Artist Title Label Condition (R/C) Price
Almanac Singers & Pete Seeger Chorus Talking Union & Other Union Songs Folkways FP 85-1 (FH 5285) VG++/VG++ 27.00
Abrahams, Roger Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor Prestige International INT 13034 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Addiss, Steve and Bill Crofut Live Concert Recording Addis & Crofut Co. 7301 VG+/Plain Cover 25.00
Andersen, Lale Folk Songs of the Waterfront Capitol 10505 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Ames, Nancy I Never Will Marry Liberty (S) LST-7329 VG+/VG+ 18.00
Ames, Nancy Versatile Nancy Ames Sunset (S) SUM-1109 Sealed 18.00
Archer, Frances and Beverly Gile Walt Disney Presents Folk Songs From the Far Corners Disneyland Records WDL-1006 VG/VG+ 17.00
Ashby, John et al John Ashby & Free State Ramblers Gone to the Free State County Records 745 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Baez, Joan Joan Baez In San Francisco Fantasy 85015 (S) Sealed 25.00
Baez, Joan The Joan Baez Country Music Album Vanguard (S) VSD-105-106 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Back Porch Majority (Randy Sparks Presents the) Live From Ledbetter's Epic (S) BN-26134 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Balfa Brothers Play Traditional Cajun Music Swallow 6011 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Banjo Barons It's a Folk, Folk, Folk, Folk World Columbia (M) CL-2135 VG+/VG++ 18.00
Banjo Barons Dueling Banjos Harmony KH-32214 VG+/VG++ 16.00
Barefoot Man The Calypso Story Live at The Galleon Interbank House VG+/VG+ 25.00
Batchelor, Ruth & Voices Of Liberation Reviving A Dream Femme Records 82671 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Baumgarten, David w/Soos Creek & Ivanhoe Elementary Songs From Under The Apple Tree Lord Tree L1103 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Baxter, Les Les Baxter's Balladeers Reprise (M) R-6064 (White Label Promo) VG+/VG+ 15.00
Baytown Singers Wanderin' MGM Records E-4221 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Beers Family Introducing The Beers Family Columbia MS 6705 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Big 3 Live At The Recording Studio FM SFM-311 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Bitter Creek All The Good Times Meteor Sound, Ogden Utah KM 3841 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Bitter End Singers Discover The Bitter End Singers Mercury (M) MG-20986 VG++/VG++ 15.00
Blake, Norman Old and New Flying Fish 010 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Bluegrass Banjo Country Cooking Music Minus One MMO-180 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 22.00
Bluegrass Bash (John Hartford) Bluegrass Bash Live at Devonshire Downs Golden State 1976 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Boarman, Andrew F. Mountain State Music June Appal JA 025 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Bok, Gordon A Tune For November Folk-Legacy Records FSI-40 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Bok, Gordon & Peter Kagan The Wind Folk-Legacy Records FSI-44 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Bok, Gordon & Ann Mayo Muir Seal Djiril's Hymn Folk-Legacy Records FSI-48 M-/VG++ 25.00
Bok, Gordon; A. Muir; E. Trickett Turning Toward The Morning Folk-Legacy Records FSI-56 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 22.00
Bok, Gordon; A. Muir; E. Trickett The Ways Of Man Folkl-Legacy Records FSI-68 VG+/VG+ (w/book) 20.00
Bok, Gordon; A. Muir; E. Trickett A Water Over Stone Folk-Legacy Records FSI-80 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Bok, Gordon; A. Muir; E. Trickett Fashioned In The Clay Folk-Legacy Records FSI-104 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Brand, Oscar The Bridge of Hope; Songs For Feast Days (1970 Assembly of Women's Soc.) Celebrate 1001 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Brand, Oscar The Wild Blue Yonder (w/book) Elektra Specialty Series (M) EKL-168 VG++/M- 17.00
Brand, Oscar Folk Festival ABC Paramount (S) ABCS-408 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Brass, Jack Israeli Folk Songs Tikva Records T-15 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Broadside Broadside Ballads Vol. #1 Broadside Records BR 301 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Brockett, Jaime Remember the Wind and the Rain Capitol (S) ST-6478 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Brothers Four (IV) Roamin' With Columbia CS 8425 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Brothers Four Song Book Columbia 1697 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Bryan, Robert and Marshall Dodge Bert and I...And Other Stories from Down East Bert & I Inc. #1 VG++/M- 22.00
Bucey, Corinne New Voice In Town! Decca (M) DL-4550 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Bud & Travis Bud & Travis Sunset (St) SUM-1154 VG++/M- 12.00
Burns, Robert The Songs of Erotica - Passion, Pain, and Pleasure Fax Records FX-8002 (San Diego) VG+/VG+ 16.00
Camp, Hamilton Paths of Victory Elektra EKL 278 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Campbell, Ian The Rights Of Man Elektra 309 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Capers and Carson Capers and Carson Janus Records (S) JLS 3045 VG+/VG+ (c/o) 17.00
Carawan, Evan & Guy Hammer Dulcimer Flying Fish FF 329 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Carey, Bob The Soul of Folk 20th Century Fox (M) TFM 3125 (white label promo) VG++/VG+ 20.00
Carignan, Jean French Canadian Fiddle Songs Legacy 120 VG++/M- 20.00
Carter, Anita Sings Folk Songs Old and New Mercury MG 20770 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Carter, Mother Mabel Dixie Darling Mountain Dew S-7014 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Case Trio (Our Lady of Refuge, Pacific Beach) A Closer Walk With Thee Good Vibrations GV 151 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Cayuga's Waiters, et al Campus Hootenanny RCA Victor LPM-2829 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Chandler, Len To Be A Man - A Recording Debut Columbia CL 2459 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Chapelle, Pola Pola Chapelle Sings Italian Folk Songs Prestige/International 13015 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Charleston Trio The Charleston Trio Sing Americana International Award Series (M) AK-179 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Cherry Creek Singers Washington Square & Other Great Hootenanny Songs Crown 390 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Christian, Meg I Know You Know Olivia (St) LF-902 VG+/VG+ 10.00
Christian, Meg Turning It Over Olivia (St) LF-925 VG+/VG++ 10.00
Christian, Meg Face the Music Olivia (St) LF-913 VG+/VG+ 10.00
Christian, Meg From the Heart Olivia (St) LF-937 VG+/VG+ 10.00
Citizens, The The Citizens Sing About a City of People Laurie (M) LLP-2007 VG+/VG+ 15.00
City Folk Here Come The City Folk 20th Century Fox TEM 3153 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Clancy Bros., Makem, Kennan Come Fill Your Glass With Us Tradition TLP 1032 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Clancy Gros., Tommy Makem The rising of The Moon (Irish Songs of Rebellion) Tradition TLP 1006 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Clauson, William Australia Monitor MF 424 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Clauson, William A William Clauson Concert Capitol T10158 M-/VG+ 15.00
Clauson, William Swedish Songs Sung By William Clauson MGM E 498 (M) VG++/VG+ (c/o) 17.00
Clayton, Paul Whaling and Sailing Songs Tradition TLP 1005 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Clayton, Paul Paul Clayton, Folk Singer! Monument MLP 8017 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Connie & Babe and The Backwoods Boys Basic Bluegrass Rounder Records 0042 VG+/VG+ 15.00
Contemporary Folk Group The Contemporary Folk Group Horizon Records (M) WP-1615 VG/VG+ 16.00
Cook, Warren & Stephen Kyle Present: Live At The Harvest Festival Vol. 1 Live At The Harvest Festival HF 1001 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Cooney, Michael Still Cooney After All These Years Front Hall Records (S) FHR-016 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Corn Bread It's Hot Briar Records SBR-4208 VG++/VG++ 19.00
Cotton, Beverly "Clogging Lesson" Flying Fish 237 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 17.00
Country Gazette Country Gazette Live Antilles AN 7014 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Country Gentlemen Joe's Last Train Rebel 1559 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Couriers Statue of Liberty Tempo (S) 7081 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Courtney, Cal Cal Gnome Records BJS-1001 VG+/VG+ (autographed) 25.00
Couza, Jim et al The Enchanted Valley (Works on hammered dulcimer) Musical Heritage Society MHS 7202 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Crofut, Bill In Concert Crofut Productions VG++/VG+ 22.00
Cryer, Gretchen and Nancy Ford Cryer & Ford RCA-APL1-1235 VG++/VG++ 15.00
Dalglish, Malcolm and Grey Larsen Banish Misfortune June Appal JA 016 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Damari, Shoshana Shoshana Damari Vanguard VRS 9097 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 20.00
Dan, Yoel Yoel Dan and His Trio Tikva Records T 126 VG+/VG+ (autographed) 17.00
Dashiell, Bud A Night at the Ash Grove World Pacific Records WP-1254 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Dashiell & The Kinsmen Sing Everybody's Hits-Live Concert Extraordinary Warner Bros. W 1432 VG+/VG+ (2" tear cover) 17.00
Dawson, Pete Friendly Fiddle London EB-63 VG+/VG+ (autographed) 17.00
Deaxville Trio The Deaxville Trio On Campus Jubilee (S) 1121 VG+/VG++ 25.00
De Cormier, Robert Folk Singers Heritage: American Ballads and Songs 1750-1840 Command Records RS33-884 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Deller, Alfred Western Wind Vanguard Everyman Series SRV 73005 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Dickens, Hazel and Alice Foster Who's That Knocking? Verve FVS 9005 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Dillard, Doug Duelin' Banjo 20th Century Records (S) T-409 VG+/VG+ 9.00
Dillards Mountain Rock Crystal Clear Records (Limited Edition Direct Disc Recording) 5007 M-/M- 20.00
Dodge, Marshall In Performance University of Maine in Orono Bert and I On Stage Bert and I #12, Fall 1977 M-/M- 22.00
Donnybrook Fair Tunnel Tigers MCE 123302 VG++/VG++ (w/insert) 22.00
Dreams High Country Raccoon #11-Warner Bros. BS 2608 VG++/VG++ (promo) 22.00
Driftwood, Jimmie Songs Of Billy Yank and Johnny Reb RCA LPM 2316 VG+/VG++ 2.00
Dubliners In Concert Vanguard VSD 79187 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Dyer-Bennet, Richard Richard Dyer-Bennet #3 Dyer-Bennet Records #3 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Dylan, et al The Folk Sound (Folk Sampler) Columbia Special Products CSP 299 Sealed 17.00
Easy Riders Marianne and Other Songs You'll Like Columbia (M) CL 990 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Easy Riders Wanderin' Folksongs Columbia (M) CL 1272 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Ed & the Snaps Chaps Sing Along With Snaps Safety Northeastern Area Plant Safety 7-BD-195-B (7") VG+/VG+ 25.00
Edmonson, Travis Travis on His Own Reprise (M) R-6035A VG+/VG+ 17.00
Edmonson, Travis Travis On Cue Horizon Records (S) 1606 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Ellis, Dolan and The Inn Group Almost Authentic Folk Songs Reprise R 6038 VG++/VG++ 30.00
Ennis, Seamus & Alan Lomax Irish Folk Songs Columbia World Library CSP AKL 4941 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Esteban and Kristina Esteban and Kristina Gaucho Records (S) EC-2 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Esther & Abi of Arim Sing! Philips PHS 600 232 VG++/VG+ 17.00
Esther & Abi of Arim Concert Live Philips PHS 600 330 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Everson, Joyce Crazy Lady Warner Bros. GM BS 2604 VG++/VG++ (promo w/insert) 25.00
Faro, Rachel Refugees RCA 0689 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Ferguson, Hank Behind These Walls Folk-Legacy FSA-13 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Ferrier, Kathleen Folk Songs London 5411 VG++/VG+ 20.00
Flatt, Lester and Earl Scruggs Hard Travelin' (Featuring "The Ballad of Jed Clampett") Columbia (S) CS 8751 Sealed 16.00
Flatt & Scruggs; Stanley Bros., Duke & Null; Carl Story Five String Banjo Jamboree Mercury SRW 16299 VG++/VG+ 20.00
Fogarty, Sean & Patrick O'Neill Ireland Boys, Hurrah! London (S) SW-99490 (U.K.) VG+/VG+ 10.00
Folkniks Golden Guitars (Produced by Rod McKuen) Stereo Sounds SA-2 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Forerunners Genuine Imitation Life Creative Sound CSS-1564 (St) VG+/M- 17.00
Foster, Pat; Dick Weissman Gold Rush Songs (Songs of California & Forty-Niners) Riverside RLP 12-654 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Four Jacks and a Jill Fables RCA Victor (S) LSP-4103 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Frank & Tony Into AThing Mercury (M) MG-21027 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Frank & Valucha The World of Frank & Valucha Philips PHS-200-058 M-/M- 15.00
Freedom Singers "We Shall Overcome" Mercury MG 20879 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Freedom Singers Sing Of Freedom Now! Mercury SR 60924 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Future Down That Country Road Shambey (S) SS703 Sealed 15.00
Gallagher, Colm The Dove Merry Sunshine Records MS 200 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Garland, Betty American Folk Ballads Folkways FA 2307 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Gaslight Singers Turning It On! Mercury (S) SR-60923 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Gateway Trio The Mad, Mad, Mad Gateway Trio Capitol (M) T1868 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Gateway Singers Wagons West Warner Bros. (S) WS-1334 VG+/VG+ 15.00
Gateway Singers The Gateway Singers in Hi-Fi Decca DL-8742 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Gateway Singers The Gateway Singers On The Lot Warner Bros. (M) W-1295 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Geoff Stelling's HardTimes Bluegrass Band Hard Driving! Stelling Banjo Works VG/VG++ 20.00
Gibbs, Terry Hootenanny My Way Time Series 2000 S.2105 VG+/VG++ 20.00
Gibson, Bob Where I'm Bound Elektra (S) EKS-7239 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Gillette, Steve Steve Gillette Vanguard (S) VSD-79251 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Gold, Lynn Lynn Gold Warner Bros. WS 1495 VG++/VG+ (c/o) 22.00
Good News Good News Columbia (S) CS 9941 (Promo) VG+/VG 17.00
Good Old Boys Pistol Packin' Mama (Produced By Jerry Garcia) Round Records RX LA597-G/RX 109 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Good Time Singers The Good Time Singers Capitol (M) T 2041 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Gooding, Cynthia & Theodore Bikel A Young Man and A Maid Elektra 109 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Goodman, Steve - Tribute To Tribute To Steve Goodman Live At The Arie Crown Theatre Red Pajamas RPJ 004 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Goose Creek Welcome To Goose Creek Capitol 51690 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Green, Archie (ed.) Railroad Songs and Ballads Library of Congres AFS 661 VG++/VG+ 25.00
Greenbriar Boys Ragged But Right Vanguard VSD 79159 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Greenbriar Boys Better Late Than Never! Vanguard VSO 79233 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Grossman, Stefan Yazoo Basin Boogie Kicking Mule KM102 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Guard, Dave & The Whiskey Hill Singers Dave Guard & The Whiskey Hill Singers Capitol T-1728 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Halifax Three The Halifax Three Columbia Special Archives Series (S) VG++/VG++ 16.00
Hall, Kenny Kenny Hall And The Long Haul String Band Voyaer VRLP 328 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Hall, Robin and Jimmie MacGregor Two Heids are Better than Yin! Songs of Scotland and Ireland Monitor (S) MFS (C) 365 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Hamilton, Diane The Lark In The Morning (Folk Songs & Dances From Irish Countryside) Tradition Recordings TLP-1004 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Hardin, John Wesley Faded Memories-Songs of Deerfield Historic Deerfield V 135 Sealed 17.00
Harter, Bob The Bob Harter Songbag Liberty LRP-3330 VG+/VG 9.00
Hartford, John John Hartford RCA Victor (S) LSP-4156 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Hartford, John Housing Project RCA (S) LSP-3998 VG+/VG++ 15.00
Harvest Never Thirst Again Pure Joy PJ 103 Sealed 20.00
Harvey, Anne-Charlotte Return To Snoose Blvd. Olle SP 224 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Havens, Richie Alarm Clock Stormy Forest (S) SFS-6005 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Heaps-Nelson, George & Barbara Koehler Folk & Blues Harmonica Method-From the BookThey Wrote Sunny Mountain Records EB 1004 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Hedge & Donna Special Circumstances Capitol ST 447 VG+/VG++ 20.00
Heightsmen The Heightsmen in Concert Imperial LP- 9221 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Hensley, Harold and The Virginia Mountaineers Favorite Hoe Down Fiddle Hits Crown Records (S) CST-530 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Hensley, Walter The 5-String Banjo Today Capitol (M) T 2149 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Hester, Carolyn Carolyn Hester At Town Hall Two Dot DLP 3649 VG+/VG++ 20.00
Hibbs, Harry A Fifth of Harry Hibbs ARC (S) AS-826 VG+/VG+ 15.00
Hicks, Ivan Fiddling For Fun and Friends The Hicks E1B 3A8 Sealed 22.00
High Window Boys The High Window Boys Lite Records LR 117 VG++/VG++ 16.00
Highwaymen Hootenanny With The Highwaymen United Artists UAL 3294 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Highwaymen Standing Room Only! United Artists (M) UAL-3168 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Highwaymen Encore United Artists (M) UAL 3225 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Highwaymen The Spirit & The Flesh United Artists (M) UAL VG+/VG+ 17.00
Hinton, Sam I'll Sing You A Story (autographed w/book) Folkway Records FC-7548 VG++/VG+ 17.00
Hinton, Sam The Wandering Folksong (autographed w/book) Folkway Records FA-2401 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Hinton, Sam Sam Hinton Sings The Song of Men All Sorts & Kinds (auto. w/book) Folkway Records FA-2400 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Hinton, Sm Singing Across The Land Decca 8108 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Hobbs Sisters and Bob Goff, Jr. Best Bluegrass Sound Around Royal S 120577621 VG++/VG++ 22.00
House, Wallace (with lute) Robin Hood Ballads Folkways FP 839 (10" w/book) VG+/VG++ 22.00
Houston, Cisco The Cisco Special! Vanguard VRS 9057 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Houston, Cisco Cisco Houston Sings The Songs Of Woody Guthrie Vanguard VRS 9089 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Huntington, Kay What's Happening to Our World? United Artists (S) UAS-6741 VG++/VG+ (c/o) 15.00
Ian & Sylvia Early Morning Rain Vanguard (M) VRS-9175 VG+/VG++ 15.00
Innes, Dixie Lee Of The Original Caste Bell Records (S) 6074 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Instrumental Music Of The Southern Appalachians Instrumental Music Of The Southern Appalachians Tradition TLP 1007 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Ives, Burl The Wild Side Of Life Decca DL 8107 VG+ to VG++ (wobc 2") 25.00
Ives, Burl America's Musical Heritage (6 lps w/book) Decca Special Pressing VG++/VG++ 25.00
Ivy League Trio, Weavers, et al All Time Hootenanny Folk Favorites Vol. 2 Decca (M) DL 4485 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Jackson, Jack The Singing Side of Jack Jackson (A Square Dancer's "After Party") Folkraft LP-27 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Jarrell, Tommy Sail Away Ladies County Records 756 VG+/VG++ 20.00
Jenkins, Ella Adventures in Rhythm Folkways FI 8273 VG+/VG++ (w/book) 22.00
Jenkins, Ella (w/Children from the Mary Crane Day Care Center) Growing Up With Ella Jenkins Folkways Records FC-7662 VG++/VG++ 17.00
John Brown University Sound Generation Live! @ the John Wayne Theater-Knott's Berry Farm Sound Generation (S) SG-1001 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Jonathan, David, & Elbert Jonathan, David & Elbert Phillips (M) PHM-200-166 VG+/VG+ 15.00
Journeymen Coming Attraction-Live! Capitol ST 1770 VG++/VG++ 20.00
JSD Band Travelling Days Warner Bros. (S) BS 2723 (white label promo) VG+/VG+ 17.00
Kaukonen, Jorma with Tom Hobson Quah Grunt (S) BFL-0209 VG+/VG+ 15.00
Kingston Trio, The Children of the Morning Decca (S) DL 74758 VG++/M- 17.00
Kingston Trio Aspen Gold Nautilus DBX Disc M-/M- 50.00
Kingston Trio, The Last Month of the Year Capitol (M) T-1446 VG+/VG++ 15.00
Knight, Elizabeth; Sol Julty Songs of the Suffragettes Folkways FH 5281 VG++/VG++ (s/book) 22.00
Koloc, Bonnie After All This Time Ovation QVQD-1421 (Quadraphonic) VG+/VG+ 10.00
Kweskin, Jim What Ever Happened To Those Good Old Days @ Club Forty-Seven in Cambridge Mass. Vanguard VSD 79278 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Landsmen ...Introducing The Landsmen (Live at Pepperdine College 1961) Century Records V14112 VG+/VG+ 25.00
Langstaff, John John Langstaff Sings American and English Folk Songs and Ballads Tradition Records (S) TLP-1009 VG+/VG+ 15.00
Lannan, David Street Singer San Francisco SD-201 c/o VG+/VG+ 10.00
Lavender Jane Lavender Jane Loves Women Lavender Jane (1973) Distributed by Ladyslipper Music VG++/VG++ 22.00
Lea, Terrea At The Garret Valon 1003 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Lilly Bros. & Don Stover Folk Songs From The Southern Mountains Folkways FA 2433 VG+/VG++ (w/book) 22.00
Limeliters London Concert RCA LPM 2907 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Limeliters Through Children's Eyes RCA LSP 2512 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Lind, Bob The Elusive Bob Lind Verve (M) FT-3005 Sealed 12.00
Lind, Bob Photographs of Feeling World Pacific (S) WPS-21851 VG+/VG+ 12.00
MacColl, Ewan The English and Scottish Ballads: Vol. 2 Folkways FG 3510 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 22.00
McCaslin, Mary Goodnight Everybody Barnaby 212 35002 VG++/VG+ 22.00
McCurdy, Ed /Erik Darling/Alan Arkin When Dalliance Was In Flower Elektra 110 VG+/VG+ (no text) 20.00
McCurdy, Ed When Dalliance Was In Flower - Vol.Two Elektra 140 VG++/VG++ 25.00
McCurdy, Ed Son Of Dalliance Elektra EKL 170 VG++/VG++ 25.00
McCurdy, Ed Sin Songs Pro and Con Elektra 124 VG+/VG++ 25.00
McCurdy, Ed Folk Songs And Hootenany Spin-O-Rama S 122 VG++/VG+ 22.00
McGee, Bobby Bread and Raises-Songs For Working Women Collector Records 1933 VG+/VG+ 17.00
McGuire, Barry The World's Last Private Citizen Dunhill DS 50033 VG+/VG++ 22.00
McGuire, Barry The Barry McGuire Album Mira LP 3000 VG++/VG++ (dj promo) 22.00
McGuire, Barry Star Folk With Barry McGuire Surrey Records (S) SS 10003 VG++/M- 22.00
McKinnon, Catherine Catherine McKinnon Volume II ARC 666 VG+/VG+ 22.00
McKutcheon, John The Wind That Shakes The Barley June Appal JA 014 VG++/VG++ 17.00
McNeely, Larry-Geoff Lein-J Skinner Confederation Sheffield LAB-9 VG++/VG++ 25.00
McNeil, Brownie Folksongs Sonic Records 16848 VG/VG+ 17.00
McPeak Brothers Bluegrass At Its Peak MRC 2050 VG+/VG+ 25.00
McWilliams, David Days of Pearly Spencer Who Killed Ezra Bryman Kapp KS 3547 VG++/VG+ (bb hole) 17.00
MacColl, Ewan; Peggy Seeger; et al Broadside Ballads (London: 1600-1700) Folkways FW 3043 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 25.00
Maguire, Charlie Long Way To Another Friend (w/lyric sheet) Train on the Island Records TI-4 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Mattingly, Jimmy "Sally Goodin" and Other Fiddle Favorites Butler's Music 78000 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Mayhan, Judy Folk Songs of Old Eire Traditiion (S) 2025 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Men of Song Folk Hits By the Men of Song Camay (S) CA-3008 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Metropolitan Pops Orchestra Plays Instrumental Versions of Peter, Paul & Mary Favorites Metro M596 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Michael, Walt & Tom McCreesh Dance, Like A Wave Of The Sea Front Hall Records FHR 017 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Millard Thomas Group Harry Belafonte Presents The Millard Thomas Group RCA Victor () LPM-1551 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Miller, Margaret Sings Songs For The Early Years Margaret Miller 141 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Minute-Men (New Christy Minstrels) Black Gold Mark 56 524 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Mirjam & Stephen Songs of Israel London International (S) SW-99405 Sealed 17.00
Mitchum, Johnny Military Songs Co.C, 744 M.P. Bn. Us. Army Mitchum 7411 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Molloy, Paul ed. Poems and Ballads From 100 Plus American Poems Scholastic Records FS-11008 VG++/VG++ 15.00
Montero, Germaine Canciones de Espana Vanguard VRS 9050 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Moore, Danny Folk Songs From Here & There Everest (S) 1211 VG+/VG 20.00
Morgan, Tim At The Prison Of Socrates Fink 1001 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Morgan, Tim Tim Morgan Sings Maria Fink 1005 VG++/VG++ (Spring 194 Pasadena High School) 25.00
Morning Stars (T. Yupanqui & Khosinira) Gods and Demons of Bolivia Vanguard VRS 9054 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Mortifee, Ann Baptism EMI 6437 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Munde, Alan Alan Munde's Banjo Sandwich Ridge Runner RRR0001 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Music Minus One How to Play the Folk Guitar Music Minus One MMO-50 VG+/VG+ 15.00
Muskrats Rock Is Dead Subterranean (S) SUB-51 VG++/VG++ 15.00
Mustard's Retreat ( Tamulevich & Hough) Mustard's Retreat Forrest Green 79043 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Nevin, Pete Pete Nevin LPN Records 22249 VG++/VG++ 16.00
Newfolk On Campus Impact HWM 1935 VG+/VG+ 22.00
Newfolk Uprising Impact 1917 VG+/VG+ 22.00
New Golden Ring Five Days Singing Volume 1 Folk Legacy FSI-41 VG+/VG++ 20.00
New Golden Ring Five Days Singing Volume II Folk Legacy FS1-42 VG+/VG+ 20.00
New World Singers The New World Singers Atlantic SD 8dd087 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Norbeck, Edward Folk Music of Japan Ethnic Folkways Library FE 4429 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 20.00
Northwest Regional Folklife Festival Vol. II Northwest REgional Folklife Festival Vol. ii Voyager VRLP 1025 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Ochs, Phil & Danny Kalb All The News That's Fit To Sing Elektra EKL 269 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Ochs, Phil 66 I Ain't Gonna March Any More Elektra EKL 287 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Odetta Christmas Spirituals Vanguard VRS 9079 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Ofarim, Esther & Abi Cinderella Rockefella Phillips PHS 600-269 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Old And In The Way Old And In The Way Round RX 103 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Olf, Mark Yiddish Folk Songs For Children Folkways FC 7234-10 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 25.00
Olf, Mark Jewish Folk Songs (Sung in Yiddish) Folkways FP26 VG++/VG++ (10" lp w/autographed book) 25.00 Bluegrass On The Sea of Life Bluegrass PB 202 VG++/VG++ 22.00 Bluegrass Second Album Bluegrass PB 201 VG++/VG++ 20/00
Pancerzewski, Joe (The Fiddling Engineer) Hi-Ball Fiddling Voyager Recordings VRLP 315-S VG+/VG+ (autographed) 17.00
Parmley, Don & Billy Strange 5 String Banjo Crescendo GNP 98 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Paxton, Tom Home Come the Sun Reprise RS6443 VG++/VG++(Promo sticker) 10.00
Paulin, Don Upsidedon Paulin Horizon (S) WP-1625 VG+/VG+ 15.00
Peter, Sue & Marc Peter, Sue & Marc PSM 102 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Phillips, Paul Gwynne Folk Songs & Ballads of he British Isles Folkways FW 8719 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 22.00
Phillips, Utah El Capitan Philo PH 1016 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Phillips,Stevenson The Songs and Stories of Stevenson Phillips AVA A-29 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Phranc Folk Singer Rhino RNLP-856 VG+/VG++ 16.00
Pilgrims Just Arrived Columbia CS 9033 M-/VG++ 22.00
Pozo-Seco Singers I Can Make It With You Columbia (M) CL-2600 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Pozo-Seco Singers "Time" Columbia (S) CS-9315 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Powell, Douglas Douglas Powell A 7 GoldenTrack LP1219 VG++/VG++ (autographed) 20.00
Prairie Home Companion Anniversary Album A Prairie Home Companion Anniversary Album (Garrison Keillor) PHC 404 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Prelude After the Gold Rush Island Records (S) IILPS-9282 VG++/VG++ 12.00
Primus, Hermann Zither Sols Hermann Primus RR 24951 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Pringle, Valentine I Hear America Singing RCA LPM 2689 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Raftsmen This Land Is Your Land RCA Camden (M) CAL-757 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Raim, Walter 12 String Guitar-12 Great Hits Liberty (S) LST-7347 VG+/VG+ 16.00
Red, White & Blue Grass Red, White & Blue Grass GRC GA 5002 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Reilly & Maloney Alive Freckle Records RM 01899 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Richman, Trudie/Michael Griffin Lullaby & Goodnight Folkways FC 7572 VG+/VG 20.00
Riegel, Mark and Friends Live In Lompoc (Recorded At Mastros? Duker's Platters DP 101 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Ritchie, Jean Precious Memories Folkways FA 2427 VG+/VG+ (w/book) 22.00
Ritchie, Jean One But One Sire SA 7530 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Robinson, Earl A Santa Barbara Story Earl Robinson UAW ER 101 Sealed 22.00
Rubin, Ruth Sings Yiddish Folk Songs Prestige International INT 13019 VG+/VG++ 25.00
Rush, Tom Got A Mind To Ramble Prestige/Folklore 14002 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Rush, Tom Blues, Songs, & Ballads Prestige PR 7374 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Sagegrass Just Here Lately American Heritage Music Corp. AH-401-535 VG++/VG++ 16.00
St. James, William A Song For Every Mood Dunhill DSX-50148 VG+/VG+ (c/o) 20.00
St. Shaw, Mike Trio The Mike St. Shaw Trio Reprise R6128 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Sainte-Marie, Buffy Many A Mile Vanguard VSD 79171 Sealed 20.00
Saletan, Tony & Yankee Tunesmiths Revolutionary Tea Old North Bridge Records 1776 VG++/VG+ 17.00
Saletan, Tony and Irene Folk Songs and Ballads Sung By Tony and Irene Saletan Folk Legacy Records (S) FSI-37 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Sandgren, Susan Special American Artists Custom Records AAS 1292 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Schlamme, Martha Says Kissin's No Sin and Other Folk Wisdom MGM SE 4190 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Scoggins Hill Blue Grass Band Bloodworth Family SHR 41293 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Scruggs, Earl The Earl Scruggs Revue Columbia KC-32426 VG++/VG+ 17.00
Seeger, Mike Music From True Vine Mercury SRM 1-627 VG++/VG++ 25.00
Seeger Pete The Gazette, Vol. 1 Folkways FN 2501 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 25.00
Seeger, Pete The Gazette, Vol. 2 Folkways FN 2502 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 25.00
Seeger, Peggy; Frankie Armstrong;Sandra Kerr The Female Frolic Argo ZDA 82 VG++/VG+ (w/script) 25.00
Seeger, Pete American Favorite Ballads, Songs, & Tunes, Vol. III Folkways FA 2322 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 22.00
Seeger, Pete Abiyoyo and Other Story Songs For Children Folkways FC 7525 VG+/VG++ (w/book) 22.00
Seeger, Pete (Memphis Slim & Willie Dixon) At The Village Gate, Vol. 2 Folkways FA 2451 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 25.00
Seeger, Pete, et al Folksong Festival Sampler (7" 33 1/3 w/96 page booklet) Scholastic Records CC-0602 VG++/VG++ 15.00
Seeger, Pete American Favorite Ballads Folkways FA-2320B VG++/VG+ w/book) 15.00
Seeger, Pete + 5 String Banjo American Folk Songs For Children Folkways FC 7601 VG++/VG+ (w/book) 25.00
Seeger, Pete American Game And Activity Songs For Children Folkways FC 7674 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 25.00
Seldom Scene Act Two Rebel SLP 1520 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Seredipity Singers The Serendipity Singers Sing Of Love, Lies...Other Songs by Shel Silvertein Philips PHS-600-190 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Sheer, Anita Anita Sheet MGM (S) SE-1225 VG+/VG++ (tear on label) 17.00
Silverman, Jerry The Flat-Picker's Guitar Guide Folkways FI 8360 VG+/M- 15.00
Simeone, Harry Chorale The Wonderful Songs of Folk Mercury (S) SR60855 VG+/M- 16.00
Simmons, Woody Oregon Mountains Deep River Records DR 1001 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Sing-A-Long The Folk Hit Song Book Capitol T-2127 VG++/VG+ (w/lyric sheet) 20.00
Sky, Patrick Patrick Sky Vanguard VRS 9179 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Small, Fred Love's Gonna Carry Us Aquifer Records 1001 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Small, Judy Mothers, Daughters, Wives Redwood Records RR 3100 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Smith, Gary The Songs of Gary Smith Windsinger: Take One Vanguard VSD 79382 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Smith, Kate Kate Smith Sings Folk Songs Tops (S) 97065S (Yellow Vinyl) VG+/VG+ 15.00
Smith, Orriel A Voice In The Wind Columbia Special Archives (S) CS 8924 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Smith, Winifred Folk Songs of the South RCA Custom for Tenn. Squire Ass'n) Sealed 22.00
Smokey Mountain Singers American Folk Songs Hurrah Records H-1024 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Sokolow, Fred Bluegrass Banjo Inventions Kicking Mule KM 207 VG++/VG++ 23.00
Sorkin, Dan Folk Singing One Mercury (S) SR-60861 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Sorrels, Rosalie If I Could Be The Rain Folk Legacy FSI 31 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 22.00
Spoelstra, Mark State Of Mind Elektra EKL 307 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Stamper, I. D. Red Wing Jane Appal JA 010 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Stanley Brothers Hard Times Mercury MG 20884 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Staple Singers This Land Riverside RM 3524 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Steele, Bill Garbage! And Other Garbage Bay Records 202 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Stelling Geoff-Hard Times Bluegrass Band Hard Driving Stelling Banjo Works VG/VG++ 17.00
Stonemans Those Singin, Swingin, Stompin Sensational Stonemans MGM E 4363 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Strange, Billy 12 String Guitar/Folk Blues & Blue Grass GNP Crescendo GNP 94 VG++/VG+ (c/o) 20.00
Strange, Michael Sings Folk Songs RKO ULP133 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Strunk, Jud Jones General Store MGM SE 4790 VG++/VG+ (soc) 20.00
Sundowners Folk Songs Crown 5279 VG+/VG+ (toc) 20.00
Sundowners Folk Songs For The Rich Liberty LRP 3269 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Sutherland, Pete Poor Man's Dream Flying Fish FF 336 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Swingin' Six For The First Time Decca (S) DL-74840 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Taylor, Cathie Sings of the Land and the People Reprise (S) RS-6121 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 20.00
Temple, Sebastian & Sarah Hershberg And God Said...Good, Good! St. Francis Productions SFPC-4 Sealed 25.00
Thomas, Elmerlee Sun's Gonna Shine Warner Bros. 1251 VG++/VG+ 17.00
3 D's New Dimensions in Folk Songs Capitol T 2171 VG++/VG++ 22.00
3 Gypsies Casse Culver Urana-A Division of Wise Women Enterprises #81 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Three Forks of Cheat Trapezoid Rounder Records 0113 VG++/VG+ 17.00
Three On A String Three On A String With Strings (featuring Mark Weldon) Jerry Ryan JR-31577 VG++/VG++ (autographed; soc) 22.00
Tiffany Singers The Tiffany Singers Roulette R25302 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 16 .00
Traubel, Helen Sings Folk Songs And Ballads RCA LM 7013 (10") VG++/VG++ 25.00
Trent, Charles The Sound of a Bluegrass Banjo Smash MGS 27002 VG+/VG+ 17.00
Trickett, Ed The Telling Takes Me Home Folk-Legacy FSI-46 VG+/VG+ (w/book) 20.00
Troubador Singers Sing Out Big Horizon 1614 VG++/VG++ 22.00
Troubador Singers Greenback Dollar Coronet CX265 VG+VG+ 15.00
Twelve String Story Vol. 1 The Guitar Greats Horizon 1626 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 22.00
Uncle Bob Hardy, Joe Edwards, et al Sharing the Good News! 101729 Sealed 20.00
Undergrads Blue Grass Hoot On Campus Somerset M1-21600 VG+ to VG++/VG++ 25.00
Up With People The Sing-Out Musical Pace 1101 VG++/VG++ 16.00
Up With People Up With People! Pace PS 6100 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 20.00
Van Duser, Guy Guy Van Duser Rounder Records 3021 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Van Dykes A Hootin' Hootenanny Sutton (S) SSU 307 VG+/VG++ 12.00
Van Palthe, Don ("The Flying Dutchman") Beethoven To Beatles By Banjo Palthe Records 1000 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Various Artists Newport Broadside "63 Vanguard VSD 79144 (St) VG++/VG++ 10.00
Vasson, Henry - Le Maitre Sonneur Hurdy Gurdy Music Folkways FW 8747 VG++/VG++ (w/book) 25.00
Victoria Secret Of The Bloom San Francisco SD 201 VG+/VG++ (c/o) 17.00
Village Stompers Some Folk, A Bit of Country, and A Whole Lot of Dixie Epic (M) LN-24161 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Village Stompers More Sounds of Washington Square Epic (M) LN-24090 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Wagonmasters, The Folk Favorites Omega Recrds (M) B-1005 VG++/VG+ (autographed) 20.00
Waldron, Cliff Bluegrass Time Rebel SLP 1524 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Washington, Jackie Jackie Washington At Club 47 Vanguard VRS 9172 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Wayfarers The Wayfarers RCA LPM 1213 VG+/VG++ 22.00
Wayne, Bradley 12 String Guitar*Nanny Vee-Jay Records (M) VJ 1079 VG/VG+ 16.00
Weill, Rita Sings Ballads And Folksongs Takoma A-1022 Sealed 25.00
Wheeler, Billy Edd Memories of America Kapp (M) KL 1425 VG++/VG+ 17.00
Wheeler, Billy Edd Billy Edd Wheeler Presents A Portrait of Aunt Jennie Wilson Sagittarius SR 1969 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Whittaker, Roger The Magical World of Roger Whittaker RCA ANL1-1405 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Whyton, Wally Leave Them A Flower Amsterdam AM 12010 VG++/VG+ (DJ Promo) 22.00
Wilcox Three The Greatest Folk Songs Ever Sung RCA Camden 669 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Williams, John The Guitar Is The Song CBS-37825 VG++/VG++ 17.00
Williams, Mason Them Poems-Live@Land of Oden, La Mesa, CA Joy 118 (UK) VG++/VG++ (woc) 25.00
Williams, Mason Ear Show Warner Bros. (S) WS 1766 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Williams, Vaughan Folk Song Album Vanguard (S) VSD-2058 VG++/VG++ (c/o) 16.00
Willis, Chad & The Beachstones Folk Songs of The Sea/Windjammer! Spinorama M-128 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Wilson, Stan Folk Songs Verve MG V-2076 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Windjammers Windjammers RCA LSP 2196 VG++/VG+ 22.00
Winkfield, Lincolns, Betty & The Duke, et al Hootenanny No. 3 Kapp KL 1344 Sealed 22.00
Wiseman, Mac Great Folk Ballads Dot DLP 3213 VG+/VG+ (5" top s/s) 20.00
Wolf, Kate & Wildwood Flower Back Roads Owl Records OL 001 VG++/VG++ (w/Lyric Sheet) 22.00
Wood, George and Katie The Special world of George Wood and Katie Ava (M) A-17 VG++/VG++ 20.00
Wright, Willie I Sing Folk Songs Concert-Disc CS-45 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Wright, Willie I'm On My Way! Argo 4024 VG+/VG+ 20.00
Yarbrough, Martin Mixed Moods Argo (S) LP-4043 VG+/VG++ 17.00
Young Americans Presented by Johnny Mathis Mercury MG-21023 VG++/VG++ 10.00
Young Americans Time For Livin' ABC Records (S) ABCS-659 VG+/VG++ 16.00
Youngfolk The Youngfolk United Artists (S) UAS-6402 VG+/VG+ (c/o) 16.00
Zabar, Ornim & Geula Gill A Town Hall Concert Electra 201 VG+/VG+ (autographed) 22.00

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