ArtistTitleLabel Condition (R/C) Price
Aberth, Helen Summer Wine/Raining In My Heart Decca 32327 VG++ (promo) 22.00
Accents I Realy Love You/What Do You Want To Do Liberty 55813 VG+ 25.00
Accents (Sandi) Better Watch Out Boy/Tell Me Commerce 5012 VG++ 25.00
Adams, Marie & 3 Tons of Joy Whispers/Get On Up And Do It Baby Command Performance CPR 121 VG++ 25.00
Adderley, Tommy Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On/I Just Don't Understand Mar-Mar 314 VG++ (DJ copy) 20.00
Alaimo, Steve Every Day I Have To Cry/Little Girl Checker 1032 VG++ 22.00
Allen, Christy Walk Tall Like A Man/Any Moment Diamond D-209 (dj promo) M- 17.00
Ambrose, Johnny Hey, Whatcha' Doin'/When Will You Marry Me (Mary Ann) Bethlehem 30181 VG++ 22.00
Anderson, Candy I'll Always Be In Love With You/Call Me Lucky Guaranteed 214 VG++ 22.00
Anderson Trio Blow Up The Ferry/It Was Great While It Lasted Diamond D 128 M- (dj promo) 17.00
Annette & Gianni Marzocchi Bella Bella Florence/Canzone D'Amore (Escapade In Florence) Buena Vista F 407 VG++/VG++ (w/sleeve; 1/2" toc) 25.00
Antell, Pete Keep It Up/You In Disguise Cameo C-264 VG++ 18.00
Apollo, Guy The Victim/ My World Is You Hiback HB-115 (white label promo) M- 25.00
Arberg, Bud 25th Reunion Princeton Class of 1940 MM160 VG 20.00
Ashley, Tyrone Love Sweet Love/Sing Your Song Sister Phil-L.A. of Soul 348 (DJ Promo) VG++ 17.00
Aston, Lisa Happiness/Traveling Vamp 1980 VG++ 50.00
Aubrey, Glen Orchestra & Chorus We Know It's Christmas/Merry Christmas To You Ed Woolsey Productions-San Diego RPM 102 VG++ 22.00
Baldwin, James & Edna Don't Ever Say Goodbye/Darling Gold Standard 190 VG+ 22.00
Ball, Kenny 900 Miles/What Became of Life Jerden 776 (White label promo) M- 16.00
Baltimore and Ohio Marching Band Lapland/Condition Red Jubilee45-5592 VG++ 17.00
Bandwagon Baby Make Your Own Sweet Music/On The Day We Fall In Love Epic 5-10255 VG++ 17.00
Barbarians Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl/Take It Or Leave It Laurie 3308 VG++ 17.00
Barkle, Al; Dave R. Band Come Summer/Greenbacks Frantic 111 VG+ 22.00
Barry, Jay Sheri/A Picture of You ABC-Paramount 45-10154 VG++ 22.00
Barry, Joe I'm A Fool/I Got A Feeling Smash S-1702 M- 20.00
Barry, Joe Teardrops In My Heart/For You, Sunshine (w/picture sleeve) Smash S-1710 M-/VG++ 20.00
Barton, Rod and The Balladiers Visions of You/The Chimes In The Valley Anthracite Records 45-EB-3023 VG+ 20.00
Bat Boys Ok Blue Jays/Same Kosinec Lenz BT-01 VG++/VG+ (w/sleeve) 22.00
Beard, Dean Villa Acuna/The Day That I Lost You Candix 341 VG++ 22.00
Bedrocks The Love Dene Girls/I've Got A Date - La La La Sire 45-4106 VG++ (promo) 20.00
Belairs Mr. Moto/Little Brown Jug Arvee 5034 VG+ 22.00
Bell, Clarence The Choice Is Yours/No Way To Win (Featuring Lincoln Kennedy) Pathways Teen Connection Music 50893 VG+ 50.00
Bell, William Born Under a Bad Sign/A Smile Can't Hide Stax STA-0054 (DJ) M- 17.00
Bell Brothers Don't You Know She's Alright/Not Your Kind of Love Sure Shot 5012 VG++ (promo) 22.00
Bell. Trudy This Friend Of Mine/Willie Philips 40021 M- (white label promo) 22.00
Betty & Angel Honey Coated Loving/Everlasting Love Every Day Records V4-1000 V+ 22.00
Billy Britt Sextet California Calypso/Fiesta Cha Cha Cha Tartan T-503 VG+ 20.00
Billy & The Essentials Babalu's Wedding Day/My Way of Saying Smash 2045 VG+ 17.00
Blackwell, Otis Kiss Away/Grandaddy Of Them All MGM K13090 M- (DJ promo) 25.00
Blanc, Mel I Taut I Taw A Puddy Tat/Yosemite Sam Capitol F 1360 VG+ 20.00
Blenders Daughter/Everybody's Got A Right Witch 114 VG++ 20.00
Blossoms You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling/Something So Wrong Bell 780 VG++ (promo) 22.00
Blue Bull I'm A Loser/Shame Shame Shame UNI Promo VG++ 25.00
Bluenotes I Don't Know What It Is/Summer Love Brooke BR 111 VG++ 22.00
Bluerock Redneck Mother/Rocky Top (Live At Fiddle Sticks Bar) Fiddle Sticks Records CGS 003 VG++ (w/picture sleeve) 25.00
Bob And Bobby Twelve-O-Four/Baby What You Want Me To Do Tower 154 VG++ (w/Tower sleeve) 25.00
Bob And Earl That's My Desire/You Made A Boo-Boo Class C 2026 VG++ 22.00
Bob and His Agents (Sul Ross College, Alpine, TX) One-Sided/Green Back Dollar AOK 1012 VG- (sounds great) 22.00
Bobo, Willie Fried Neckbones and Home Fries/1-2-3 (Uno-Dos-Tres) Verve VK-10400 (Special Disc Jockey Record) M- 16.00
Bobo, Willie Tweedlee Dee/Move On Over Verve VK 10593 M- (Special DJ) 20.00
Bolin, Bruce Lovin' Julie/The Country Summer Song De-Mat Records D.M. 102 VG++ 17.00
Bon-Bons Circle/Frog On A Log London 16 M- (promo) 22.00
Bonnemere, Eddie Man In A Raincoat/Ankle Bells Prestige PR 45-349 M- (white label promo) 40.00
Bonzo Dog I'm the Urban Spaceman/Canyons Of Your Mind Imperial 66345 M ( audition copy) 17.00
Boucher, Pegi The Christas Clock/Christmas Tree Heaven Hiback 101 M- 25.00
Bouve,Linc Hey Cheerleader/Don't Be Suite 16 104 VG++ 30.00
Boyce, Tommy Come Here Jo-Anne/The Way I used To Do RCA 47-8025 VG++ 22.00
Bradley, Jeff & The Shannons Little Bit of Heaven/Tired of Runnin Around Arlen 516 VG++ 17.00
Brandon, Kathy Boy Of My Dreams/Don't Go Crystalette 748 M- 30.00
Breedlove, Jimmy Over Somebody Else's Shoulder/That's My Baby Atco 6094 VG++ (DJ promo) 22.00
Bremers, Beverly Get Smart Girl/Don't Say You Don't Remember Scepter 12315 VG++ 17.00
Britton, Nikki Just Leave It To Me/If It Feels Good Do It Dot 17239 M- (white label audition) 25.00
Broad Ripple High School (Indianapolis) The Riparian of 1958 RCA Custom 3426 VG 20.00
Brooks Poor Poor Plan/Once In A While London 9668 VG++ (promo) 22.00
Brothers Four; Ted Heath Frogg/Man From Madrid United States Air Force Program Nr. 163 VG++ 25.00
Brown, Billy Next/Once In A Lifetime Columbia 4-41174 VG++ 20.00
Brown, Buster Fannie Mae/Lost In A Dream Fire 1008 VG++ 17.00
Brown, Craig Butterflies In My Heart/I'm No Good Without You 20th Century Fox 45-135 VG++ (promo) 20.00
Brown Judy First Day Of School/Should I Skyla 1121 VG++ 22.00
Brown, Maxine Oh No Not My Baby/You Upset My Soul Wand 162 VG++ 17.00
Brown, Tom and The Toms Toms Kentucky Waltz/Tomahawk Jaro 77023 M- 25.00
Bryant, David The Underdog/My Dashiki (Audition Record) Imperial 66406 VG+ 15.00
Bubble Puppy Beginning/If I Had A Reason International Artists 1A-133 M- (dj promo) 20.00
Burns, Jackie Hey then, There Now/You Are My Dream Del-Fi 4102 VG++ 25.00
Burns, Norm & he Satellites Vote McGovern/How Much I Miss You Sterling S 594 VG++ 20.00
Burton, Dorian One Little Kiss/I Want You Decca 9-30283 VG++ 22.00
Bussey, Gordon University of Oregon/Snapshots In Sound University Of Oregon 1957 - Oregana VG+ (metal adapter) 2.00
Butch Cinderella Rockefeller/Cinderella Rockefeller Flynn FR 100 VG+ 17.00
Butterflys The Swim/Good Night Baby Red Bird RB-10-009 VG++ 17.00
By Liners Mary Lou Brown/Archie's Melody Felsted 8631 VG++ 22.00
Caesar, Irving ASCAP The Pledge of Allegiance (Performed June 14, 1956 House of Rep.) United States Marine Band VG++/VG++ 20.00
Camps, The The Ballad Of Batman/Batmobile Parkway 974 VG++ (bb hole) 25.00
Cane, Gary and His Friends I'll WalkThe Earth/The Yen Yet Song Shell 719 M- 25.00
Canucks Rock Around The Barn/Never Before Diadon 116-117 M- (prom) 35.00
Carmichael, Hoagy Sacramento/My Resistance Is Low Decca 9-27540 VG+ 16.00
Carole & Sherry I Ain't Ready Yet/Like I Gotta Get Away Pop-Side PS - 10 M- (promo) 25.00
Caroll, Yvonne Gee What A Guy/Stuck On You Domain 6001 VG++ 25.00
Carr, Cathy Ivory Tower/Please, Please Believe Me Fraternity 734-2 VG++ 20.00
Carr, James Everybody Needs Somebody/Row, Row Your Boat Goldway 343 M- (DJ Promo) 20.00
Carr, Linda & Impossibles I'll Never Get Married/Happy Teenager Skyla 1111 VG++ 25.00
Carroll, Carmen Why I Want You/I/ll Hang My Heart On A Xmas Tree CC & B 107 VG++ 22.00
Carson, Judy What Are My Chances Now?/Little Tiger Boy Rondelet FM74091 VG++ 25.00
Cascades Rhythm Of The Rain/Let Me Be Valiant 6026 VG++ 22.00
Cascades Second Chance/There's A Reason Valiant 6021 VG+ 22.00
Cascades Shy Girl/The Last Leaf Valiant 6023 VG++ 20.00
Cascades For Your Sweet Love/Jeanne RCA 47-8268 VG++ 25.00
Casinos Tailor Made/It's All Over Fraternity F985 VG+ 12.00
Castells Sacred/I Get Dreamy ERA 3048 VG+ 20.00
Castro, Frankie Steamboat/Why Baby Why Wing W 90051 VG++ 25.00
Castro, Joe Subway Grate/Jeannie's Waltz Clover C 337 VG++ (In promo personalized sleeve) 22.00
Chadwick, Bill Talking To The Wall/If You Have The Time Dot 45-17226 M- (white label audition copy) 25.00
Channels The Closer You Are/Now You Know Whirlin Disc W-100 VG+ 22.00
Chantels You're Welcome To My Heart/Soul of A Soldier Verve VK-10387 (DJ) M- 17.00
Chants I Don't Care/Come Go With Me Cameo 277 VG++ 17.00
Charles, Ray Orchestra Booty Butt/Sidewinder Tangerine Records TRC-1015 VG++ 17.00
Charmaine Till The End/Dance Like A Clown 20th Century-Fox 497 M- (promo) 22.00
Cher Chastity's Song (Band Of Thieves)/I Walk On Guilded Splinters Atco 6684 VG++ (bb hole) 20.00
Cherval, Frank Tag Along/How Come MGM K 13095 M- 25.00
Children Of God Fallen Angel/This Is Our Time A & M 1052 VG++ (promo) 20.00
Chimes Once In Awhile/Summer Night TAG Records XT-444 VG++ 18.00
Chords SH-Boom/Cross Over The Bridge Cat 104 VG++ 25.00
Christie, Joel Angels In The Sky/Lead Me On Imperial 66142 VG++ (promo) 20.00
Chuck and Betty Win or Lose/Walking In My Dreams Decca 9-30875 VG++ 17.00
Chuck and Joe Feel So Fine/Can't Fool Me Twice Decca 31805 VG++ (promo) 17.00
Chuck and Joe Harlem Shuffle/I Wish You Didn't Treat Me So Well Decca 31871 VG++ (promo) 17.00
Clark, Petula Happy Heart/Love Is The Only Thing Warner Bros. 7275 VG++ (white label promo) 22.00
Clay, Cassius Stand By Me/I Am The Greatest Columbia 4-43007 M- (DJ notes on PS) 25.00
Cloudman, Jan & Paul & Trey Life/Im A Carpenter Paul Cloudman SRC 1371 VG++ 25.00
Coe, Jamie Summertime Symphony/There's Gonna Be A Day Addison 15001 VG++ 22.00
Cole, Johnny Stop the Rain/The Parts of a Flower Parade Records 2002 VG++ 10.00
Cole, Johnny War, No More/Love Of Diane Original Sound OS-24 VG++ (promo) 22.00
Cole, Johnny Stop The Rain/The Parts Of A Flower Parade 2002 VG++ 22.00
Cole, Wendy; Joyce Sage & Twilighters The Wiggle Wiggle/Leon Wagner Wiggle Skylark 45-S-562 VG++ 50.00
Colley, Keith Enamorado/No-Joke Unical 3006 VG++ 20.00
Collier, Mitty I'm Satisfied/My Party Chess 1964 VG++ (Bullet Hole) 17.00
Collins, Al "Jazzbo" Little Red Riding Hood/Three Little Pigs Brunswick 86001 VG+ 22.00
Collins, Larry Hey Mama Boom-A-Lacka/More Than A Friend Columbia 4-42534 VG++ (promo) 22.00
Colts Never No More/Sheik of Araby Antler 4003 VG++ 25.00
Concords Marlene/Our Love Wasn't Meant To Be Herald H-576 VG++ 25.00
Condos, Melodye Lonely People Do Foolish Things/High Is Better Than Low RCA 47-8234 VG++ 25.00
Conlon, Jud (Rhythmaires) He's Gotta Be Right For Me/It Doesn't Have To Be Trend 45-71 VG++ 22.00
Connor, Chris Sings Lullabys For Lovers Bethlehem BEP 102 w/cover VG++/VG++ 25.00
Cook, Jack The Love You Save/I Stepped In Ramco S-1771 VG++ 17.00
Cook, Jack I Got A Book/Run Boy, Run Boy Ramco 3708 VG+ 17.00
Cooke, Sam A Change Is Gonna Come/Shake RCA 47-8486 VG++ 17.00
Counterpoint Three Lullaby/That Lucky Old Sun ARVEE 5062 VG++ 25.00
Counts Darling Dear/I Need You Always Dot 1188 VG to VG+ 22.00
Couplings Young Dove's Calling/I Can See Josie 45-831 VG+ 17.00
Covay, Don The Popeye Waddle/One Little Boy Had Money Cameo 239 VG++ (promo) 20.00
Cox, Sonny Chocolate Candy/The Choking Kind Bell 790 M- 17.00
Crescendos Oh! Julie/Angel Face Tap 7017 VG++ (w/pic sleeve) 25.00
Crickets Little Hollywood Girl/Parisian Girl Liberty 55495 VG++ 22.00
Crockran, Audre As He Rode the Last Mile of the Way (Memorial to JFK) Au-Cro Records K-11-A VG++ 20.00
Crump,John Shake Loose/I'm Not Falling Anymore (w/paper sleeve) Ringthane/American Atheists Records VG++ 20.00
Cummins, Christy Come To Me Darling/Till Then Roulette R-4319 VG++ 17.00
Dale, Tony Honey Bun/Bambinello Rendezvous 184 VG++ (promo) 25.00
Dard, The Sounds of Life/I Know Evolution 1005 VG++ (promo) 22.00
Darnel, Bill Do You Care/Rainbow Jubilee 45-5290 VG++ (DJ) 22.00
Darrow, Nick Defenseless/Run Joe Everest 9-19323 VG++ (sample copy) 20.00
Dash & Dot Dance With Me Henry/We Belong Together Skyla Record Co. 1115 (Advance Pressing) M- 20.00
Dauphin Trio Moonlit Sea/The Ballad of Jean LaFitte Epic 5-9432 VG+ 17.00
Davis, Jimmy Mister Wind/Take Back My Ring Cleopatra C-101 VG++ (promo) 40.00
Day, Gerri Old Mission San Luis Rey/Dark Is The Night My Love Revolvo 32 VG+ 22.00
Dean and Jean I Wanna Be Loved/Thread Your Needle Rust 5081 M- 17.00
Dean and Jean Sticks & Stones/In My Way Rust 5089 VG++ 17.00
Dean, Dr. Michael and The Star Routers Anytime/Singing The Blues Revere MO 45-175 VG++ (w/sleeve; San Diego) 20.00
Dean, Dr. Michael Sings Christmas Favorites Paramount MD 45 168 (EP San Diego) VG++ (w/picture sleeve) 25.00
DeKnight, Jimmy & His Knights Of Rhythm Rock Around The Clock/Rock Around The Clock Cha Cha APT 45-25034 VG++ (whie label promo) 22.00
De Leon, Frank Sea of Love/Bennina Aztlan AZ-105 VG++ 17.00
DeMarco, Ralph Old Shep/More Than Riches Guaranteed 202 VG++ 20.00
De Matteo, Nicky Lovey Dove/Tell Me Where Love Is Kelso 102 VG++ 25.00
Demensions Over The Rainbow/Nursery Rhyme Rock Mohawk 116 VG++ 16.00
Detroit Road Runners New KInd Of Love/Swingin' Camels ABC 1117 VG++ 20.00
Devilles Down On the Farm/Give Your Love to Me Acclaim A-1002 VG+ 15.00
Dinkins, Curlee Love 'N' In Me/Love 'N' Me (Travis Warren Jay-Tone 806 VG++ 22.00
Dino, Kenny Your Ma Said You Cried in Your Sleep Last Night/Dream Girl Musicor 1013 VG++ 17.00
Disney, Walt "It's A Small World"/Official Souvenir af the New York World's Fair Disneyland LG 775 VG++/VG++ (envelope) 25.00
Do's and The Don'ts I Wonder If She Loves Me/Our Love May Not Live Again Red Bird 10-072 M- 22.00
Dodds, Malcolm and The Tunedrops It Took A Long Time/Beauty and the Beast End E-10000 VG++ 17.00
Don & Juan What's Your Name/Chicken Necks Big Top 3079 (pink) VG++ 22.00
Donnie and the Dreamers Count Every Star/Dorothy Whale 500 VG+ 17.00
Dooley Sisters Ko Ko Mo/Heart Throb Tampa 2000 VG++ 25.00
Dor and The Confederates The 4-D Man/The South Shall Rise Again Brunswick 9-55159 VG++ 17.00
Doug And Freddy A Lover's Plea/I Believe In Love Rendezvous 111 VG+ 22.00
Dowell, Paul and The Dolphin The Last Time I Saw You/It's Better To Know You Sire 45-4107 M- (Promo) 17.00
Downs, Hugh First Man On The Moon July 1969/Apollo II Flight MGM K-14080 VG++ (w/cover) 22.00
Drake, Guy Welfare Cadillac/Keep Off My Grass Royal American RA 6591 VG+ 16.00
Drake Sisters What Did You Do Last Night/Smoke From Your Cigarette Chattahoochee CH 649 VG+ 22.00
Drew, Patti Workin' On A Groovy Thing/Without A Doubt Capitol 2197 VG++ 17.00
Duhon, James Kelly In School/Heart Breaker Mainstream 5564 VG+ 20.00
Dunne, Gayle San Diego Bay/San Diego Bay Alyn 1074 VG++ 22.00
Dyke and The Blazers Stuff/The Wobble Original Sound 05102 VG++ 20.00
Eddie & Dutch My Wife The Dancer/Can't Help Lovin' That Girl Ivanhoe 502 VG++ 22.00
Edwards, Gloria Enough Of A Woman/Real Love Deluxe 135 VG++ (dj) 22.00
Elbert, Donnie A Little Piece of Leather/Do What'cha Wanna Gateway 757 VG++ 17.00
Elbert, Donnie Where Did Our Love Go/That's If You Love Me All Platinum 2330 VG++ 20.00
El Cajon Valley High School Band Go, Go, El Cajon/On To Victory (Benton Minor, dir.) Century 9733 VG++ 25.00
Electras You Lied/Ten Steps To Love Infinity INX-012 M- 20.00
Electras One Minute Julep/Go Your Way My Gypsy Gil Records 2553 VG+ 22.00
Elm Hill Bill (Elm Hill Meats) My Home Town (Chattanooga-Vocal)/My Home Town (Instrumental) Baltz Bros. Packing Co. VG+ 17.00
Embers Wait For Me/Couldn't Wait Any Longer Dot 16101 M- 35.00
Equals Baby, Come Back/Hold Me Closer RCA 9583 VG++ (sol) 20.00
Ericson, R. & Bleibalien Red Temple Prayer (Two Headed Dog)/Starry Eyes Mars Records No 1000 M- 40.00
Esquires Get On Up/Listen to Me/ Bunky Records 7750 VG++ 17.00
Eternals Rockin' In The Jungle/Rock'n'Roll ChaCha Hollywood HO-68 VG+ 17.00
Eternity's Children Sidewalks Of The ghetto/Look Away Tower 476 M- (DJ Promo) 17.00
Everette, Leon Goodbye King of Rock 'N' Roll/Goodbye King of Rock 'N' Roll True Records T-107 (DJ) M- 16.00
Excellents Coney Island Baby/You Baby You Blast BL205 VG+ 22.00
Faithful, Marianne Sister Morphine/Something Better London 1022 M- (DJ Promo) 25.00
Family Jewels You Baby You/You Baby You Harbour 306 VG++ (Promo) 20.00
Felix And The Nightowls The Cat's Meow (Part 1)/The Cat's Meow (Part 2) Titan FF 1728 VG++ 22.00
Ferguson, Jessie Lee Puttin' It On,Puttin' It Off/New Shoes Metromedia 111 VG++ 17.00
First Nighters Never Your Love/I Want A Little Girl Decca 9-29413 VG+ 20.00
Fisher, Toni & Cha Vorim Shalom/Shalom Spec II VG++ (w/cover) 22.00
5,000 Volts I'm On Fire/Still On Fire Phillips 40801 VG+ 20.00
Flakes Hey There Lonely Girl/Flakes-Reprise Magic Disc Records MD-222 VG++ 17.00
Flares Loving You/Hotcha Cha-Cha Brown Felsted 8604 M- 35.00
Fleming, Herb Doodle-Doo-Doo/All Dressed Up Dot 15621 VG++ 22.00
Flirtations Nothing But A Heartache/How Can You Tell Me? Deram 85038 VG++ (tol) 22.00
Folkel Minority Freeze A Yankee/A Tribute To The Trinity Folksee 001 VG++ (w/sleeve) 25.00
Formations At The Top Of The Stairs/Magic Melody MGM K 13899 VG++ 17.00
Forum Quorum Your Turn To Cry/No More Tears Decca 32340 (pink promo) VG++ 25.00
Foster, Barbara How Can A House Be So Lonely/Fred Preview Records 1900 VG++ 25.00
Four Bars If I Give My Heart To You/Stop It! Quit It! Josie 45-768 VG+ 100.00
Four Dates I Say Babe/Hey, Roly Poly Chancellor C 1019 VG+ 22.00
Four Internes Going Back To Jesus/Count Your Many Blessings King 6369 VG++ (promo) 22.00
Four J's Rock and Roll/Be Nice, Don't Fight United 125X VG++ 20.00
Four Mints You Belong To My Heart/Wolf NRC-011 VG++ 22.00
Four Upsetters Surfin' Calliope/Wabash Cannon Ball Sun 386 VG+ (promo) 22.00
Four Voices Bon Bon/Dancing With My Shadow Columbia 4-41076 VG++ 22.00
Foyt, A.J. (Terry (Foyt) Roberds) The Ballad Of A.J. Foyt (Interview w/A.J. Foyt) RESCO 642 VG++ (w/picture sleeve) 25.00
Francis, Connie Where The Boys Are/No One MGM K 12971 VG++ (w/picture sleeve & metal adaptor) 25.00
Frankie & Johnny Do You Love Me/My First Love Liberty F55271 VG++ 17.00
Franklin, Erma What Kind Of Girl/Don't Blame Me Epic 5-9468 VG+ (Radio Station Copy) 17.00
Front Four Charger Rock/Charger Rock Sudden Death Records SD 101 VG++ (w/ sleeve) 25.00
Frost, Max and The Troopers Paxton Quigley's Had The Course/Sittin' In Circles Tower 478 M- (DJ white label promo w/cover) 17.00
Fuller, Jerry Too Many People/Willingly Challenge 9148 VG++ (white label promo) 22.00
Fuller, Sam Devil I Command You/ Start the World All Over Again Joyce 102 VG++ 20.00
Furys Zing! Went The Strings of My Heart/Never More Mack IV Records - 112 VG+ 17.00
Gabriel, Dick Alto Bassa Nova/Willow Weep For Me Lotus L0600 VG++ 22.00
Gallahads The Fool/The Morning Mail Jubilee 5252 VG++ 17.00
Gargoyles We Will Rule/Back In Time Hippy Hippy Shake GAR Records R-7070 VG++ 50.00
Garnett, Gale You've Got To Fall In Love Again/It's Been A Lonely Summer RCA 47-8961 M- (DJ Promo 17.00
Garson, Eddie Clown of The Crowd/I'm Serious Wren 301 VG++ (promo) 22.00
Gates, Ed & His Mystics In The Jungle/Chewing Gum Robins Nest VG++ 22.00
Gaynighters (Galloway; Leroy Kenniston) Jungle Call/Mambone Young Artists MC-104 VG+ 100.00
Genies Who's That Knocking/The First Time Shad 5002 VG++ 17.00
Gents Moonlight Surf/Lazy Day Nite Owl N-10 VG++ 22.00
George, Cassietta Everything Is Beautiful/Take Him With You Audio Arts 60021 VG++ 17.00
Giant Crab Intensify My Soul/Cool It Uni 55134 (Promo) M- 17.00
Gibson, Johnny After Midnight/Walkin' On Down Big Top 3118 VG+ (radio station copy) 22.00
Giles, Eddy "G" & Jive 5 Go-Go Train/While I'm Away Murco 1034 VG++ (bb hole) 25.00
Gilmer, Jimmy Look At Me/I'll Send For You Dot 16609 VG++ 22.00
Gilreath, Jimmy Lollipops, Lace, and Lipstick/Mean Ole River Joy 45M-278 VG++ 17.00
Golden Bond, The I Know (It's All Over)/Mean, Mean World DeLuxe 45-116 (DJ) M- 20.00
Golden Gate Door Knob Grass Roots/All You People Coroa Records C-101 M- 25.00
Gooden, Jimmie This Is The Night/Needing Your Love CrossFire CF 113 VG++ 20.00
Gooden, Leo Ugly, Ugly/Winkee-Do Noslen 101 (White Label Promo) M- 20.00
Goodman, Dickie Martian Melodies/The Touchables Mark X 8009 VG++ 16.00
Gordon, Bobby & His Clarinet Orchestra Mohawk/Ja Wohl Decca 31761 VG++ (Promo) 25.00
Grabeau, Bob Charge/Angel Town Magnolia (yellow) VG+ (sounds great) 22.00
Granahan, Gerry Kingsize/I'm Afraid You'll Never Know Sunbeam 122 VG++ (wol) 22.00
Grant, Janie Triangle/She's Going Steady With You Caprice 104 VG+ 20.00
Gray, Maureen Dancin' The Strand/"Oh My" Landa 689 M- (promo) 40.00
Greenberg, Steve Big Bruce/Run To You Trip 3000 M- (DJ White Label Promo) 22.00
Griffin, Virgil Climbing/La Da Da Da Day Shout S-241 M- (promo) 22.00
Group Therapy I Must Go/Can't Stop Lovin' You Baby Philips 40598 M- (DJ white label promo) 17.00
Guerrero, Lalo Pancho Claus/Christmas In Mexico L & M 1004 M- 25.00
Gunter, Cornel & The Ermines True Love/Peek, Peek-A-Boo Loma 701 VG++ 25.00
Gunter, Shirley & The Queens Oop Shoop/It's You Flair 1050 VG++ 25.00
Gunter, Shirley & The Queens You're Mine/Why Flair 1060 VG+ 25.00
Hale, Judy (Del Mar, CA) The Spider and the Fly/I Get the Blues When It Rains Bowery Records 106 VG+ 17.00
Hall, Dora Are You Lonesome Tonight/King of the Road Cozy Records (w/Solo Cozy Cup adverting Picture Sleeve) VG++/VG++ 25.00
Hall, Lary Sandy/Lovin' Tree Strand 25007 VG++ 22.00
Halos Nag/Copy Cat 7 Arts 709 VG++ (tol) 25.00
Hamilton, Joel Can't Wait/Vikki Is Her Name Roulette 4484 VG+ (dj copy) 20.00
Hamilton, Roger and White Water Mojo Man/For The Good Times Lemco 740314 VG++ 20.00
Hampton, Paul Creams/Two Hour Honeymoon Dot 45-1608 M- 17.00
Handy, Wayne (Melody Masters & Sportsmen) Betcha' Didn't Know/Dont Be Unfair REnown XY 104 VG++ 22.00
Happy Feeling If There's A Thought/Happy Feeling Mala 12034 M- 22.00
Harmon, Manny I Love You, California/Farewell My Love RomanJo 101 VG++ 17.00
Harriett, Judy Don't/Road To Nowhere Columbia 4-42225 VG+ 20.00
Harris, Joey and The Speedsters You Never Call/Do You Want To? RDM MCA 52283 VG++ (San Diego, CA) 22.00
Harrison, Dan Singers Make America Proud of You (Rancho Bernardo Lions Club-San Diego) RB Records RB-100 VG++ 17.00
Hart, Bobby Lovesick Blues/I Think It's Called A Heartache Infinity INX 022 VG++ (audition record) 25.00
Hart, Cajun No Easy Way Down/Elmira Warner Bros.-Seven Arts 7285 M- (White label DJ promo) 17.00
Hassles Night After Day/Country Boy United Artists UA 50513 M- (promo) 25.00
Hayden, Gil So Left Alone/Think (Before You Say Goodbye) V-Tone 219 VG++ 17.00
Hayes, Maxine & The Belles I'm Tired Lord/This May Be My Last Time Choice 38 VG++ 22.00
Heileman Orchestra Heileman Beer Song/Heileman Waltz Heileman Brewing Co. 1955 VG+ (promo) 25.00
Henderson, Tobias Wood The Price Of Love/Woman Of The World Pulsar 2410 VG++ (white label promo) 22.00
Hewitt 'N' Henderson You're Holding Me Back/Marie S & H 500 VG++ 17.00
Hewitt, Lonnie You Gotta Git/Sausalito Fantasy 612 (White Label Promo) M- 17.00
Higgins, Chuck & Mellotones Pachuko Hop/Motor Head Baby Combo 45-12 VG+ 22.00
Hi-Lads The Modify/Give A Little Capitol 2470 VG++ (promo) 20.00
Hogs It's All Coming To Me Now/Motorcycle Rider Jay Boy 6002 M- (Promo) 22.00
Holcolm, Manuel B. Kick Out-Ins/I Stayed Away Too Long Diamond Jim 900 VG++ (bb hole) 25.00
Holmes, Nick & Serendipity Singers What Will We Do With The Child/Illusions United Arts 50,457 VG++ (Promo) 17.00
Honest Men Cherie/Baby VIP 25047 M- (Promo) 17.00
Hope College Milestone 1958 (Prof. Roger Rietberg, organist) Century V 7952 VG++ 22.00
Horatio The Golden Rule/I Can't Be A Cowboy If I Can't Carry A Gun Capitol 2489 M- 20.00
Hot-Toddy's Featuring Bill Pernell "Rockin' Crickets"/Shakin' And Stompin' Shan-Todd ST 0056 VG++ 22.00
Hudson and Landry The Hippie &The Redneck/Ajax Liquor Store Dore 855 VG+ 20.00
Hughes, Jimmy It's A Good Thing/Neighbor, Neighbor Fame 1003 VG+ 15.00
Hugo & Luigi Rockabilly Party/Shenandoah Rose Roulette 4012 VG++ 22.00
Hunter, Stan & Sonny Fortune Trip On The Strip/Corn Flakes Prestige 396 VG+ 22.00
Hunter, Ty Love Walked Right Out On Me/Am I Losing You Chess 12758 VG+ (bb hole) 22.00
Incredibles I'll Make It Easy/Crying Heart Audio Arts! 60001 VG+/VG 22.00
Infatuators I Found My Love/Where Are You Vee Jay 395 VG (sounds great) 22.00
Institutional Church Of God In Christ Choir Good Things Come To Those Who Wait/This Is The Right Time King 6256 VG++ (promo) 22.00
International Assoc. of Jazz Record Collectors Tenth Anniversary Souvenir-Pittsburgh August 1974 Jazz Rec. Coll. SP-1 VG++ 22.00
Ives, Burl On The Front Porch/Ugly Bugball Buena Vista F-419 VG++ (w/picture sleeve) 22.00
J. C. Three Lovers Farewell/This Train Shasta 45-172 VG++ (white label promo) 25.00
Jamerson, Ron Tijuana Moon/I'll Love Her and She'll Love Me Accent 1302 VG++ 22.00
James, Jimmy Love Dreams/True Love Redstart RS 7322 VG++ 22.00
James Boys Stampede/Bordertown Kapp K 502X VG++ (promo) 22.00
Jan & Dean Heart and Soul/Midsummer Night's Dream Challenge 9111 VG++ 17.00
Janettes We Belong To Each Other/He's Crying Inside Goldie G 1102 VG++ 25.00
Jay Jay and The Selectones When I Look Around/Humpty Dumpty Quest 62011 M- 25.00
Jay, Peter & The Jaywalkers Parchman Farm/What's Easy For Two Is So Hard For One Wand 180 VG+ (promo) 22.00
Jeb & Cousin Easy The Pool Game/" " (Recorded Live At El Toro Club, Crowley, LA) Par T 1002 M- 20.00
Jennie & Jay Ruthie/Tell Me Jay Wing 5803 VG++ 100.00
Jesse and James Sleeping Beauty/Welcome To The Club Carlton 590 VG++ 22.00
Jessie Mae It Might As Well Be Spring/Don't Freeze On Me D.R.A. 319 M- 75.00
Jessup, Hattie A Night At The Red Dog Saloon/Behind Those Swinging Doors At The Red Dog Saloon Royal 113 VG++ 25.00
Jewels A Fool In Paradise/Oh Yes I Know R and B 1303 VG+ to VG++ 25.00
John, Robert Don't Leave Me/Children Columbia A 4-44639 VG++ (white lavel radio station copy) 22.00
John, Robert Janet/The Lion Sleeps Tonight Atlantic 2846 VG+ 20.00
Johnny and Jonie Still Going Steady/Some of Them Bones Are Mine Challenge 59024 VG++ 25.00
Johns, Elton From Denver To L.A./Same Viking VIK 1010 M- (promo) 22.00
Johnson, Kripp & The Dell-Vikings I'm Spinning/When I Come Home Dot 15636 VG++ 25.00
Johnson, Lou Reach Out For Me/Magic Potion Big Top 3153 VG+ 22.00
Jolly Joker Lie-Dee-Lo/The UT Rendezvous Records R-202-1 VG++ 15.00
Jones, Jimmy Good Timin'/My Precious Angel Cub 9067 M- (DJ promo) 25.00
Jones, Juggy Murray Inside America -Pt. I/InsideAmerica-Pt. II Jupiter Records JUP-902 M- 17.00
Jorden, Jeri Baby/Alone Fox (Billy Roland Band) VG++ (promo) 22.00
Joy, Roddie Come Back Baby/Love Hit Me With A Wallop Red Bird 10-021 VG+ 22.00
Judy And Jo Tattletale Joe/ Pictures Don't Lie Capitol 4731 M- 25.00
Jumbalayah Some Sign/Feel High DC #4 (San Diego) M- 25.00
Katcher, Del Puerto Rico/Night Bird Denny 4467 VG++ (promo) 22.00
Keeter, Hal Tony The Tiny Texas/We'll Keep The Date Trend 6961 VG++ 22.00
Keffer Sisters Happy, Happy Birthday Baby/When Will I Virtue 8503 VG++ (small bend;sounds great 20.00
Keys (Nat'l City, CA) Lovely Roses/My Love Has Gone Lee 477-0759 VG++ 40.00
Killer Pussy Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage SHO-PINK Records M-(EP w/picture sleeve and insert) 25.00
King, Claude I've Got The World By The Tail/Shopping Center Colmbia 4-41630 VG++ (radio station copy) 22.00
Kingsmen Week End/Better Believe It East West 115 VG+ (clean) 25.00
Kinsler, Julie Rockola/Flutterbug Capitol F 3094 VG++ 22.00
Kirk, Lisa EP sampler from"Lisa Kirk Sings at the Plaza" MGM 58-EP-115 (w/paper picture sleeve) VG+/VG+ 17.00
Knight, Baker Reelin' and Rockin'/When The Word Gets Around Decca 9-30213 VG++ 20.00
Knight, Jean Jesse Joe (You Got To Go)/Dirt Dial 1026 VG++ 20.00
Knight, Lori & Corky Corcoran Quintet I Love You Crazy/If You Could Want Me Vistone 2015 VG++ 25.00
Kodoks Love Wouldn't Mean A Thing/Mister-Magoo Wink - 1006 VG++ 20.00
Kool G Rap & D.J.Polo Butcher Shop/Road To The Riches (L.P. Version) Warner Bros. 7-27559 M- 25.00
Kory, Kitti First Star/Across the Moon Warwick M 523 VG+ 22.00
Kuban, Bob and The In-Men The Cheater/Try Me Baby Musicland USA 20,001 VG++ (orange label) 22.00
Kuf-Linx So Tough/What 'Cha Gonna Do? Challenge CH-1013 (Blue Label) VG++ 25.00
L. C. Put Me Down Easy/Take Me For What I Am SAR Records SAR-148 VG++ 20.00
La Franz Always On My Mind/Your Brown Eyes Phax Records 121086 M- 50.00
Laine, Frankie Strike Up The Band For San Diego/Charger Fight Song-Navy Band Frankie Laine RL 000-01 VG++ 22.00
Lane, Barry Oh Geronimo/Gettin' Ready For Love RA-Q 602 M- 30.00
Lano, Mark That's What I Like About Girls/I'm Breakin' In a Broken Heart Belmar 3001 VG++ 25.00
La-Rells I Just Can't Understand/Public Transportation ROBBEE R-114 VG++ 40.00
Lashlee, Mark and The Pony Express Weekend Cowboys/The Ballad of the Big Oak Ranch Big Oak Records 7880 VG+ 15.00
Laurie, Linda (Introducing) Ooh, What a Lover!/Ambrose (Part Five) Glory 45-290 VG++ 20.00
Lawrence, Larry & The Band Of Gold The Wreck Of The American Patrol/Trav'Lin On Balboa LF 124 M- (promo) 22.00
Lawrence, Vicki The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia/He Did With Me Soma 5248 VG++ 25.00
Lee, Brenda Thanks A Lot/The Crying Game Decca 31728 M- (pink promo) 25.00
Lee, Laura Wanted:Lover, No Experience Necessary/Uptight Good Man Chess 2030 VG++ (bb hole) 20.00
Lee, Laura Hang It Up/It's How You Make It Good Chess 2062 VG++ 20.00
Lee, Peggy The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter (acetate) Eldorado Studio Hollywood VG++ 50.00
Lee, Randy & Merry Melody Singers Goodby, Mary Ann/Like The Feller And The Girl on The Late, Late Show Philips 40006 M- (white d.j. promo) 25.00
Lefler, Wanka K. Johnny B. Goode/It's Time to Cry Alvic Records 35938 VG++ 17.00
Lemon Drops Canadian Capers/Lonesome Looie Dore 589 VG (sounds good) 22.00
Leslie, John Fortune Teller/Serves Me Right ABC 10293 VG++ (promo) 22.00
Leslie, Jon Darken Hollows of The Mind/Come On In Pelegrin 7774 VG++ (DJ Promo) 25.00
Levy, O'Donel Baa Waa/Dawn A New Day Groove Merchant 1015 VG++ 22.00
Lewis My Heart Went Do Dat Da/The Longest Night of The Year Atlantic 2141 M- (promo) 22.00
Lindsey, Theresa Gotta Find A Way/Wonderful One Correc-Tone 5840 VG to VG+ (sounds good) 22.00
Linsey Triplets Fallin' In Love/Jiminy JumJum Top Rank RA 2010 VG++ 22.00
Lisi, Ricky The River/Don't Go Now Roulette R-4511 (Radio Station Copy) VG++ 25.00
Little Eva Keep Your Hands Off My Baby/Where Do I Go? Dimension 1003 VG++ 17.00
Little Jo Ann My Daddy Is President/Macaroni Kapp 467 VG+ 22.00
Little Joe & The Thrillers I Love You ForSentimental Reasons/One More Time 20th Century TC-1214 VG++ 25.00
Little Milton You Mean Everything to Me/I Know What I Want Checker 1194 (DJ Copy) VG++ 16.00
Little Tommy I Played A Trick On Santa Claus/Away In The Manger WAN-DELL 1715 VG++ 22.00
Los Bravos Dirty Street/Two People In Me Parrot 3023 VG++ (promo) 22.00
Los Friends Tears On My Pillow/Darling Forever Rainbow Music RS 110 VG- (sounds good; writing on label) 22.00
Love, Candace Never In A Million Years/I Want To Get BAck Aquarius AQ 4012 M- 25.00
Love, Dorothy/Harmonettes Heaven, I've Heard So Much About It/I Won't Let Go Nashboro 947 M- (dj white label promo) 22.00
Love Chain Love Chain/I'm Loving You Baby Minit 32065 VG+ 20.00
Love Ins Red Light-Green Light/Groove Me Laurie 3456 (DJ Promo) VG++ 20.00
Love Society Do You Wanna Dance/Without You Scepter Records SCE-12223 (White Label Promo) M- 17.00
Lucas, Buddy Oh Mary Ann/Ho Didy Ho Savoy 1180 VG+ (white label promo) 22.00
Lunar Landing Man On the Moon (Apollo 11 Mission) w/Picture Sleeve Cinema/Sound Ltd. T-10483 VG+ 17.00
Lundberg, Victor An Open Letter To My Teenage Son/Buddy Carl Liberty 55996 VG++ 20.00
Lundy, Pat Only Mama That'll Walk the Line/Only Mama That's Walk the Line DeLuxe 45-118 (DJ Sample) VG+ 17.00
Luster, Don The Lonely G.I./Why Don't We Do This More Often J-D-J Records 1001 M- 25.00
Luster, Don Maybe You'll Be There/Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter J-D-J Records 2 VG++ 22.00
Lymon, Frankie Little Girl/It's Christmas Once Again Roulette R 4035 VG++ 22.00
Lynn, Donna Java Jones/The Things That I Feel Capitol 5156 VG++ 22.00
Lyons, Billy Little Fool/That's Allright Candix 330 VG+ (promo) 22.00
McCann, Les All/Bucket of Grease (w/picture sleeve) Limelight L-3077 (DJ) M- 22.00
McClug, Mike; Tom Horne et al Martian Good Buddy/Never Without You March Hare REcords FM 78083 VG++ 22.00
McCoy, Freddie Peas'N'Rice/Summer In The City Prestige 450 (white label DJ) M- 20.00
McDuff, Brother Jack The Vibrator/Oblighetto Blue Note 1957 M- 25.00
McVicker, Sean The Ould Blarney Stone (San Diego)/Irishman's Dream Sean McVicker ARS O 42383 VG++ 22.00
Maddin, Jimmie Tongue Tied/You Know Dot 15641 VG+ to VG++ 25.00
Marathons Peanut Butter/Talkin' Trash Arvee 5027 VG++ 22.00
Marbles The Walls Fell Down/Love You Cotillion 44029 M- (White Label Promo) 20.00
Marcels Friendly Loans/Loved Her The Whole Week Through Colpix CP 65 VG+ (promo) 22.00
Marchand, Yvette Rock-A-Daddy-O/Cha Conga Pachanga Bethlehem 45-3037 VG++ (promo) 25.00
Marcus Brothers Sugar Booger/Little Girl In Pigtails Ebb 1sox VG+ 25.00
Mar-Keys Last Night/Night Before Satellite S 107 VG+ 22.00
Markham, Junior & The Tulsa Review Black Cherry/Gonna Send You Back To Georgia Uptown 762 VG++ (promo) 20.00
Marlowe, Marion The Man In The Raincoat/Heartbeat Cadence 1266 VG+ 22.00
Marshall, Gene My Attitude/I Know A Valley Preview Records 2207 VG++ 22.00
Marshall, Jackie Fabulous Cars And Diamond Rings/Please Be Real Cobblestone 719 M- (promo) 30.00
Mary "B" Since I Fell For You/Something For Baby Fling 725 M- (DJ sample) 75.00
Mascots Once Upon A Love/Hey Little Angel Blast 206 VG+ 17.00
Masters, Sammy Rockin' Red Wing/Lonely Weekend Lode 108 VG++ 25.00
McDonald, Lonnie The Minor's Plea/Victory Song Howdy H-1114 VG+ (w/picture sleeve & San Diego Fan Club Address) 25.00
McDonald, Lonnie Too Many Memories/I'm In Love With You Howdy H-1111 VG++(w/sleeve) 20.00
McDuff, Brother Jack Theme From Electric Surfboard/Down Home Style Blue Note BN-1953 VG+ 17.00
McKinney, Nathan & The Valleyites Weep No More/Oh How I Love You Rayco 526 VG++ 50.00
McPhatter, Clyde Let's Try Again/Bless You MGM K12843 (Special Disc Jockey) VG++ 20.00
Medallions Buick 59/The Letter Dootone 347 VG+ 22.00
Merchant, Jimmy Skin The Cat/My Girl Now BO-MAR 5002 VG++ (promo) 40.00
Meriden High School (Meriden, CT) The Class of 1956 Universal Recorders VG+ 22.00
Merrie Motor Company Dream Of You/Walkin' On This Road To My Town Decca 32320 VG++ (promo) 40.00
Michaels, Marilyn Kansas City/Show Me ABC 11043 M- (promo) 20.00
Mickey & Sylvia Love Is Strange/I'm Going Home Groove 48-0175 VG+ 17.00
Midland Federal Savings Flight of Apollo 11 (Documentary) D'Arcy Studios DSS-10006 VG++ 15.00
Mighty Marvellows This Town's Too Much/You're Breaking My Heart ABC 11189 VG++ 25.00
Miles, Mary Ann I'll Be Gone Part I/I'll Be Gone Part II Kick Off 201 VG++ 20.00
Miller, Bingo & Velvetones Martha Sue/I Know A Valley Young Artists 103 VG+ 100.00
Miller, Ken Zonbeeshe Blues/You Are Love To Me Faro 581 VG+ (picture label) 22.00
Miller, Mary Dont Hurt Me/Impatiently Reprise R-20,081 VG++ (white label promo) 22.00
Mimms, Garnet & The Enchanters For Your Precius Love/Baby Don't You Wee United Artists 658 VG++ (promo) 25.00
Mineo, Sal Sal Sings/Sal Sings Epic 27283-4 (promo EP Scotch Brand Tape) VG++ 25.00
Mitchell, Guy Sweet Stuff/In The Middle of A Dark, Dark Night Columbia 4-40940 (Promo) VG++ 20.00
Mize, Billy Coco Palm/The Windward Isle Raven RA 002 VG++ 22.00
Modesto's Charanga Kings Ja Ja Ja/Pachanga Malanga Pacific Jazz X-336 VG+ 16.00
Molittieri, Pat The "USA"/Say That You Love Me Teen Magazine Records T-414 VG++ (tol) 22.00
Monarchs El-Bandito/Friday Night Zone 1105 VG+ 20.00
Montanas You've Got To Be Loved/Difference of Opinion Independence 83 VG++ (wol) 17.00
Mooney, Art Rebel Without A Cause/East Of Eden MGM K12312 VG++ 22.00
Moore, Bobby Hey, Mr. D.J./Searching For My Love Checker 1129 VG++ 17.00
Moore, Jerry Balland of Birmingham/Winds of Change ESP-4561 (White Label DJ) VG++ 20.00
Morgan, Jaye P. I Walk The Line/Wondering Where You Are MGM 12924 VG++ 22.00
Morley, Cozy Why Don't You Fall In Love?/I Love My Girl ABC-Paramount 9811 VG+ 17.00
Morris, Doug I'm Gonna Be With You/I'll Never Get Nearer to Heaven ABC Paramount 10322 M- 40.00
Morwells Greenwich Road Shank/Swing and Dine Morwell Esq VG+ 25.00
Moultrie, Sam The Promised Land/Funky Jerk Roulette R 7038 M- (DJ Promo) 22.00
Ms. B. Haven Get It/Sexuality Normality Soundsations VG++ 25.00
Murphy, Dan & Merry Elves Santa Claus Ain't A' Gonna Come To Town This Year Golden Track Studio 713343 (flexidisc xmas card) VG++ 20.00
Murray Hill Mob Look Away!/Look Away/You Fooled Me (For The Last Time) Stacy 29171-1 VG+ 22.00
Myles, Billy The Joker/Honey Bee Ember E 1026 VG+ (white label DJ) 20.00
Naturals Let Love Be True/Three Banditos Smash 1815 VG++ (bb) 20.00
Newman, Ted Plaything/Unlucky Me REV 3505 VG++ 25.00
Nightrunner Love Is/Santee Mountain Moon Ray-Dar GT 41982 VG+ 17.00
Nova's Nine Pain/Why Listen ABC 11127 VG++ 20.00
O'Brian, Hugh Don't Move/I'm Walkin' Away ABC-Paramount 45-9854 (DJ Promo) VG+ 15.00
O'Day,Anita Bluesette/Ain't No Big Thing Clover 333 VG++ 22.00
Odom, Noel & Group I Cant See Nobody/Pardon My Complete Objection Uptown 763 M- (White Label Promo) 22.00
Ognir And The Nite People I Found A New Love/All My Heart Warner Bros. Records 5687 VG++ (white label promo) 60.00
Olenn, Johnny & The Blockbusters The Magic Touch/Footbll Freddy Antler 4018 (promo) M- 25.00
Orchids All Night Baby/Oh Why King 45-4661 VG++ 100.00
Osborne, Kell Bells Of St. Mary/That's All Right Baby Trey 2006 M- (promo) 25.00
P. Vert Stickball/Stickball Haphazard No #1 VG++ 22.00
Pacesetters (With The Day Dreamers) That's All/Ronnie's Beat Wink 1008 VG++ (white dj copy) 25.00
Packers You Got It/Packin' It In Imperial 66380 M- (audition record) 25.00
Paragons If/Hey Baby Tap 500 VG+ (promo) 22.00
Paragons Let's Start All Over Again/Stick With Me Baby Winley 220 VG++ (DJ promo) 100.00
Paris Sisters I Love How You Love Me/All Through The Night Gregmark 6 VG++ 25.00
Parker, Larry w/Sum Body Sun Shine/Paper Man Gold Master MSR 1001 M- 25.00
Pastel Six The Cinnamon Cinder/Bandido Zen 102 VG++ 17.00
Pathfinders Bull Run/Sweet Is The Woman Capehart 5004 VG+ (clean w/sticker on label) 20.00
Paulin, Don Sangaree/Fiesta Time Horizon Records Horizon #5 (promo) VG++ 20.00
Peck, George You're The One/I Ask Of Heaven REV 3506 VG++ 25.00
Peppermint Rainbow Pink Lemonade/Walking in Different Circles Decca 32316 (DJ Promo) M- 20.00
Petals (Bobbie Joyce & Hugh Gerstl) One Day We Might Say Goodbye/Some Day Hue 45-301 VG++ 50.00
Peter, Paul and Mary Eugene McCarthy For President/If You Love Your Country Promo VG++ 50.00
Petites Get Your Daddy's Car Tonight/Sun Showers Columbia 4-41662 VG++ (radio station copy) 25.00
Pimentel,Daisy and Despina Combo Salute To Apollo Eleven/Gypsy Melody SSS-119 M- 40.00
Pixies Three Gee/After The Party Mercury 72250 VG++ 25.00
Pixies Three 442 Glenwood Avenue/Cold Cold Winter Mercury 72208 VG+ 22.00
Pizzarelli, Bucky The Astronaut/Night Rider Everest 19411 VG+ 15.00
Playboys (Cousins) Over The Weekend/Double Talk Cameo 142 VG+ 17.00
Plus 4 Happiest Girl In The World/Hang On (My Love Is On The Way!) Warner Bros. 7287 M- (DJ) 25.00
Point Loma High School - San Diego) Moments To Remember Class of 1956 Century 33 1/3 7" VG+ 25.00
Poore, Bobby Baby, I Got Love/In Your Hands Beta 1002 VG++ 20.00
Popcorns Chinese Twist/Zero-Zero Decca 31446 VG++ 20.00
Post, Bill and Doree Walk Away/If He Were In His Teens Crest 45-1066 (DJ Copy) VG+ 15.00
Premiers Farmer John/Duffy's Blues Faro 615 VG+ 20.00
Prufrock Romance Renegade/Time Time Time/Walls and Bridges Prufrock EP3 33 1/3 7" VG++ (w/cover) San Diego, CA 22.00
Pullins, Leroy Swimming At The Bottom Of The Pod/The Interstate...My Outhouse Kapp K-889 (promo) VG++ 22.00
Purify, James & Bobby I Don't Know What It Is You Got/Section C Bell 774 M- (DJ Copy) 22.00
Quaker City Boys Teasin'/Won't Y'Come Out, Mary Ann Swan 4023 VG++ 22.00
Quartette Tres Bien Exodus/Three O'Clock in the Morning Norman N-559 VG+ 17.00
Quickly, Tommy You Might As Well Forget Him/It's As Simple As That (Audition Record) Liberty 55732 VG++ 15.00
R + B II (A.Amaral & G. Vickery Break The IceRolling Stoner R + B II GT-52182 M- (San Diego, CA) 40.00
Raindrops Book Of Love/I Won't Cry Jubilee 5469 VG+ (promo) 20.00
Ramblers Father Sebastian/Barbara (I Love You?) Almont 311 VG+ 17.00
Randall, Rory Summer Time Love/If Luck 101 VG++ 25.00
Ran-Dells Martian Hop/Forgive Me Darling Chairman 45-4403 VG++ 20.00
Ranee and Raj Feel Like a Clown/Rainbow Land Decca 32303 (DJ Promo) VG++ 17.00
Raney, Sue Early Morning Blues And Greens/Knowing When To Leave Imperial 66340 (audition record) VG++ 22.00
Rangers (Ramrods) (Ghost) Riders In The Sky/Four On The Floor F.T.P. 404 VG++ 40.00
Rascals (Young) Groovin'/Sueno Atlantic 2401 VG++ 17.00
Ravin' Blue Colors/In My Sorrow Monument 45-1034 VG++ (dj promo) 20.00
Rawls, Lou Show Business/When Love Goes Wrong Capitol 5941 VG+ 17.00
Ray, Nancy Growing Up Too Fast/You're Nobody Til Somebody Loves You Colpix CP 634 VG++ (white labe promo) 25.00
Red Garter Band & Stan Newman Hello, Frisco/Grizzly Bear (w/picture sleeve) Society Bear Records 674 VG++ 15.00
Reed, Jerry and The Hully Girlies Goodnight, Irene/Goodnight, Irene Columbia 4-42417 (Red vinyl; Radio Station) VG++ 20.00
Renay, Diane Kiss Me Sailor/Soft-Spoken Guy 20th Century Fox 477 VG++ 20.00
Revels Midnight Stroll/Talking To My Heart Norgolde A-103 VG+ 17.00
Revere, Paul & The Raiders SS 396/ Corvair Baby Columbia Special Products 262 VG+ (complimentary copy) 25.00
Reynolds, Malvina Like The Miller Grinds The Wheat/It Isn't Nice Cassandra Records CS 50 VG++ 20.00
Rice, Kenneth Here Come The Padres/Do It, Do It, Do It! Emerald City Records 1001 VG++ (w/sleeve) 25.00
Richards, Jimmy A Penny for Your Thoughts/Peace In The Valley A & M 1062 M- (white label DJ promo) 25.00
Rick & The Masters Flame Of Love/Here Comes Nancy Cameo C-226 M- (promo) 25.00
Rick & Rod Don't Stop (Kissing Me Goodnight)/Emotions Dell Star 127 VG+ 20.00
Rinner, Arareba If You Won't Lie About Me I Won't Tell The Truth About You Fanfare 7152 VG+ (El Cajon, CA) 22.00
Rio, Jerry & The Stompmen Doin' The Empire Stomp (Part 1)/Doin' The Empire Stomp (Part 2) PNR-1 M- (promo) 25.00
Rising Sun Ta-La-Linda/Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah Atlantis 101 VG (sounds good) 22.00
Rita And Robin Minstrel Boy/Down By The Station Unical 0001 VG++ 22.00
Roberts, Smiley and The Versatilves Internal Revenue Blues/If At First You Don't Succeed Rand 262 VG++ 60.00
Robins Smokey Joe's Cafe/Just Like A Fool Atco 6059 VG+ 22.00
Robinson, Floyd Makin/ Love/My Girl RCA 47-7529 VG+ 22.00
Rockfield Chorale Jingle Jangle/Plastic Mac GMP 810 VG++ 22.00
Rockin' Chairs A Kiss Is A Kiss/Rockin' Chair boogie Recorte 402 VG+ 25.00
Rogers, Menard I Still Love You/Good Food, I Am For You Margaret 998 VG++ (promo) 25.00
Romeos A Tear And A Smile/Searching Mark II M-103 VG++ 22.00
Ronettes You Came, You Saw, You Conquered!/Oh, I Love You A & M 1040 VG++ (bb hole) 20.00
Ronettes Breakin' Up/Big Red Phillies 120 VG++ 25.00
Ronny And The Daytonas Sandy/Sandy Mala 513 VG++ 20.00
Rosie and The Originals Angel Baby/Give Me Love Highland 1011 VG++ 25.00
Rosie and The Originals Lonely Blue Nights/We'll Have A Chance Highland 1032 VG+ 25.00
Ross, Jackie I've Got The Skill/Change Your Ways Chess 1913 VG++ 17.00
Roulettes (with Dalyce Curry) Surfers Charge/Archibald The II Angle 1001 VG+ (promo) 25.00
Royaltones Poor Boy/Seesaw Port 70037 VG+ 20.00
Runabouts (w/Johnny Hammer) Swamp Water/Free Loader Hi Jinx 9661 M- 50.00
Runaway Pancake Archie's Place/Archie's Place Rama Rama 7793 M- (White Label Promo) 22.00
Rush, Bobby Sock Boo Ga Loo/Much to Much Checker 1182 (DJ Copy) VG+ 16.00
Russ, Lonnie My Wife Can't Cook/Something Old, Something New 4 J Records 501 VG++ 22.00
Russell, Lee You're The Only Star/Blossom, Blossom Skidmore 772 VG++ 25.00
Russell, Nathan His Name Was Dean/I Walk In The Future Forest 5603 VG++ (sol) 25.00
Ryan, Barry Eloise/Love,I Almost Found You MGM 14010 VG++ 22.00
Ryan, Paul and Barry Have Pity on the Boy/There You Go MGM K-l3472 VG++ (bb) 17.00
Ryder, John & Anne I Still Believe In Tomorrow/Daffodil Rain Decca 732506 VG+ 12.00
Safaris Image Of A Girl/4 Steps To Love Eldo 101 VG+ (clean) 22.00
Saint, Billy Tear Down The Wall/Baby Doll Dore 656 (promo) VG++ 22.00
St. Romain, Kirby Summer's Comin'/Walk On Inette 103 VG++ 20.00
San Diego High School Hilltop Choir 1956 (E.Harrison Maxwell Dir.) As a Snow White Swan/Heavenly Light et al Location Recording Service LRS-4556 (Blue Vinyl EP) VG+ 20.00
San Diego Sockers Sockers!/Thumbs Up! DM-1 VG++ 25.00
Sandy, Frank and The King's Men Tarrentela Rock/Somebody Loves Me MGM K12626 VG+ 20.00
San Remo Golden Strings Hungry For Love/All Turned On Ric-Tic 104 VG+ 17.00
Santo & Johnny Wandering Sea/Manhattan Spiritual Canadian American CA 155 VG++ 20.00
Savoy, Ronnie And The Heavens Cried/The Big Chain MGM 12950 VG++ 22.00
Schifrin, Lalo Mannix/End Game Paramount PAA 002 M- 17.00
Schifrin, Lalo The Man From Thrush/Blues A-Go-Go Verve 10365 VG++ (Special Disc Jockey) 20.00
Scott, Freddie (You) Got What I Need/Powerful Love Shout S 233 VG++ (bb hole) 22.00
Scotti, Tony Devil Or Angel/Same Liberty 56101 VG++ 22.00
Self, Ronnie Bop-A-Lena/I Ain't Goin' Nowhere Columbia 4-41101 VG++ 25.00
Senor Soul El Loco/I Ain't Got No Soul Today Whiz 617 M- (DJ Promo) 17.00
Sevarg, Ybur I Like To Wash The Windshields On Them Little Foreign Cars MEA 1004 VG++ (Lemon Grove, CA) 22.00
Sevens, Sammy Everbody Crossfire/(You Better) Watch Your Step Swan 4159 M- (promo) 25.00
Sevilless Charlena/Loving You (Is My Desire) J.C. Records 116 VG+ 17.00
Sexton, Ann You're Losing Me/You're Gonna Miss Me Seventy Seven 77-133 VG++ 2500
Shades/Knott Sisters Sun Glasses/Undivided Attention Big Top 3003 VG+ 16.00
Shadows Stars Fell On Stockton/Wonderful Land Atlantic 2146 VG++ 22.00
Shady Days Little Girl/That's How Strong Love Is RPR R-104 M- (DJ) 25.00
Shaggs Mean Woman Blues/She Makes Me Happy Capitol P-2511 M- (Promo) 20.00
Shan, Joan Ten Commandments of Love/ I Shouldn't Be Alone So Long Jaguar 3013 VG++ 25.00
Shank & Maydiea Why Don't You Tell Me/Bye Bye Baby Flip 45-361 VG+ 16.00
Shannon Abergavenny/Alice In Blue Heritage 814 VG++ (w/picture sleeve) 20.00
Sheets Didn't I Make It Easy/Heartless 16105 VG++ 22.00
Shells Baby Oh Baby/What's In An Angel's Eyes Johnson Records 104 VG+ 15.00
Shore, Jymme (Suzabele) Bopsie Wopsie/Our First Date M & M 2020-45 VG++ 50.00
Silhouettes The Push/Which Way Did She Go Imperial 5899 VG++ (promo) 22.00
Silva-Tones Chi-Wa-Wa/Roses Are Blooming Argo 5281 VG to VG+ 22.00
Simms, Lu Ann Blue Jay/Image of You Jubilee 5370 VG+ (w/metal adaptor) 17.00
Sinatra, Nancy Lightning's Girl/Until It's Time For You To Go Reprise 0620 VG++ (promo) 20.00
Sinatra, Nancy Cuff Links And A Tie Clip/Not Just Your Friend Reprise 20017 VG++ 20.00
Singer, Bebe and Donna Lady Rhythm/Bi-Cycle Crown Point Records 2001 VG++ 22.00
Smith, Effie Dial That Telephone Part I/Dial That Telephone Part II Duo Disc 107 VG++ 20.00
Smith, Jennie (I Won't) Go Away Little Boy/Let It Be Me Canadian American CA 150 VG+ 22.00
Smith L. L. Tell Me Do You Love Me Baby/Country Girl Dungeon Records VG+ 22.00
Smith, Warren Ubangi Stomp/Black Jack David Sun 250 VG++ 25.00
Snyder, JImmy Our Boys In Viet Nam Are Coming Home/Sunshine Of My Day Charity CH 4392 VG++ 22.00
Solar Wind Back to Richmond/Solar Wind Solar Wind Enterprises SW 101 VG+ 17.00
Sonnettes I've Gotten Over You/Teardrops K. O. Knockout 4-0001 VG++ 25.00
Soul Purpose Somethin's Happenin'/Ticket For Tomorrow Smash 2215 VG++ (promo) 25.00
Soulful Ernie & Roylettes Street Talking/Hard Times Lyons Den 6001 VG to VG+ 22.00
Soulful Strings On The Dock of the Bay/The Stepper Cadet 5607 (DJ Promo) VG++ 17.00
Souvenirs The Bump/The Worm Reprise 20065 VG++ 17.00
Spats Gator Tails And Monkey Ribs/The Roach ABC 10585 VG++ 22.00
Spedding Chris & The Vibrators The Pose/Pogo Dancing RAK 246 VG++ 25.00
Spiders Witchcraft/Is It True Imperial X5366 VG+ 20.00
Spokes Bouncing Betty/Mini-Bike Scorpio 401 M- (promo) 75.00
Standbys The Standbys World Records WEP 100 (7" 33 1/3) VG+ 25.00
Staple Singers Dock Of The Bay/Dock Of The Bay Stax STA0031 M- (DJ promo w/sleeve) 22.00
Starlets Better Tell Him No/You Are The One Pam 1003 VG+ 20.00
Staten Island Ferry Candy Bar/Charlie Chan Event 3303 M- (dj white label promo) 22.00
Statues Blue Velvet/Keep The Hall Light Burning Liberty F 55245 VG+ 20.00
Steel Dragon Poor Boy/On My Way Spark SPP-301 VG 17.00
Stephens, Tenison Can't Take My Eyes Off You/Where Would You Be Chess 2073 VG++ 22.00
Stevens, Julie Don't Worry About Me/Please Forgive, Please Forget Sure 161 VG++ (promo) 20.00
Stewart, Jimmy & The Sirs Wow/Sixteen Candles UNI 55090 VG+ 20.00
Stingers Do The Cissy/Same Stax 0035 M- (promo) 22.00
Stone, Cliffie Barracuda/The Popcorn Song Capitol F 313 VG++ 17.00
Stoney And The Hot Rocks The American Way/The American Way No Label 101 Promo VG+ 22.00
Storey Sisters Bad Motorcycle/Sweet Daddy Cameo 126 VG+ 20.00
Storms Tarantula/Thunder Sundown 114 VG (sounds good) 22.00
Strangers We're In Love, We're In Love, We're In Love/Crab Louie Christy Records 107 VG+ 16.00
Stumbles, George Why Don't You Say Goodbye/My Old Girl Friend Ghost Town 1001 VG++ (San Diego, CA) 22.00
Subversives (Ortin Freenie) On The Wild Side/Mrs. Khruschev, Honey Baby Lute 6228 VG++ (promo) 22.00
Sugar Cakes When I'm With You/Chains Warner Bros. 7293 M- (dj promo) 20.00
Sunny & The Sunliners Hip Huggin' Mini/My Dream RPR R-102 M- (white label dj promo) 25.00
Sunrise Highway Goin' To California/The Love Game Decca 32313 (Promo) M- 20.00
Sunshine, Margot Mixed Up Girl/Until It's Time For You To Go Marino Bros. Records #45 (San Diego) VG++ 22.00
Supremes Run, Run, Run/I'm Giving You Your Freedom Motown 1054 (white label dj promo) VG+ (clean) 22.00
Supremes Let Me Go The Right Way/Time Changes Things Motown MO-1034 VG+ 16.00
Survivors (Contribution of AAN) All You Have to Do Is Care/Think Green PIT Production VG++ (w/sleeve) 17.00
Swann, Bettye I Will Not Cry/Make Me Yours Money 126 VG++ 17.00
Sylte Sisters The Ballad of Lover's Hill/Should I Coliseum Records CM-601 VG+ 12.00
Symbols The Wrong Girl/I Will Still Be There Imperial 66381 M- (audition record 22.00
T.U.M.E. You're Not Him/Telling It Like It Is MGM 14817 VG+ 15.00
Take 6 Loretta Bell Sound Studios (12-30-60) VG+ 25.00
Taylor, Al And The Poodles The Ripple/The Swivel United Artists UA 1051 VG++ 22.00
Taylor, Little Johnny If You Lov Me (Like You Say)/First Class Love Galaxy 729 VG++ 20.00
Tender Joe Richardson Hip Huggin' Mini/I Ain't Going For That Biscuit Disc 1451 VG++ 22.00
TER-CELS Graffiti Part 1/Graffiti Part 2 Trash 522 VG+ 22.00
Terry and Jerry What Is Love/Out Of Luck Class 240 VG++ 25.00
Tex, Joe Fresh Out Of Tears/Hold What You've Got Dial 4001 VG++ 17.00
Theta Ladies Theta Favorites Of 1981-82 Theta Records - San Diego State College (33 rpm 7") VG+ VG- 20.00
Thomas, Arthur Bee Sticks To Honey/That Didn't Hurt Much (Did It) Capa 126 VG++ 40.00
Thomas, Carla All I Want For Christmas Is You/Winter Snow Stax 45-206 VG+ (Bullet Hole) 17.00
Thomas, Carla Something Good (Is Going To Happen To You)/It's Starting To Grow Stax 207 VG+ (bb hole) 17.00
Thomas, Joel Don't Come Runnin'/Waiting, Watching, Wanting Foremost 1001 VG++ 22.00
Thomas, Tasha The Unexpected Experience of Michael Tippet-S.F./Sittin' and Waitin' Roulette 7037 M- (White Label DJ Promo) 20.00
Thomas, Truman Twenty-Five Miles/The Weight Veep 1306 M- (dj promo) 25.00
Thompson, Sue and Bob Luman I Like Your Kind Of Love/Too Hot To Dance Hickory 1221 (dj) VG++ 22.00
Thornton, Teri Cold, Cold Heart/You Don't Know Columbia 43002 VG++ (demonstration only sticker) 22.00
Three Karats Yes I Will/It's You Delray 203 VG++ 20.00
Til, Sonny What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?/Don't Mess Around With My Love CP Parker Records-Special Promo VG++ 50.00
Tones We (Belong Together)/Three Little Loves Baton 45-265 VG++ 25.00
Tracy, Bill Only A Boy/Too Far Gone Too Long Starfire STF 1016-01 VG++ 25.00
Traveling Salesmen Days Of My Years/I'm Alive RCA 47-9167 VG++ (promo) 22.00
Travis, McKinley Baby, Is There Something On Your Mind/You've Got It And I Want It Pride 2 VG++ 20.00
Tree Ring & Rusty Maples We Sleep On The Porch (San Diego) RANDM 45007 VG++ 25.00
Tree Swingers Kookie Little Paradise/Teaching The Natives To Sing Guyden 2036 VG+ (wol) 22.00
Trends The Beard/Chug-A-Lug RCA 7733 VG++ 22.00
Trent, Barbara One Child/Butterfly Mornin's Red Label R 38 VG+ 22.00
Trent, Jackie It's Not Easy Loving You/Your Love Is Everywhere Warner Bros. 7070 VG++ (white label oromo) 22.00
Trojans Don't Ask Me To Be Lonely/Alone In This World Tender T-518 VG+ (wol) 20.00
Trophies Peg O My Heart/I Laughed So Hard I Cried Challenge 9149 M- (white dj) 30.00
Twin-Tones Jim and John RCA EP 4107 VG++ (cover only) 20.00
Underdogs Love's Gone Bad/Mo Jo Hanna V.I.P. 25040 VG+ (wol) 22.00
University of California, Berkeley Free Speech Carols From the FSM/1964 Cireco Music VG+ (EP) 25.00
Untouchables Lovely Dee/You're On Top Liberty F 55335 VG+ 22.00
Unwritten Law What About Me; Blurr/Kill To Breathe Red Eye Reoords 7008 VG++ (w/picture sleeve) 22.00
Valenti, Bobby All American Girl/Walkin'! Gorham 701 VG+ (tol) 17.00
Valentino, Danny Stampede/Music Man MGM K 12835 VG+ 20.00
Vandeventer, Bob Waco, Texas/My Hometown Radio Station W-A-C-O VG++ 25.00
Vaughn, Morris My Love Keeps Growing/Make It Look Good Fontana F-1642 VG++ (white label promo) 22.00
Velours Remember/Can I Walk You Home Onyx 520 VG++ 22.00
Velvetones (Bingo Miller) All Night Long/Sandra Maestro (10" 45 rpm, #27 of 56 Limited Edition) VG++ 50.00
Vent, Joanne It's A Man's World/God Bless the Child A & M 1051 M- (white label DJ promo) 22.00
Verbatim Hieronymus Bosch/The Face On The Cutting Room Floor Metromedia 108 VG++ (promo) 22.00
Vernon & Jewell That's A Rocking Good Way/Those Lonely Nights Kent 405 VG+ 17.00
Videls Now That Summer Is Here/She's Not Coming Home JDS 5005 VG++ 20.00
Viscaynes Heavenly Angel/Yellow Moon VPM 1006 VG+ 20.00
Village Sound Hey Jack (Don't Hijack My Plane)/Same HIP HIA 8013 VG++ (promo) 25.00
Volumes I Love You/Dreams Chex 1002 VG (sounds good) 22.00
Wailers Tall Cool One/Road Runner Golden Crest Records CR 518 VG+ (clean) 22.00
Walker, Charlie San Diego/When My Conscience Hurts The Most Epic 5-10349 VG++ 22.00
Walker, Jackie Only Teenager Allowed/Oh Lonesome Me Imperial 5490 VG+ 17.00
Warlocks I'll Go Crazy/The Temper Tantrum Decca 31806 VG++ (promo) 22.00
Waters, The Day In and Day Out/Day In and Day Out Hip HIA-8012 M- (white label promo) 25.00
Webb, Jack The Christmas Story RCA EP 3199 VG+/VG+ (nice cover) 25.00
Weld, Tuesday Are You The Boy/All Through Spring And Summer Plaza Records P-508 VG++ (promo) 25.00
Wellingtons Thomasina/Jesse James Buena Vista F-430 (w/sleeve) VG+/VG+ 20.00
Wells, Mary Dear Lover/Can't You See Atco 6392 VG++ 17.00
West, Alvy & His Little Band Blue Bongo/Ya Ya Ya With The Roslyn Teenagers ABC Paramount 9688 VG++ 25.00
Whitley, Ray Teenage Crush/Young Heartaches VeeJay VJ521 VG++ (white label promo) 22.00
Williams, Eddy Have A Heart/Dancing Shoes Alcor 2013 VG++ (wol) 22.00
Williams, Mel Secret Love/Easy To Say Bit 4164 VG++ 22.00
Will-O-Bees Make Your Own Kind Of Music/Listen To The Music SGC 002 VG++ 22.00
Wills, Billy Jack & His Western Swing Band Out of Gas/I Don't Want to Live Alone MGM K11807 VG 25.00
Wilson, Robin Gonna Build A Mountain/She Called Me Baby Tarheel 45-060 VG++ 22.00
Wonder, Little Stevie La La La La La/Little Water Boy (w/Clarence Paul Tamla 007122/008103 VG++ (white label DJ promo) 25.00
Wood, Brenton Hide-A-Way/Mr. Schemer Wand 145 VG++ 22.00
Wood, Gloria (w/the Four Jewels) The Rock and the Roll/Honey Bee Diamond3001 VG+ 20.00
Woods, Nick The Ballad Of Billy Budd/Don't Let Me Down Joey 103 VG++ 25.00
Worley, Wayne & HIs Worley Birds Red Headed Woman/To Be Alone Brent 7024 VG++ 22.00
Wright, Dale She's Neat/Say That You Care Fraterity 792 VG++ 20.00
Wright, Don Mary, Mary/Switch Cadence 1360 VG++ 22.00
Wright, Priscilla The Man In The Raincoat/I Wanna Dance To A Mambo Combo Unique 303 VG+ 22.00
Wright, O.V. There Goes My Used To Be/That's How Strong My Love Is Goldwax Records 106 VG+ (wol) 17.00
Wrightson, Earl Stars Over The Pacific- San Diego/I Got Rhythm Medley Overture EP-101 VG++ 20.00
Yellow Blloon Yellow Baloon/Noolab Wolley Canterbury C-508 VG++ 22.00
Young, Cathy Spoonful/Circus Mainstream 703 M- (White Label DJ Promo) 20.00
Young, Colin You're No Good/Any Time At All UNI 55286 VG++ 20.00
Youngsters Dreamy Eyes/Christmas In Jail Empire 109 VG (sounds good) 22.00
Ze Majestiks Sapphire (Part 1)/Sapphire (Part 1) Paramount 10318 M- (Promo; original sleee) 25.00
Zeke and Geneva Every Woman Has A Right Pt. 1/Every Woman Has A Right Pt. 2 Swingin' 632 VG++ 15.00

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