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3335 Adams Avenue San Diego, California 92116

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    RECORDS. 3335 Adams Avenue San Diego,CA 92116 (619) 284-6083

Nickelodeon Records is owned by Ruth and Elizabeth. Both of these women are over 72, which makes them mean, knowledgeable about records, excellent graders of condition, and fair pricers. Ruth went to high school in the 50's and remembers the first record she bought: "Why Don't You Believe Me?," by Joni James. Elizabeth went to high school in the 60's and Judy Henske was the first artist whose music she purchased. They both bought records through the '70's; this time span enables them to better serve the needs of people of all ages.

In addition to value in buying record collections, they place strong emphasis on the unusual in both artists and cover art. For example, behind one section in their store titled "Music for Dining" is a "Smoking Section." All of the artists are pictured holding or smoking cigarettes.

Their expertise was combined and in 1984 Nickelodeon Records was opened. The store opened selling only vinyl and continues to sell only vinyl, Oscar's Drive-In T-Shirts, and Nickelodeon Records T-Shirts. Send us your Want Lists.

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NICKELODEON RECORDS. 3335 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116 (619) 284-6083

For more info or to order please send email to: NickelodeonRecords