DRG (S) DRG-6100 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Virgin O'Reilly Paramount (S) PAS-8000 (2lp box set with book) VG++/VG++ 30.00
WAA-MU Show of 1971 Thanks A Lot Northwestern University 865N-3023 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Where's Charley Loesser (London Cast) Monmouth Evergreen MES 7029 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Whooppee! Kahn, et al Smithsonian (M) R-012 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Will Rogers' U.S.A. James Whitmore Columbia (S) SG-30546 VG++/M- 17.00
Within These Walls Brunner Within These Walls BMC (S) 1002 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Words and Music (1974) Leonard RCA (S) LRLi-5079 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Yiddish Are Coming! The Yiddish Are Coming Booker; Foster Verve V 15058 VG++/VG+ (2 bb holes) 22.00
Your Own Thing (The Apocalypse) Driver RCA LSO-1148 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Ziegfield Follies of 1919 Berlin Smithsonian (M) R-009 VG+/VG++ 20.00
Zorba (Revival Cast) Kander, Ebb RCA Victor (S) ABL1-4732 Sealed 15.00

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